Thomas Rhett’s Unreleased Cuts That You Need to Listen To ASAP

Thomas Rhett has shown no signs of slowing down this year. Here are four Thomas Rhett unreleased cuts that you need to listen to ASAP.


“Half Of Me” (featuring Riley Green)

A couple of months ago, Thomas Rhett performed a song he wrote, featuring Riley Green on stage. Now, the singer-songwriter shared “Half Of Me” with fans on social media. The track is fun, smoldering, and enticing.


“Your Mommas Front Door”

Another unreleased song, “Your Mommas Front Door” is a sentimental song about Rhett’s wife, Lauren. The simple song conveys the side of the singer we love the most. The storytelling aspect and the honesty of this song is one of our favorite things about it.



In this sweet clip with his daughter, Rhett shares an unreleased song that is currently untitled. The song appears to be a fun-loving track about a new love and all the things that accompany that budding romance.


“Slow Down Summer (piano version)”

Back in May of last year, Rhett shared a version of “Slow Down Summer” for the first time. More recently, the singer shared a piano-driven rendition. The new rendition is thought-provoking, heartfelt, and simply effortless in all the right ways and guess what – now the song is officially OUT! Listen to the recorded version here.


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