Country Songs for a Rainy Day

You know the feeling: It’s the middle of summer and you’re ready for sunrise, sunset, sunburn, repeat. However, sometimes the weather has other ideas and the skies are gray. While you’d like to believe that “rain is a good thing,” it’s not always the easiest mindset when your pool parties and barbecues are getting rained out. Thankfully, country music has a song for everything, including those rainy days.

Here are some of our favorite songs about rain…


1. Gary Allan: “Songs About Rain” 

On Gary Allan’s 2013 single, he drowns his sorrows over a lost love in a sad playlist featuring none other than songs about rain. “Today I heard you got a new last name,” He sings mournfully. “Sure didn’t know it was gonna hit me this way/ And the radio just keeps on playing all these songs about rain.” Allan is in a bad mood here and the radio is just matching his disposition as he reflects on losing the woman he loves. He names a few specific songs in the lyrics, including “Rainy Night in Georgia” and “Kentucky Rain” as he deals with his sadness. “I hope it’s sunny wherever you are/ But that sure ain’t the picture tonight in my car.” Ouch.


2. Luke Bryan: “Rain Is a Good Thing”

While for some of us, rain is a bad thing, Luke Bryan somehow manages to take positive position on condensation. On the 2009 track from Doin’ My Thing, Bryan is ready to look at rain from a scientific standpoint, singing about how rain is simply a necessary part of life. According to Bryan’s “country science,” without rain, we wouldn’t have corn or whiskey or women who feel just a bit frisky. In what has become one of Bryan’s most iconic lyrics, he sings. “Rain makes corn/ Corn makes whiskey / Whiskey makes my baby / Feel a little frisky.” 


3. Jo Dee Messina: “Bring On the Rain”

With one of the most powerfully underrated voices and catalogs in all of country music, Jo Dee Messina really gets us in the feels with her 2000 single, “Bring On the Rain.” Featuring Tim McGraw on background vocals, the song is about looking forward to tomorrow. Today may have been terrible, but there’s always another day to turn things around. “Another day has almost come and gone/ Can’t imagine what else could go wrong/ Sometimes I’d like to hideaway/ Somewhere and lock the door/ A single battle lost but not the war/ ‘Cause tomorrow’s another day/ And I’m thirsty anyway/ So bring on the rain.” On the ballad, Messina is ready for what life throws at her, and the message is one we could all stand to hear from time. “I’m not gonna let it get me down/ I’m not gonna cry/ And I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight/ ‘Cause tomorrow’s another day/ And I am not afraid/ So bring on the rain.”


4. David Nail: “Let It Rain”

Speaking of underrated artists, it would be impossible not to mention David Nail. With his powerful voice and clever turn of phrase, he brings the story of a regretful cheater to life on “Let It Rain.” Inspired by the Zach Braff movie, The Last Kiss, “Let It Rain,” tells the story of a man who cheats on his girlfriend, who then throws him out in a storm. The song boasts the powerful lyric that truly encapsulates the story of the song, “No seven years of good/ can’t hide the one night I forgot to wear that ring.”

As for the rain, it’s abundant here as Nail proclaims, “So let it rain, let it pour, if she don’t love me anymore/ Just let it come down on me, let it come down on me, Every word, let it hurt, even more than I deserve/ Let it come down on me, let it come down on me, let it rain”


5. Keith Urban: “Raining on Sunday”

For Keith Urban, a rainy Sunday is the perfect excuse to do nothing but stay in bed with someone special. In “Raining on Sunday,” Urban prays for a chance to take a day off from real lift to just hide out and enjoy a day indoors. “Love could use a day of rest/ Before we both start falling apart,” He sings here, and we’re picking up what he’s putting down. This relationship needs a timeout and rainy day is just the thing to allow it to happen. “Let the water wash our bodies clean/ And love wash our souls.”


6. Tim McGraw: “She’s My Kind of Rain”

On “She’s My Kind of Rain,” Tim McGraw celebrates all that can be beautiful about rain, comparing the woman he loves to it. It’s a simple yet beautiful message, and with McGraw comparing someone to rain, what’s there to hate? Frankly, he could be singing “She’s My Kind of Mold,” and it would be oddly endearing. Here, however, it’s a little more refreshing and a little more poetic, as he sings, “She’s my kind of rain/ Like love from a drunken sky / Confetti falling down all night / She’s my kind of rain.”


