Thomas Rhett Drops New Love Song “Us Someday”

Thomas Rhett drops new love song, “Us Someday” out now, February 11th, on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new track below.

Thomas Rhett released the fourth single off of his forthcoming album Where We Started, which is set to release on April 1st. This 15-track project will be Rhett’s sixth studio album and will include already released tracks like “Slow Down Summer”, “Angels” and “Church Boots”, as well as his latest track, out now, “Us Someday”. 

Where We Started will also be the first of two new albums that fans will get from Rhett in 2022, the second being Country Again: Side B, due out later this year. These two albums along with Country Again: Side A are all of course the massive by-product of the volume of music that Rhett was writing and creating throughout the pandemic. 

As you likely know, Rhett was not only making a ton of music throughout the pandemic, but he was also sharing a large amount of it with fans along the way. There were several songs off of both Country Again: Side A as well as Where We Started that fans heard months or even as much as a year ahead of their release, thanks to Rhett’s social media. 

With the release of “Us Someday”, Rhett shared: “You guys have probably noticed by now that I love to share music with you in the moment, and as it is being created. I posted this song I wrote for Lauren back in September of 2020, and now #UsSomeday is available everywhere. Hope y’all love it.”

“Us Someday” is yet another song by Rhett that was inspired by he and his wife, Lauren’s beautiful love story and their long history together that dates back to their childhood. 

Written by Rhett along with Amy Wadge, Jesse Frasure, and Rhett Akins, “Us Someday” tells the story of Rhett always being able to see a future with Lauren, whether it was looking as far ahead as to their wedding, having a family together, or growing old together. No matter how crazy she thought he was for dreaming it, he knew it. It’s a very simple ‘when you know, you know’ story. Obviously, he was right.

“Couple kids runnin’ wild in the backyard // Handprints in a new driveway // Road trips in a packed-out old car // Little League on a Saturday // You call me a crazy dreamer // but I’m gonna dream away // close my eyes and I swear I see it // My Love, that’ll be us someday”

We can’t wait to hear the tracks that fill the rest of this album and can’t wait for the full project to be out on April 1st. Until then, we’ll have these first four tracks on repeat. 

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“Us Someday” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.