Throwback Thursday – Reba McEntire Songs You May Have Forgotten

By Michal Pietrzak

Reba McEntire is a great singer, performer, and actress. She’s definitely one of the greatest female country singers and she might be even a Queen of Country Music. But we all can agree that behind every great man is a great woman and behind country music success there are a lot of great female artists.

Reba McEntire has 32 number one hits and many more great songs so picking ten songs you may have forgotten wasn’t an easy task. Warning: The main theme of the list is love.


  1. I Don’t Want To Be a One Night Stand Reba is such a good example for young women and this song is her great advice. Listen to it carefully and draw conclusions. “Well, I do not want to be a one night stand/ So if that’s what you got planned/ Baby before we go, you better let me know/ I don’t want to be a one night stand”


  1. Make Me Feel Like a Woman Wants to Feel“I know you love me because you told me so/ But that isn’t enough because I want to be shown/ Make me feel like a woman wants to feel/ And let me know you miss me when I’m not around/ Go ahead and kiss me when I’m feeling down”


  1. I Can See Forever In Your Eyes – Seeing forever and love that never dies in someone’s eyes seems like a dream coming true. It’s such an amazing thing. “Give me all my heart can hold/ Hold me never let me go/ Love was mystery/ Until you touched me with sweet. sweet love/ Now it’s so clear to me/ This is what love is made of/ I can see forever in your eyes”


  1. I’d Say You – Usually, men are the ones praising women so why not listen to Reba singing about what love looks like and how good men sometimes can be. “If I had to say what love feels like/ I’d say you/ If I had to say what love tastes like/ I’d say you”


  1. Poison Sugar – The song has a western movie vibe. Melody and lyrics create the impression of good ole gold rush times. Ladies, look out for that mysterious cowboy in the saloon. “Oh, they call him poison sugar/ Because there’s poison in his kiss/ Oh, you ladies warn your daughters/ About the stranger with the poison lips”


  1. Lookin’ For a New Love Story – Finding true love is the hardest quest in everyone’s life. The best advice is to never give up, eventually, he or she will come to your life when you least expect it. That’s the point of this song. “And I have searched the oceans of many man’s eyes/ But I have yet to feel like more than some deserted island/ I know a relationship will come for me in time/ And I can’t wait to see his face on my horizon/ Because one of these days he’ll sail into my life”


  1. Little Girl – Not being constantly in rush seems like an unspoken moral of this story. It sounds like a piece of great advice to not hurry in life. “Daddy used to tell me/ If I ran too fast I’d fall and hurt myself/ But the ice cream man would ring his bell/ And I’d get there before anyone else”


  1. He Wants to Get Married – Such an amazing song about important values and definition of a real man which is becoming an endangered species nowadays. Word to the wise, you should stop listening before four last words because they change completely the meaning of the tune and turn in into a sad song. “He’ll build a house in the country/ Where he’ll watch his children grow/ And teach them the values of something/ That most people never even know/ He wants to get married”


  1. Good Friends  – Good friends are the family you can choose. After all, they stayed with you despite your flaws. That makes good friends the greatest gift, of course beside true love. “Oh, people even new ones come/ You’re lucky if you find just one good friend/ And we say goodbye/ Knowing what we have will fade away/ We’ll meet another time/ Another day/ My friend”


  1. Moving Oleta – Love that lasts through good and bad times can be called true love. The song is about the struggles of being old. Beautiful piece of soft melody and compelling lyrics performed by the Queen of Country Music. “He woke up each morning and drove into town/ He stayed all day until her dinner came/ Then he took her to her room/ Leaned on her wheelchair like a walker/ And covered her with a quilt that she made/ Only God and a couple of nurses/ Helped the old man shoulder the road/ Love is a hard, hard road”

 Reba McEntire is one of the best-selling and beloved country artists of all time. She’s true Queen of Country Music. A list of 10 songs is just a drop in the ocean of Reba’s songs.

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