Bonus – Luke Combs: “When It Rains It Pours”

In most cases, the old adage of “when it rains it pours” applies to negative situations. However, Luke Combs puts a clever and humorous take on the saying here, revealing all of the good things that happened to him once he was dumped. While the song may not technically be about rain, we couldn’t leave it off, because it’s a great song with rain in the title.

“Then I won a hundred bucks on a scratch off ticket,” Combs reveals before announcing, “I was caller number five on a radio station, won a four-day, three-night, beach vacation/ Deep sea, senorita, fishing down in Panama/ And I ain’t gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore/ Oh lord, when it rains it pours.” Combs also goes on to win a round of golf and get a number from the Hooter’s waitress, all which he credits to his ex walking out. Now, this is the kind of “rain” we can get behind.


[Cover photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Pandora]



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The Best Advice We’ve Learned From Country Songs

Lee Brice

We all love a good tailgating song, an empowering break-up anthem or a heartbreaking ballad, but the songs we listen to over and over again are the ones that pull at our heartstrings; those songs that simply teach us life lessons. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten times a country song gave us the best advice.


1. It is most important to be a good person.

Tim McGraw’s iconic song “Humble And Kind” is the perfect reminder to mind our manners, but more importantly to have empathy for others. It is a straightforward message from one of country music’s greatest artists to be a good person. “Hold the door say please say thank you / Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie / I know you got mountains to climb but / Always stay humble and kind.”


2. It’s the little things in life that mean the most.

This line is not only a lyric to Zac Brown Band’s hit, “Chicken Fried,” but also great advice. Zac Brown Band reminds us in this song to not sweat the small stuff and to cherish the little things like a “Cold beer on a Friday night / A pair of jeans that fit just right / And the radio up.”


3. Your loved ones are always with you, no matter what you believe.

In “The Journey of Your Life,” Jake Owen reminds us to look to whatever we find strength in to get through the ups and downs that life throws at us.“And no matter what dreams you’re chasing / Never get above your raising / And may the simple things be amazing / On the journey of your life” 


4. Know your worth.

Earlier this year, Maren Morris delivered a girl power anthem in the most vulnerable way with her song “GIRL.” The title track encouraged women (and men) to value themselves, while still empowering others at the same time. “Girl, don’t you hang your head low / Don’t you lose your halo / Everyone’s gonna be okay.”


5. We can always go back home.

Chase Rice honors his North Carolina roots in “Carolina Can,” discussing how when he needs to humble himself and remember his upbringing, he can always go home to the town and people that raised him. We can do the same. It’s awesome to experience life in a new place, but home will always remind us of who we are. “Now that six string dream on a crazy course / Has got my compass losing North / And I need someone to remind me who I am / Oh, Carolina can.”


6. Stay in the moment.

We are all guilty of getting too caught up in future plans or reminiscing about the past, that we forget to stay present. The truth is, time goes fast and we’re never promised tomorrow. This is why it is so important to be present and really take in each and every moment, as Trace Adkins tells us in “You’re Gonna Miss This” “You’re gonna miss this / You’re gonna want this back / You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast / These are some good times / So take a good look around.”


7. Work hard, play hard.

The ever talented country duo, Brooks & Dunn just remastered some of their most popular hit songs, including “Hard Workin’ Man,” with Brothers Osborne. No matter what version you love, the men keep reminding us that it’s both important to play hard, “Come Friday night, I like to party hard,” but still work hard, “Come Monday mornin’ I’m the first to arrive / I ain’t nothin’ but business from nine till five / I’m a hard, hard workin man.”


8. Sometimes you need a drink (or five).

Drinking may not be your vice, but really this piece of advice encourages us to let loose and have some fun, regardless of what that means to us. Sometimes we need a little escape from reality and just need to have a good time. Eric Church reminds us to do just that in “Smoke A Little Smoke.” “Act like tomorrow’s ten years away / And just kick back and let the feelin’ flow / Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke, yeah.”


9. Everything gets better, so don’t give up.

There’s a ton of country artists that encourage us to never give up, even during trying times, but Rodney Atkins manages to uplift us like no other in “If You’re Going Through Hell.” “If you’re going through Hell / Keep on going, don’t slow down / If you’re scared don’t show it / You might get out / Before the devil even know you’re there.”


10. Love like crazy.

Leave it to Lee Brice to sing one of the most profound and relatable choruses. “Love Like Crazy” reminds us all to love, even when it might be hard. “Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you / Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense / Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy / And love like crazy.”


Bonus: Chase your dreams.

