5 Undiscovered Male Artists You Should Be Listening To

We are loving how the country music genre continues to grow and develop. As a platform, we believe it’s important to promote and support megastars, rising artists, and independent artists in the industry. There is so much rising talent in Nashville that we look forward to continuing to champion.

Here are five of our current favorite undiscovered male country artists that we know you’ll love…


1. Adam Doleac
LISTEN: “Famous”

We had to start off this list with one of our current favorites, Adam Doleac, who just so happens to be our first ever Swag Session Artist. He is the epitome of contemporary country music right now! With his charm, good looks, and killer vocals, it’s just a matter of time until he makes it big in the industry. We last caught up with the singer-songwriter at Taste of Country back in June, where we talked about his hit, “Famous” as well as, plans for new music. Check out the interview in the video below and give a listen to “Famous”, along with some of his other songs “SOLO” and “Wake Up Beautiful” that we are also loving. Keep up with Doleac on Instagram and Twitter.


2. Nick Wayne
LISTEN: “I Knew It Was You”

Next up, Nick Wayne is another artist that we’ve got on repeat. His unique sound blends effortlessly with his creative lyrics, making you want to sing along to each song right from the beginning. His newest song “I Knew It Was You”, off his soon to be completed Coffee Black is an infectious tune about knowing you found your soulmate, and we believe that Wayne has found his soul’s calling with music. He is a true storyteller. Make sure you keep Wayne on your radar. Give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter.


3. Baker Grissom
LISTEN: “Right Bar Wrong Stool”

One of our more unexpected picks is Baker Grissom. Virtually unknown until the release of his debut EP Saturdays & Sunday, Grissom is taking the country music world by storm in a big way. Both myself and our managing editor, Christina, fell in love with his sound and story-telling ability almost instantly, when we first listened to his record. He’s one of those artists that exists in his own lane, which is both refreshing and endearing. Check out his EP, especially “Do I Drink” and “You Are Who You Listen To”. Keep up with Grissom via his Instagram.


4. Levi Hummon
LISTEN: “Drop of Us”

Levi Hummon is another artist that we’re loving. He’s armed with clever lyrics, a charming smile, and a great voice. His newest song, “Drop of Us” is story-telling at its finest, and you’ll want to listen to it this summer! Arguably his most popular song, “I Still Do” is still one of our favorites, but it’s only the beginning of his talent. Hummon played “I Still Do” and the rest of the songs off his EP Patient back in October, when we caught the singer at his intimate release party in Nashville. To watch Hummon’s career take off, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


5. Drew Baldridge
LISTEN: “Middle of Nowhere Kids”

Snagging our last spot is Drew Baldridge. We’ve been fans of the rising artist since back in 2016 when Baldridge released his single “Dance with Ya”. Fast forward to April 2018, when Baldridge joined us on Refinery Rooftop for a live Swag Session. Now, Baldridge is busy promoting his newest singles “Middle of Nowhere Kids” and “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” gearing up to play at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival in Canada later this week. We’re excited to see what the singer has in store for fans this year. Keep up with him via Instagram and Twitter.


Who are some of your favorite rising stars? Let us know in the comments and make sure you’re following us on Instagram, so you don’t miss any new music!



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