The Best Country Music Songs for Valentine’s Day (2023)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here are the best country music songs to blast all holiday long. Listen here…

Valentine’s Day may be the most romantic day of the year, and Nashville’s biggest stars have you covered. Whether you want to get your significant other in the mood, or just want to show your appreciation for them, these 20 songs are a great way for you to express those feelings. Here are the best country music songs to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist.

“Die a Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett
“Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand // Baby, I could die a happy man”

Starting off with a classic and one of the biggest country songs of our generation, Rhett says he would sacrifice all his dreams and possessions just to have his wife stay by his side for the rest of his life.


“H.O.L.Y.” – Florida Georgia Line
“You’re an angel, tell me you’re never leaving // Cause you’re the first thing I know I can believe in”

Now a pretty common theme in country music, the boys of Florida Georgia Line compare their wives to heavenly beings.


“I Don’t Dance” – Lee Brice
“I don’t dance, but here I am, spinning you ‘round and ‘round in circles // It ain’t my style, but I don’t care // I’ll do anything with you anywhere”

The perfect first dance song for your wedding, Lee Brice sings about how this woman changed his whole perspective on love.


“Head Over Boots” – Jon Pardi
You’re the rock in my roll, you’re good for my soul, it’s true // I’m head over boots for you”

Jon Pardi’s breakout single, “Head Over Boots” is a clever country twist on the phrase for being madly in love.


“Love Me Like You Mean It” – Kelsea Ballerini
“If you’re gonna say and make me believe it // If you’re gonna love me boy // love me like you mean it”

In one of Ballerini’s first singles, she is warning this boy that she’s not interested in a quick fling. If he wants to love her, he better be ready to stay for the long haul.


“You Make It Easy” – Jason Aldean
“Stealing kisses under covers, babe // See forever when I see your face // And I swear God made you for me”

Love is the best when it’s easy, and Aldean shows his gratitude for his woman in this track.


“Better Together” –  Luke Combs
“It’s a match made up in heaven, like good ol’ boys and beer // And me, as long as you’re right here”

Combs made a career on singing about having a good time at the honkytonk, but he’s also no stranger to sweet, love ballads. In this tune, he lists all the things that go better together, including her first and his last name.


“10,000 Hours” – Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber
“I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more // Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweetheart of yours”

Love songs are Dan + Shay’s specialty; we could have chosen a number of tracks from the Grammy-winning duo’s catalog, but “10,000 Hours” is the ultimate Valentine’s Day tune. The singers are unapologetically proclaiming their love and dedication to their women.


 “Happy Anywhere” – Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
“I’m running wide open // I was born with my feet in motion // But since I met you, I swear // I could be happy anywhere”

This is not the first song Hollywood’s power couple performed together, but a true showcase of how love trumps any location or personal possessions. 


“Yours” – Russell Dickerson
“I came to life when I first kissed you // The best me has his arms around you // You make me better than I was before”

Perhaps the most catchy love song of today’s country music, “Yours” launched Dickerson’s career as a singer-songwriter. At a time when he felt lost and alone, he thanks God for leading him to his now-wife.


“The Good Ones” – Gabby Barrett
“A love me like he should one, like he wrote the book one // The kind you find when you don’t even look one”

In this song, Barrett praises her husband in the brightest lights. The song truly showcases what it is like to be loved and love back.


“Chasing After You” – Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris
“You come over when your wine’s all gone // Always catch me when I’m not that strong // Then you wind up staying all night long // Ain’t nothing new”

If Blake and Gwen are Hollywood’s power couple, then Ryan and Maren are Nashville’s. This song is about an unhealthy relationship in which the woman only calls the man when she’s had a lot to drink, because the man loves “chasing after her,” he always lets her in.


“Thank God” – Kane and Katelyn Brown
“Thank God, I get to wake up by your side // Thank God, your hand fits perfectly in mine // Thank God, you loved me when you didn’t have to

Another country music power couple, Katelyn makes her radio debut with this love song alongside her husband. The two sing about how lucky they are to have each other in their life.


“What My World Spins Around” – Jordan Davis
“Watching you watch the sun going down // That’s what my world spins around”

In Davis’ most recent number one single, he lists all the things he loves to do and watch, but there’s nothing he loves more than spending time with his woman.


“I Don’t Wanna Go to Heaven” – Nate Smith and Tenille Townes
“I don’t wanna go to Heaven // When Heaven’s right here, lying next to me”

Nate Smith and Tenille Townes sing about how there’s no better place to be than lying next to the person you love.


5 Foot 9” – Tyler Hubbard
“Ain’t no way that me and this truck made her fall in love // Jack makes good whiskey but God makes the good stuff”

Hubbard wastes no time praising his wife with his new, solo platform.  His debut album is plastered with romance songs, but none showcases his love more than its lead single.  


“Second Guessing” – Griffen Palmer
“’Cause I turned into nights and spent all of my life asking questions // Now I don’t spend one second guessing”

Now highlighting some of the new faces of country music, Palmer originally wrote this track for Florida Georgia Line on NBC’s Songland, but after it didn’t get the recognition it deserved, he released it himself and the track is spinning all over Sirius XM’s The Highway. This song is about a man with a lot of questions about life, but if there’s one thing he’s sure of it, it’s his woman. 


“Tennessee Orange” – Megan Moroney
“He’s got me doin’ things I’ve never done // In Georgia, they call it a sin // I’m wearing Tennessee orange for him”

Country newcomer, Megan Moroney is finding success with her single, “Tennessee Orange,” a ballad about how a boy she’s so in love with could make her root for the wrong side of a college football rivalry. 


“Watermelon Moonshine” – Lainey Wilson
“There’s never nothin’ like the first time // And mine’s always gonna taste like // Watermelon moonshine”

Wilson sings of young love, reflecting on her first kiss. She says she’ll never forget the taste of watermelon moonshine because that is what they were drinking in the field together when they shared that special moment.


“Never Leave” – Bailey Zimmerman
“I’ll fight for you, I’ll fight for us // I’ll fight to never leave”

Breakout star, Bailey Zimmerman pleads that no matter what happens in this relationship, he’ll fight to keep them together. 

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