Tiera Releases Debut Self-Titled EP

Tiera’s self-titled debut EP is available now, March 12th, on all streaming platforms. Featuring up-tempo tracks like “Not Your Girl” and “Shut It Down,” read our review of the five-song collection.

Tiera's debut self-titled EP is available everywhere now, March 12th

Tiera’s debut self-titled EP is available everywhere now, March 12th

Today, March 12th, marks the official arrival of another powerful female voice in country music, Tiera. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter released her self-titled debut EP, and the radiant five-song collection shows why she’s been widely noted as one of country music’s next rising stars. Produced by Cameron Bedell, the EP is the perfect piece of upbeat contemporary country.

One of the EP’s stand-out tracks is “Not Your Girl,” written by Tiera with Cameron Bedell and Newsome. Although the song could easily apply to a relationship, Tiera reveals that for her, it was written about the music industry. In an interview with Apple Music, she revealed, “…we wrote this song from a relationship perspective, but really it’s about, when I first moved to Nashville, it was really important for me to figure out my sound and the brand and everything. Just figure it all out myself before I had anybody else telling me what to do, you know, because I feel like it’s so easy to be swayed in one direction in the music… When I first moved here, my sound was super country because I was like, “It has to be 100% country because I don’t want anybody to doubt whether or not I’m a country artist,” but I feel like that song was kind of just me telling the world, “I’m going to be who I am and not let anybody change that.”

Recently engaged and planning a wedding later this year, the EP definitely reflects Tiera’s happiness in love and life. The collection opens with the wistful “Found It In You,”  celebrating that moment of finding everything you’ve been looking for in another person.

“I found it in you // Every little thing that I was missing baby // You love me a whole different kind of crazy // You got to the heart of me // Boy the best part of me”

The theme of contentment and joy continues through all five tracks and provides the perfect soundtrack for spring and summer. There’s nothing depressing about this Tiera EP, and it’s a welcomed change of pace from the doom and gloom of the real world especially over the past year through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, “Laid Back” feels like a breezy summer jam, while “Shut It Down” is a poppy tune about staying out too late and breaking all the rules.

“Miles” is a unique collaboration with Breland, and it’s easily one of the highlights of the EP. The two bounce off each other perfectly, adding another layer to an already great song.

Signed to acclaimed songwriter Nicolle Galyon’s female-focused publishing company, Songs and Daughters, big things are ahead for Tiera, and this EP is a perfect introduction to the mainstream. Tiera’s EP is truly a fifteen-minute escape from real life, and it’s a mini-vacation that any music fan should take.

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