Throwback Thursday – 10 Rascal Flatts Songs You Forgot About

By Michal Pietrzak

Rascal Flatts


Rascal Flatts have announced that they will be heading out on their farewell tour this year after two decades in the country music business.  The Farewell Life is a Highway Tour starts on June 11 and wraps up on October 17. They will perform 26 more times. Indianapolis is a first stop at the map and West Palm Beach is the last destination. They’ll take the stage in 19 states and in Canada. For all of the tour stops, click here.

For New York and New Jersey country music fans, the tour hits the area on September 17th at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theatre and on September 19th at PNC Bank Arts Center with direct support from Chris Lane and an opening set by Caylee Hammack.

Tickets officially go on sale to the general public on Friday, February 21st, but NYCountry Swag followers can grab theirs early on Thursday, February 20th at 10AM with presale code: SWAG. Click here to grab yours. 

Everybody knows songs like “Bless The Broken Road”, “Life is a Highway”, “What Hurts The Most”, “I Like The Sound Of That”. “My Wish” or “Fast Cars and Freedom” but did you a little less known songs like “Compass”, “A Little Home” or “Cool Thing”. If not be sure to check our list below. Some songs are a little more romantic some are a little more country and some are just simply great.

10. “Oklahoma-Texas Line” – Fast rhythm piece, happy and joyful kinda love song which makes your foot tap. The world needs more love tunes like this one. “Got an old dog, it don’t like me much/ That thing starts to bark his head off every time we touch”

9. “I Know You Won’t” – A cover of Carrie Underwood’s song, this one is about people who are resistant to change, they don’t want to change themselves for the better. Yes, ladies, men are not the only ones who don’t want to reform. You can try to teach old dog new tricks but you’ll probably fail if the other side doesn’t really crave it. “You say you’ll call, but I know you/ You say you’re coming home, but I know you/ You say you’ve changed, but I know you won’t”

8. “Love What You’ve Done With The Place” – Love is not defined by grand gestures but by little things that make you feel important and comfortable. Things that remind you of the person you care for are also an expression of love. “Leave the towel on the shower and that empty shampoo bottle/ That makeup on the counter/ You can take, but you ain’t gotta/ Just don’t leave me without leaving a trace/ Cause I love what you’ve done/ yeah, I love what you’ve done with the place”

7. “I Have Never Been In Memphis” – You never know when little cupid with an arrow will hit you. Love will make you travel to new places and experience new things. “I have never been to Memphis/ But if You’re there/ I will pack my bags, and go/ Oh even though it never rains here/ And the sun is always shining\ I have never met a girl like you”

6. “Night Of Our Lives” – Moments that make us grin, make us reminisce. Times when we were young and wild. Good old days. This lively tune definitely will bring you back some good memories from the past. “My little blue-eyed blue jean girl/ We took that Chevy for w whirl/ Innocence and butterflies/ We left them both behind”

5. “A Little Home” – Everyone needs a home. Sometimes when you’re sad or feel down all you have to do is call parents because they love you unconditionally and they’ll always try to cheer you up. “Sometimes you just need a little home/ Some “Hey mom and dad what is going on?/ I am just checking in? No, there is nothing wrong”/ Sometimes you just need a little home”

4. “Summer Young” – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and here’s another lively and positive love song for you. The tune that will bring you back happy memories from your past when you were summer young. “I stood behind you while you swayed and looked down/ At your pretty face, thought “Man I’m falling hard for her”/ Yeah, we get those moments now and then/ The kind you pray that will never end/ That’s exactly where we were”

3. “Cool Thing” – Sometimes you find love when you least expect it. Single second changes everything. Is this song about just that. “She didn’t come there lookin’ for love/ And the cool thing was/ Neither did I”

2. “Ellsworth” – It’s about til death due us apart, never forgotten love. Amazing story about love only grandparents can experience – a long-lasting one, the most beautiful kind of love. “A front porch light and a blue DeSoto/ Couple of straws and a coca-cola/ You can see it all gong down/ A handsome boy in army green/ A tear on his face, down on a knee/ Shaky voice, a diamond ring/ She’ll put you in that town/ Tomorrow she won’t remember what she did today/ But just ask her about Ellsworth, Kansas, 1948”

1. “Compass” – Creme de la creme of this list. One of the most beautiful, heart-melting country songs you’ll ever hear. Compass, lighthouse, anchor that’s how true love can be described in one word. Rascal Flatts will explain to you what True Love is. “When the night is falling/ So hard upon you/ And the world is aiming/ Heavy on your heart/ When your soul is stranded/ And you’re barely standing/ I will hold you, shield you, show you”

20 years is a long period of time. We should be glad that we had a chance to enjoy their music for quite some time. Maybe in a few years, they’ll reunite and let the fans savor new songs. Time will tell, but, for now, relish in their timeless tracks.

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