6 Life Lessons We’ve All Learned from Reba Songs


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Since the earliest days of her career, Reba has released songs with interesting stories and valuable messages. While some of the stories tend towards the macabre, other Reba tracks are ripe with life experience and advice that we could stand to hear. As we prepare for the April 5 release of her new album, Stronger Than the Truth, we started thinking about the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years from the Queen of Country.

So, without further ado, here are six of our favorite life lessons learned from Reba songs.


“The Heart Won’t Lie”: When it comes to life lessons, this one is pretty simple and clear, as told by the song’s title. Simply put, follow your heart, as “the heart won’t lie.” On this 1993 duet with Vince Gill, Reba and Gill are lovers separated by circumstance. However, the love remains between them, despite trying to move on. These lyrics make it clear: “The hear won’t lie/ Sometimes life gets in the way/ But there’s one thing that won’t change/ I know I’ve tried/ The heart won’t lie.”



“Turn On the Radio”: In the case of “Turn on the Radio,” Reba is telling a “no good, two timin’, cheatin’, mistreatin'” man that the only place he can hear from her is by turning on the radio. If he wants to hear from her, he’ll find her words in the messages of her songs playing through his stereo. While this 2010 track may be slightly outdated in its radio references, the message still rings true. Having a tough time in life? Turn to music. Turn on Spotify, Apple Music, SiriusXM, or even the radio.



“The Fear of Being Alone”: On 1996’s “The Fear of Being Alone,” Reba is enjoying a romantic night out with a special guy, and she’s finding it hard not to “jump the gun” into something serious. She’s wondering if it’s truly a real romance or simply the fear of being alone. The message here is to take your time and make sure things are right before jumping into a new relationship. She warns the man not to drop those three little words because it may not be the real thing. According to Reba, “Reckless hearts can clear a path wider than a hurricane’s aftermath.”



“God and My Girlfriends”: In 2017, Reba released her Gospel album, Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope, featuring a mix of traditional hymns and original tracks. One of the originals was “God and My Girlfriends,” a song with a simple message to rely on God and your girlfriends. While she may have a man in her life in the song, it’s God and her girlfriends that she can always turn to, and this is certainly an important lesson to remember. “God and my girlfriends/ They’re always there when/ I’m feeling down, always around, lifting me up/ I love how they know me, forgive me, and show me / Again and again, I can depend / On God on and my girlfriends.”



“Somebody”: While “Somebody” was originally recorded by Mark Wills, it was Reba who took the song to the top of the charts in 2004. The song celebrates finding love in unexpected places. While you may be searching for love, it may be right in front of you. Reba reminds us, “But keep on lookin’ ’cause maybe who you’re lookin’ for is / Somebody in the next car/ Somebody on the morning train / Somebody in the coffee shop / That you walk right by every day/ Somebody that you look at / But never really see / Somewhere out there is somebody.”



“Fancy”: It would be impossible to create any type of Reba song list and not include “Fancy.” Although the song was originally released by Bobbie Gentry in 1969, it was Reba’s version that made “Fancy” and her famous red dress into icons. While the song tells an interesting tale and there may not be a clear message upon first listen, it’s possible to dig deeper and discover a few life lessons. For one, Fancy’s mama urges her “to thine own self be true.” She also celebrates equality and working hard to make a better life for yourself. While Fancy methods of self-improvement may not be the best method, there’s a “rise from the ashes” message here for everyone.

Reba’s new album Stronger Than the Truth will be released on April 5th and is sure to feature even more valuable messages and lessons. To keep up with Reba, follow her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


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