Here at New York Country Swag, we encourage you to go after your dreams, just like some of our favorite artists do each and every day through their music careers and just like we’re doing with NYCS.

We pride ourselves on championing rising artists, such as Mitchell Tenpenny, Brandon Ratcliff, Abby Anderson, and Jimmie Allen, but what they all have in common is they’re chasing their dreams, no matter what the sacrifice.

Take a listen to the complete playlist below, while you crush your goals and follow your dreams, wherever they may lead you.


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Mitchell Tenpenny Puts An Updated Twist On “Just To See You Smile”

Mitchell Tenpenny Just To See You Smile

On a Friday where throwback songs being updated is prevalent, Brooks & Dunn released REBOOT, a compilation of their biggest hits reimagined as duets with new country artists, Mitchell Tenpenny has released his own new spin on a classic. Tim McGraw’s “Just To See You Smile” was released in 1997 and not only hit the top of the charts but set what was then a record for being the longest-running single on the Billboard country chart since the inception of Nielsen SoundScan back in 1990.

The track written by Tony Martin and Mark Nesler was originally on McGraw’s album Everywhere and helped catapult the country artist into the superstardom where he remains today. The story is tried and true, doing everything in your power to make the one you love happy.

“Just to see you smile / I’d do anything , that you wanted me to / And all is said and done , I’d never count the cost / It’s worth all that’s lost, just to see you smile”

Whether its moving to a new state to allow them to follow their dreams, letting them have the space they asked for or letting them go when you know they’ll be happy with someone else, the heartbreaking tale is a classic.  Tenpenny who grew up in Nashville calls the song one of his favorites to cover on Instagram.  He takes the timeless song and slows it down, adds his unique vocal runs to really update the track. Hopefully his incredible rendition will make his set list while on the Make It Sweet Tour with Old Dominion and Jordan Davis. The tour hits the New York area twice, May 17th at Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden and May 25th at Bald Hill Amphitheatre on Long Island.

To keep up with Mitchell Tenpenny, follow him on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

“Just To See You Smile” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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Tim McGraw Takes Us To Church With Brand New Single

Tim McGraw, Neon Church

Tim McGraw, Neon Church

A typical church is not what’s depicted in Tim McGraw’s new single “Neon Church”. With a jukebox choir vibe, McGraw released his first single since 2015 early Thursday evening (Oct 4.) after a week of hints and build up over his social media platforms. First releasing a blurry photo of the album cover, then proceeding to wipe all media clean, leaking a line from the song and a new alert system, McGrawOne, fans have been anticipating this moment all week long.

The song takes you on a journey of McGraw easing his troubles. From moving to a smoky room and a party crowd, to combining a variety of religious imagery, McGraw paints a perfect picture in your mind with thoughtful lyrics.

With the surprise release, fans were also treated to a second song “Thought About You”, another ballad about what love is and what it’s not. While McGraw has put out his fair share of ballads, these two are a complete 180 from the past. In an email sent to fans, McGraw said “I really felt that both these songs were ready to be heard and will absolutely give a sense of where I’m going with my next project. They’re meaningful to me and show the diversity of what I’ve been working on musically..”

This new music is a first look into McGraw’s first solo release since his 2015 album, Damn Country Music, which included hits like “Humble And Kind” and “How I’ll Always Be”. While there is no indication on when McGraw is going to put out a full album, we can only expect more great releases from here.

“Neon Church” and “Thought About You” are now available everywhere you buy or stream music.

Listen to the new songs below on our new music playlist and check out more new tracks here. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


Visit and follow McGraw on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with new music, upcoming announcements and more.



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Top 10 Tim McGraw Songs… So Far

Tim McGraw Top 10 Songs

(Photo by Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK)

In anticipation of what we can only believe is new music coming from Tim McGraw, after his most recent spree of odd social media posts, we went back to look at his incredible catalog of hits over the years to bring you our top 10 Tim McGraw favorites.


10. “Don’t Take The Girl”

From ‘Not a Moment Too Soon’ (1994) – 
McGraw’s southern twang and meaningful lyrics make the song even more attractive to country music listeners whose emotions can be easily stirred by the touching story of Johnny and “the girl” with no name. This song gave McGraw another #1 hit to add to his growing list.


9. “Just To See You Smile”

From ‘Everywhere’ (1997) – 
Pining over a lost love isn’t exactly groundbreaking in country music, but McGraw does it so well on “Just to See You Smile,” an old-school country song aimed directly at the broken heart of a man.


