Troy Cartwright: ‘Halfway To Houston’ – EP Review

Troy Cartwright’s major-label debut EP, Halfway To Houstonis out now, October 15th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

Warner Music Nashville recording artist, Troy Cartwright is officially making his major label debut. The singer-songwriter’s brand new EP, Halfway To Houston features five new songs that showcase his artistry and undeniable talent. Halfway To Houston is out now.

The record kicks off with the title track. Written by Cartwright with Brandon Hood and Billy Montana, the rock-heavy tune explores the nuances of lust and love. The single showcases the gritty side of the country singer’s persona.

Next up is “Breaking Every Heart In Texas.” The touching slow-burn shows off the vulnerable side of the singer. Similar topically to “Marry Me” by Thomas Rhett, the song emotes the hard-to-explain feeling of watching someone you are in love with, marry someone else. The storytelling song is one of the best on the record.

“She’s breakin’ every heart in Texas // Leavin’ behind a bunch of could’ve-been should’ve-been’s // As her daddy gives her hand away // From Amarillo down to Galveston Bay // She’s makin’ all them cowboys jealous // Wishin’ they could hear her say, “I do” in his shoes // But they all try to force a smile // She don’t know it walkin’ down the aisle // She’s breakin’ every heart in Texas”

Cartwright continues to firmly plant his feet in vulnerability and honesty on the next track. “God is Good” sings about life and faith on this stellar new song. His vocals shine on the heartfelt tune that is a true ode to a friend who is battling an illness, while remaining steadfast in his faith. This song is one anyone can relate to, regardless of your relationship with God.

On the other hand, “Hammer” leans into the more gritty side of the singer-songwriter. The imagery the song conveys is what makes this break-up track so intoxicating. Cartwright shows off his present and his readiness for the live show on this absolute jam.

Finally, the record ends with Cartwright’s “Shine On Me.” The single is the autobiographical song on the new EP. It is clear that the entertainer has always been just a kid with a big dream. As a listener, it is inspiring to listen to Cartwright convey his story, his heart, and his journey on this catchy and heart-filled song.

“Cause if it happened for Waylon // Willie and the king // One of these days // Luck’s gonna shine a little light on me // It’s gonna shine on me // Yeah, I know it’s gonna shine on me // It’s gonna shine on me // Yeah, I know it’s gonna shine on me”
Overall, Halfway to Houston is an EP you are going to want to listen to. It is the perfect introduction to all of the talent Cartwright has to offer, while keeping you invested for much more in the future!

Halfway To Houston EP Tracklist

  1. Halfway To Houston (Troy Cartwright, Brandon Hood, Billy Montana)
  2. Breaking Every Heart In Texas (Brett Tyler, Wynn Varble, Jeff Outlaw, Troy Cartwright)
  3. God Is Good (Troy Cartwright, Brandon Hood, Billy Montana)
  4. Hammer (Troy Cartwright, Brandon Hood, Billy Montana)
  5. Shine On Me (Nolan Sipe, Ben Caver, Troy Cartwright)
Troy Cartwright's debut EP 'Halfway To Houston' is out now, October 14th.

Troy Cartwright’s debut EP ‘Halfway To Houston’ is out now, October 14th.

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