Walker Hayes Drops Brand New Song “AA”

Walker Hayes’ brand new song “AA” is out now. The new track joins songs “Fancy Like” and “U Gurl” for the artist’s forthcoming project Country Stuff the Album, due out January 21, 2022. Learn more about the brand new track below.

Walker Hayes is still flying high on a breakout year. The success he received from “Fancy Like”, which officially went  No. 1 this month, allowed for him to release follow up singles like “U Gurl”, “AA”, AND announce his Fancy Like Tour for 2022. 

“AA” is Hayes’ latest release off his forthcoming project, Country Stuff The Album. The artist released his 6-track EP – Country Stuff – in Summer 2021 which included the title track, “Fancy Like”, and two other pre-released songs, “I Hope You Miss Me”, and “Make You Cry”. The rather unexpected success of “Fancy Like” allowed for the full album that is set to release on January 21, 2022. It will include the same six songs from the EP, “U Gurl” and “AA”, as well as five more unreleased songs. 

A song of typical Hayes fashion with its unique catchy sound and play on words, AA is about trying to make it through the day to day struggles of life, family, parenting and work without hitting the bottle too hard and ending up in AA. 

Now that fans are starting to get to know Hayes and his family more and more with not just his rise in fame, but his openness with his family life on social media – his songs are growing more and more relatable. “Fancy Like” let us know all about his love for his wife Laney and Hayes’ social platforms are covered with his day-to-day life with six kids – including his oldest daughter Lela who doubles as his TikTok choreographer.

“AA” gives us a glimpse of what is constantly on Hayes’ mind – like being able to provide for his wife and kids, by writing songs that people will want to hear, all the while steering his kids in the right direction and not letting his wife realize she’s the one that “married down”. Meanwhile, if you ask us – we’re not convinced that either of the two should be saying this!

“I’m just tryna keep my daughters off the pole // And my sons out of jail // Tryna get to church so I don’t go to Hell // I’m just tryna keep my wife from figuring out // That I married up and she married way way down // In Alabama where they love Nick Saben // Tryna write a song the local country station will play // Hey, I’m just tryna stay out of AA”

Walker Hayes’ ‘Country Stuff The Album’ is due out 1/21/22.

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