NYCS First Impression: Baker Grissom ‘Saturdays & Sunday’

Baker Grissom

By happenstance, our managing editor Christina fell upon a talented singer-songwriter named Baker Grissom via social media. As fate would have it, Grissom released his debut EP Saturdays & Sunday just last week (6/21), and subsequently signed a publishing deal with RED Creative Group, with likes of Adam Hambrick and Travis Denning also on the roster. Grissom is one to watch. His effortless vocals, creative songwriting, and poise for a new artist rivals any successful country musician in the industry.

His new project begins with his single, “Right Bar Wrong Stool.” At first glance at the title, one might assume that the track is a cliche break-up song set in a bar atmosphere, but Grissom’s clever wordplay matched with the authentic nature of the song makes it special. He laments about being in the right spot (right bar), but sitting on the “wrong stool,” watching another guy hit on his love interest. “Bartender give us your best shot / He don’t know half of what he’s got / She’s top shelf, I”m on the bottom well with no one to blame, but myself.”

Grissom continues the clever wordplay in his next track titled “Do I Drink.” Armed with an enticing beat and a catchy melody, the singer tries to figure out what is the impetus for his drinking, post-breakup. He shares in the chorus “Do I drink because I miss you / Do I miss you because I drink.” Despite the melancholy nature of the song, Grissom still comes across cool, relaxed, and confident just like successful recording artist and songwriter Eric Church.

He continues to up the ante with the middle track on the five-song EP. “You Are Who You Listen To” is truly a gem. At first listen, it almost sounds like a song that could have been cut by Keith Urban; however, the song is clearly personal to Grissom. It explores how both family (specifically his father) and music made him who he is today. He sings “I was raised on three chords and the truth / By a simple man who knew that you are who you listen to.” The message of the song seems to have a dual meaning, acting as both a thank you to his father (who he goes to for advice), as well as, showing gratitude to music for being there for him. The track name drops titles of songs that create a nostalgic look back including  Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”,  Eric Church’s “Two Pink Lines”, Tim McGraw’s “Red Rag Top” and Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” amongst many others.

Next up, “Song for My Ex” is another lyrically driven song. Despite being one of the slower songs on his EP, it still packs a punch. Throughout the track, Grissom copes with a break-up, admitting “I’ve been drinking daily / I’ve been smoking cigarettes / She wouldn’t like that I had one lit / So what / I ain’t waiting on a miss you text / This ain’t a song for my ex.” Grissom’s vocals shine in the last chorus and verse, as he continues to exclaim that this one is definitely not about his ex, adding, “I ain’t waiting for her to come over.” The song is completely relatable, as anyone whose ever dealt with mixed feelings after a break-up can emphasize with the singer-songwriter.

Rounding out the solid debut is the simply titled “Sunday.” Much like “Do I Drink,” the final track feels like it could have been cut by Church, reminiscent of his hits “Talladega” and “Springsteen.” Grissom’s anchor track is his honest and refreshing version of a love song. He compares his love interest to the feeling of Sundays and thanks her for being his rock.

“Save me from the night / Girl you called me just in time / When I’m feeling like Sunday, kneeling on the ground / Praying that Monday don’t come ‘round / I’d give up anything, take it from me now / I’ll never found another love like we’ve found / Singing hallelujah, when you’re next to me / Second that I knew ya, baby I believe / Feeling like Sunday.”

We encourage everyone to give Grissom’s Saturdays & Sunday EP a listen- it definitely doesn’t disappoint! Like he shared via his latest Instagram post “Go give it a spin!”

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“Saturdays & Sunday” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our “New Country Music” playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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