Joey Hendricks: Between The Clouds – EP Review

Rising artist and songwriter, Joey Hendricks’ debut EP Between the Clouds is officially available now, March 12th on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Sony Music Nashville artist, Joey Hendricks finally released his major-label debut EP today, March 12th and country music fans are going to want to pay attention to this country music crooner. Full of heart, pure talent, and soul, Between the Clouds is a unique record that encompasses stories we can all relate to. The new release is a mix between soul and country, reminiscent of artists like John Mayer and Teddy Robb. Hendricks teeters the line between genres, fitting right in with the new wave of sub-genres in country music.

With just five songs, Hendricks is able to convey to his growing fanbase exactly who he is as a musician. The record opens up with “Yours or Mine,” the lead single off the project. The lyrics unfold a story about the beginning of a blossoming, new relationship, where the singer-songwriter questions who is going to do what first in the beginning stages of getting to know someone.

“Whose phone gonna buzz tomorrow with a text, says “I had a great time” // I say it’s yours // But I’m hoping it’s mine // Whose friends ain’t gonna let it go? //  say “you didn’t come home last night” // If it ain’t yours // It’s gonna be mine”

“Hollywood” is another song off the record that Hendricks pre-released. The track is catchy, smooth, and a vibe that you cannot help but fall in love with. The singer’s vocals are put on display right away, as he sings the beginning lyrics with virtually no backing track, showcasing real, authentic talent.

The center song on the project, “Top Drawer” is a mix of everything we love about the first two opening tracks. “Top Drawer” is arguably the most mainstream country-rock song in the catalog. Feeling enticingly familiar, the track is the perfect mix of tempos. Lyrically, the song pulls you into the nostalgia that we all feel, when we visit places from our past, especially our childhood homes.

“Lighters up, sun setting over Red Rocks // With old friend I don’t see much // I’m kissing Janie in the middle of “Dream On” // Swore we were never breaking up // Damn, it takes me back // When I go back home // All the good and bad // In the top drawer”

“Going Home” is another radio-friendly tune off the record. Showing the softer side of Hendricks, with acoustic rifts and honest lyrics, “Going Home” feels like it could have easily been a Jordan Davis hit. However, the lyricist finds a way to make the song his own, as he pours his heart into the emotions about leaving your hometown.

Finally, the record ends with “Drifter.” Tapping into his outlaw side, Hendricks admits to not being able to settle in one place for too long. With vibes similar to Brothers Osborne, “Drifter” is the outlier on the record that still finds a way to fit in perfectly with the other track. It is this ending song that makes us the most excited about the next chapter of music for Hendricks.

Hendricks’ debut project is one that we are super excited about. Each song tells a unique chapter, but as a whole, the record feels cohesive and like a complete story. Between the Clouds is representative of Hendricks’ artistry, versatility, and his incredible knack for storytelling. His light shines bright, and we anticipate a stellar debut album in the future.

Joey Hendricks' debut EP 'Between The Clouds' is available everywhere now, March 12th

Joey Hendricks’ debut EP ‘Between The Clouds’ is available everywhere now, March 12th

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