8. “My Best Friend”

From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999)
In the late ‘90s, McGraw dominated country radio playlists and this song was no different, spending two weeks in the Number 1 spot. The song is a classic first dance song for many bride-groom dances during the most special day of their lives.


7. “Live Like You Were Dying”

From ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ (2004) – 
It had been ten years since McGraw had a Top 10 hit and this song came and shot through the charts proving he sounded better than ever before. Filled with lyrics to live by, this song earned both a CMA Award for Song of the Year and a Grammy in 2004.


6. “It’s Your Love” (with Faith Hill)

From ‘Everywhere’ (1997) –
The lyrics do not ring vague at all, but instead are heard from a deep place of sincerity.  McGraw and Hill’s very first duet was the song that made them country’s ultimate power couple and became one McGraw’s first major hits.


5. “Something Like That”

From ‘A Place in the Sun’ (1999) –
McGraw’s ‘Something Like That’ was played non-stop on country radio throughout the entire decade of 2000-2010. The song recalls the narrator’s youthful experience of falling in love for the very first time at age seventeen. Every time you listen to this song you cannot help, but go back to those days young love days.


4. “Where The Green Grass Grows”

From ‘Everywhere’ (1997) –
Outlining life in the country, McGraw gives all the reasons why he will live ‘Where The Green Grass Grows’. While this song only peaked at #27 on the charts, it is still one of McGraw’s most recognized tracks.


3. “If You’re Reading This”

From ‘Let It Go’ (2007) – 
A standout performance from this special track came during the 2007 ACM Awards when McGraw paid tribute to the families of fallen soldiers, bringing a group of grieving relatives to the stage. The deliverance of the song was so powerful and it is still one of the most unforgettable performances of McGraw’s career.


2. “I Need You” (with Faith Hill)

From ‘Let It Go’ (2007) –
McGraw sounds great using his lower voice, but it’s Hill’s vocal performance that sends this song soaring. This is the first time they’ve fully captured on record the chemistry that they have. The power from this song and the music video captivates audiences to this day. The duet was nominated twice at the 2008 Grammy Awards for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals and Best Country Song.


1. “I Like It, I Love It”

From ‘All I Want’ (1995) –
This one is a classic oldie from McGraw’s powerful 1990s run. The second it comes on the radio, fans can not help but start singing it at the top of their lungs. It is still on every ultimate summer playlist and gets covered by many popular country artists today during their own live concerts.


BONUS PICK: “Humble And Kind”

From ‘Damn Country Music’ (2015) –
No Tim McGraw list is complete without the Lori McKenna-penned track, “Humble and Kind”. The song speaks for itself and came at a time when people needed it most.

How does our list of our Top Tim McGraw Songs match up to yours?  Listen to the tracks on the playlist below and check back here soon where we just might have some news on new Tim McGraw music.




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Should We Be Concerned or Are We Getting New Tim McGraw Music?

Tim McGraw has fans concerned and on edge after he deleted all Instagram photos and tweets on Friday, September 28th. McGraw is generally very active on social media, whether posting photos from the ‘Soul2Soul’ Tour, fishing in the Bahamas, or a peak at what he is cooking up in the kitchen, fans are used to seeing life behind the lens of the country superstar.

Early last week McGraw posted a very cryptic photo on Instagram and fans were commenting asking if we are getting new music or what else this could possibly mean. After wiping all his social media accounts, even his profile photos, McGraw tweeted, “I need Jesus or I need whiskey.”

Tim McGraw on Twitter

Tim McGraw on Twitter

Could this be a new song title, perhaps a sneak peak of lyrics or should fans be concerned? McGraw has not put out a solo album since November 2015 when he released Damn Country Music that included #1 singles “Top of The World” and “Humble and Kind”. In between that time, McGraw and Faith Hill put out their first duet album The Rest of Our Life and kicked off their ‘Soul2Soul’ Tour. Joining a new record label the same year also preceded the release of “Speak to a Girl”, the lead single from the duet album which was released on November 17, 2017. The release of the album also coincided with the opening of an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum titled “Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man”, which celebrated the careers of both McGraw and Hill.

Today, McGraw hit fans with another Twitter & Instagram post which included a phone number, 615-205-5687, and a message, “I’ll Text You Back :)”.

