Ways To Keep Busy In Quarantine Inspired by Country Stars

Ten months into quarantine, we are definitely running out of ways to keep busy. When we were scrolling Instagram, we started to see country artists post different things they were doing to keep busy. This inspired our list of five ways to keep busy in quarantine.

Thomas Rhett

Learn to build something

If you want to be like Jordan Davis and Luke Combs, try creating something from scrap wood. Both the stars creating things like shelves and tables, during their downtown. We might not have as much natural talent as the singer-songwriters do at woodworking, but I bet you’d be surprised at what you can create.


Take a course

This idea was inspired by one of our favorite songstresses out there right now, Madison Kozak. She shared via her Instagram stories a few weeks ago that she has been spending her quarantine knitting hats, watching Survivor, and taking a virtual course on ‘Coursera.’


Write a silly (or a good) song

One of the most common things we see country artists like Thomas Rhett and Riley Green, among many others doing during quarantine is of course writing a song. Incredible songs like “What’s Your Country Song” by Rhett and “He Loved Her” by Devin Dawson were created during these crazy times. We encourage you to grab an instrument or a pen and a paper and get to writing, even if it comes out silly. It will still be fun!


Curate a live stream with friends

Pretend your celebrity for the day and set a time to do a live stream with your friends. Curate what you want to talk about or maybe even interview each other. Regardless of what you choose to do, it may be fun to pretend you are one of your favorite country singers, while you do something new and creative with some of your favorite people.


Learn choreography and dances + create unique content

There is a reason TikTok has blown up so much over the past serval months, and instead of spending your time browsing the platform, maybe participate! Walker Hayes and Russell Dickerson are two of our favorites on TikTok. We love seeing Hayes and his family perform the many dances on there and even create their own. On the other hand, Dickerson creates unique content that we cannot get enough of. Even if you’re not into the app, try learning some of the dances. You’ll break a sweat and have fun!

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