The Best New Original Christmas Country Songs

No matter what you’re feeling at any point in this holiday season, there is a song on this list for you. Take a look below for some of the best original Christmas songs from your country favorites this year!

Original Christmas Country Songs

Photo Credit: John Russell for CMA Country Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, make sure you’re heading into December with the best new Christmas songs in country music. Take a look at the list below for some of our favorite original Christmas songs this season that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit!


Jingle Bell Drunk – RaeLynn

Written by: Corey Crowder, Ernest Keith Smith, and Rocky Block

In this upbeat tune, RaeLynn sings about what we’re all thinking when it comes to Christmas with the family after this year. She doesn’t care who is joining her or not, all she knows is she’s getting “Jingle Bell Drunk” this Christmas.

She released this song along with her take on “Silent Night”, on Raelynn: Merry Christmas.

“I’m getting jingle bell drunk this Christmas / I don’t give a jingle bell what, who isn’t / Listen, I’ve been naughty, I’ve been nice / Made my list and checked it twice”


Lit this Year – Florida Georgia Line

Written by: Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder

In a perfect combination of a traditional and a modern Christmas with the family, the boys from Florida Georgia Line make it known that that Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this year, in the duo’s first holiday song. With a feel-good tune and a hint at their very own Old Camp Whiskey, they let us know how we can get in on the fun too.

“That Christmas tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this year / There’s Old Camp in the eggnog and that fridge is full of cheers / Got some good ole Christmas spirit in this cup right here”


Neon Christmas – Mitchell Tenpenny

Written by: Lindsay Rimes, Matt Rogers, Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny makes the best of a snow-delayed Christmas in “Neon Christmas”. They may not get to go home together, but they’ll make the best of their Christmas together at whatever bar they can find in town. 

This is the title track of a seven-song EP including four classic songs and two more originals: “Snow Angels” and “Naughty List”. 

“Oh, let’s have a neon Christmas, baby don’t you know / Yeah, as long as we’re together it don’t matter where we go / If a cold beer, corner booth, or dive bar stool’s on your wish list / We can have a neon Christmas”


Take Me Home for Christmas – Dan + Shay

Written by: Andy Albert, Dan Smyers, Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Schmidt, Mitchell Tenpenny, Shay Mooney

Dan + Shay hit all the points of wanting to spend the holidays with your special someone in their hometown. From learning their favorite spots in town and meeting family and friends to hearing stories from high school and joining their holiday traditions.

Dan + Shay released a music video to “Take Me Home for Christmas” starring the singers themselves, their wives, children, and dogs. At the end of the video, they hint towards another song release, which was another original Christmas song from the duo, “Christmas isn’t Christmas”, which takes on a sadder side of Christmas when you’re missing the person you used to spend it with. 

“Baby, won’t you take me home for Christmas? / Show me round your town / Take me where you used to watch the snow come down / All of your traditions / I wanna know ‘em all / You’ll check every box off of my list / If you take me home for Christmas”


Christmas on the Square – Dolly Parton

Written by: Dolly Parton

It’s difficult to pick a favorite off the star-studded album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, which includes songs with Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Bublé, Willie Nelson, Randy Parton, and even Jimmy Fallon. 

However, “Christmas on the Square”, a solo-write, perfectly captures the spirit of the album, the Christmas season, and Dolly’s Jolly attitude. It’ll bring you right to the center of your town during Christmas time, complete with everything that you’d need to get in the Christmas spirit from the decorations and desserts to Christmas carols and snowball fights.

“Christmas on the square / Together as each year / We joyfully meet here / To celebrate family and friends / And we all stick together / No matter whatever / It’s a wonderful town we live in / Christmas on the square”


Christmas Through Your Eyes – Lady A

Written by: Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott

Some of the best parts of Christmas time is reminiscing and recalling the traditions and excitement that came with the holiday when you were a kid. The trio sing about seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child, exactly the way Christmas should be seen. 

This song is a part of Lady A’s Deluxe Album, On This Winter’s Night, which includes 16 songs, thirteen classics, and three originals

“Yeah, it’s been a while / The joy and wonder of your smile / Such a precious child / Suddenly, I’m driftin’ back in time / Seein’ Christmas through your eyes”


Christmas on the Radio – Runaway June

Written by: Sam Hollander and Martin Johnson

This song is essentially about what we’re trying to do here with this group of songs. In a lyrical mash-up of classic Christmas songs, this original is all about finally making it to that time of year where we can hear Christmas songs on the radio once again.

“Christmas on the Radio” is one of two original songs on Runaway June’s When I Think About Christmas EP, along with three classics. 

“I wanna hear Christmas on the radio / Jingle Bells and Mistletoe / A soundtrack of a cold December night / it only happens once a year / Merry music to my ears / Take my hand, let’s dance under the light / I wanna hear Christmas on the radio tonight”


We Need Christmas – Maddie & Tae

Written by: AJ Pruis, Maddie Font, Matthew West, Taylor Kerr

Beautifully written, this song speaks to how much we all need Christmas in these tough times. Beyond the parts of Christmas that would heighten spirits every year like your favorite movies and songs or seeing friends and family, it’s the hope that Christmas can be the healer of an especially difficult and trying year.

This is the title track of their EP, which includes four classic Christmas songs as well as another original, “Merry Married Christmas”, a song about the exciting time as newlyweds and all the firsts that come with spending that first Christmas together. 

“That’s what we need right now / This world could use a little healing / Our hearts could surely use something to believe in / We Need Christmas now more than ever / Bring us together / We need Christmas, come on December / Help us remember / The joy, the peace, and the hope that love can bring / Oh, we need Christmas”


Christmas Always Finds Me – Ingrid Andress 

Written by: Derrick Southerland, Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis

Taking us to her softer side and reminding us of how the holidays can be emotional and not always the most exciting of times, Ingrid Andress once again delivers with incredible lyrics and vocals. This song tells us that even when you’re in doubt, Christmas always has a way of coming around no matter where you’re at in life, and is able to bring you back to that happy place, just like when you were a kid. 

“When Silver Bells and Silent Night / And mistletoe’s nowhere in sight / With no chance of snow falling down / Another year older / Little harder to believe / But somehow Christmas always finds me”


Let There Be Peace – Carrie Underwood

Written by: Brett James, Carrie Underwood, David Garcia

In this gospel-style song where Carrie Underwood shows off her incredible vocals and range, she also reminds us of the bigger picture of the holidays that we often forget while being consumed with mainstream traditions.  

The song is a part of an eleven-track album, My Gift, which features another original song, “Hallelujah”, which Underwood duets with John Legend.

“Let there be peace / Peace to every nation / Let there be hope / For all the world to see / Let there be love and joy to all the children / Let there be peace on Earth for you and me”

For more country Christmas tunes check out our playlist below!

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