If McGraw is following today’s trend of wiping social media in anticipation of a new project then we can expect something very soon, so Tim McGraw fans: prepare yourselves and follow McGraw on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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NYCS Swag Spotlight: Brinley Addington

Brinley Addington

A Tennesee native, this week’s Swag Spotlight shines on Brinley Addington.  Growing up east of Nashville in Kingsport, TN Addington was surrounded by his parent’s musical influences.  His mother loved Alison Krauss & Union Station while his father preferred Ricky Skaggs, James Taylor, and Jim Croce.  One of the first concerts he attended just happened to be Alan Jackson and Randy Travis, starting his love for traditional country music early.

After a life-changing trip to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry when he was just three years old, Addington tells us in a recent phone conversation that he can clearly remember being in that famous room.  “I remember the feeling, the story my parents tell me is that that day I was really cranky being a 3-year-old on a trip, whining and crying, but then when we got to the Opry and the curtain went up and I was just silent,” he recalls. “It’s just a special place. I love going and it is kind of the mark for me.”

From then on he would stand on the coffee table, pretending to be performing on the stage at the Opry.  As he got older he formed his own influences which included Tracy Lawrence, Joe Diffie, Tim McGraw, George Strait, and Garth Brooks.  Songwriting started early, Addington recalls freeform writing in English class and a poetry assignment. “I always enjoyed making things rhyme. The thing I love about country is lyrics and what they said, the thing that drew me to songs first were the lyrics I always paid attention to that,” he explains to us.  Towards the end of high school, he learned to play guitar and realized that he wasn’t just writing down rhymes, but he started writing songs.  Now looking back at his journey into songwriting he is grateful for the guidance he learned so early on. “I love songwriting, it’s a great outlet and I am very lucky that this is what I get to do every day,” he says.

His first cut came last year when Tyler Farr recorded “I Should Go To Church Sometime” as his next single.  Written by Addington along with Michael Hardy and Sarah Turner he recalls how the song completely changed his life.  Turner brought the idea to the write that day and as soon as she said it a light flip switched in Addington’s head.  “There is a lot of truth in it, if you grew up in church which I did, when you get older you maybe don’t go as much as you should and there is guilt surrounding that,” he tells us.  It’s not meant to make people feel guilty it’s just recognizing the thought that bad things go on in the world and it’s about stopping and reflecting and thinking ‘I need to pay more attention’.”  It was the first cut for all three of the songwriters and they got to experience that milestone together.

Addington’s debut single and the first off his new EP was released last Friday and is titled, “No Thanks”.  The track was written by Addington’s friends,  Ryan Beaver, Michael Tyler and Will Weatherly.  When discussing the concept for his new EP with Beaver, he heard the demo and flipped out over it and loved it. “I kept listening to it over and over and we got down to recording again and I asked if I could record it. They were gracious enough to let me,” he tells us. He loves how it is a fun and lighthearted song all about his favorite kinds of bars. “I’m really not into fancy places. I like going to hole in the walls with neon signs and Miller Lite and it works good for me,”  he laughs. “I would rather have a great time in a dive bar and any song that name drops Travis Tritt and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the same song, I feel like that’s just something I had to be a part of.”

“No Thanks” is the first sneak peek listeners will hear of the forthcoming EP, slated for release later this month.  Addington wrote three of the five songs and they are all fun songs, great for a live show.  Instead of doing a typical industry showcase to introduce the new music, his team decided to host the EP release at one of the first places he played when he first moved to town, Nashville Crossroads on Broadway.

As for his plans for the rest of the year, he can’t wait to play the new music for his fans and get back on the road.  Be sure to follow Brinley on his social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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NYCS First Impression: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill ‘The Rest of Our Life’

Faith Hill Tim McGraw

It has been a long time coming but it is finally here, a full album of duets between country royalty Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Their marriage, 21 years and three beautiful daughters is a testament to love and that is expressed in The Rest of Our Life.  

Each song on the project allows the power couple to shine separately as well as together embracing heartbreak, respect and a lifelong love story. The record is dripping with romance which is only heightened by the duos epic harmonies especially on the title track,  “The Bed We Made”, and “Cowboy Lullaby”.

The first single “Speak to a Girl” which happens to be extremely relevant in current times is about respecting women the way that women and girls should expect to be treated.  The record showcases different phases in a relationship, especially highlighting a more mature, marriage which is a missing niche in country radio today.  Each of the songs lends well to the duos live Soul2Soul show where Hill takes the lead and is supported by her husband and vice versa.

McGraw and Hill extended their Soul2Soul tour throughout 2018 and they return to NYC on June 14th.  For tickets and more info check out and grab The Rest of Our Life on iTunes.



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