Warren Zeiders: ‘717 Tapes: The Album’ – Album Review

Warren Zeiders’ new project, 717 Tapes: The Album is out now, September 30th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

One of our 2022 Country Swag Artists to Watch, Warren Zeiders continues to make waves in country music. The singer-songwriter is combining his killer two-part EP, 717 Tapes into a monumental album. 717 Tapes: The Album is officially here.

The record features fan-favorites like “Ride the Lightning” and both versions of “Wild Horse,” as well songs from the first EP like “Never Look Back” and “Boys for Life.” From Vol 2 of 717 Tapes EP, Zeiders includes four additional songs, other than “Wild Horse.” “Ain’t Been Found,” one of our favorites, is a sweet spot on the record. Zeiders stands firmly in his country roots on the track. The song could fit in with any southern-rock song from the last couple of decades. The simplistic track draws you in, as Zeiders uses his vocals to unfold the story.

“Whiskey’s got me // Seeing sideways // Blame the devil for all my mistakes // Lord help me // Wash these sins away // Cause I am lost // Yeah, I am lost // And I ain’t been found // Always standing too close to the fire // Never could say no to my desire”

The new album also features four brand-new additions. On, “One Hell of an Angel,” Zeiders showcases all the best parts of his one-of-a-kind talent. “I believe this song has captured something special and it has allowed me to share a new side of myself artistically and emotionally from a personal level,” began the singer in a recent press release. “I believe that we all have an angel sent to us one day. We may never know when or where it’ll happen. But God has a plan for each and every one of our lives. In is his timing, our angel will be sent.”

Another new song, “Up To No Good,” is a catchy and fun song that we fell in love with immediately. The song is easily an absolute jam. A catchy and irresistible melody backs incredible and emotive vocals. Zeiders’ talent is on full display on this song.

“People talking, all my friends // Texting, calling, all weekend // Like why I ain’t seen you around // What’s the names tying you down // I don’t care cause they don’t know that // First she light that takes me over // Going out of my mind // Wrong never feel so right”

Zeiders closes out the record with the final two new songs off the project, “Heavy Pour” and “Highway Run.” On the former, the singer-songwriter kicks off with an impressive note that almost feels like a yodel. His vocals are on full display on one of our favorites off the project. Finally on, “Highway Run,” a slow-jam, Zeiders pours his heart out. A reflective song, the singer is at his best on this one.

Overall, 717 Tapes: The Album is exactly what we hoped it would be! Zeiders has a voice like no other. His unique way of lacing together words and phrases mixed with his intense grit and growl are the perfect ingredients for a long career in country music.

Warren Zeiders – 717 Tapes: The Album Track List:

  1. Ride the Lightning (717 Tapes)
  2. Never Look Back (717 Tapes)
  3. Boys for Life (717 Tapes)
  4. Dirt Road Don’t (717 Tapes)
  5. Loving and Hating You (717 Tapes)
  6. Wild Horse (717 Tapes)
  7. Dark Night (717 Tapes)
  8. Southbound (717 Tapes)
  9. Ain’t Been Found (717 Tapes)
  10. Burn It Down (717 Tapes)
  11. Wild Horse
  12. Up To No Good
  13. One Hell of an Angel
  14. Heavy Pour
  15. Highway Run

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Ain’t Been Found”
  2. “Highway Run”
  3. “Up To No Good”
  4. “Heavy Pour”

Warren Zeiders’ new project, ‘717 Tapes: The Album’ is out now.

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