Swon Brothers: ‘Nashlahoma’ – Album Review

The Voice’s most successful duo, The Swon Brothers, have released their sophomore album Nashlahoma which features eight previously released tracks including “Travelin’ On”, a collaboration with Vince Gill. Read more about the project below.

The Swon Brothers Nashlahoma

The Swon Brothers latest album, ‘Nashlahoma’ is available now

The Swon Brothers, a country duo from Oklahoma who are best known for their single “Later On”, which reached over 11 million streams on Spotify, have released a second studio album Nashlahoma to break the gap following their 2014 self-titled debut album. Despite consistent single and EP drops, these musicians are, in a sense, reintroducing themselves with this new collection of music that they produced entirely themselves.

Evan Hutchings, who has played various roles with artists such as Keith Urban, Justin Moore and Jimmie Allen, offered a hand in the production of previous releases “This Town” and “Travelin’ On” that are now featured on Nashlahoma. The former captures a scenario in which a town has changed since you’d last visited with a hint of regret and nostalgia for a past relationship that seemingly was the reason for leaving the town altogether. The latter, a collaboration with Vince Gill, tugs at sentimental strings and showcases The Swon Brothers’ softer vocal abilities. Similarly to “This Town”, “Travelin’ On” involves the desire to rewind and relive all moments shared whether they’re good or bad.

“So let’s hit rewind, and replay the times we’ve had together / Laugh ’til we cry, raise ’em up high to the best night ever / Life’s just a song you sing ’til you’re gone / Until then keep travelin’ on, travelin’ on”

Alternately, “Get It On”, which falls on the tracklist at #7 yet is the first unreleased song in the lineup, is an entertaining and lively narrative that utilizes a playful approach through lyrics. Written by Nicholas Baum, Robyn Collins, Quint Collins, Seth Costner, Colton Swon, and Zach Swon, the phrases referred to are twisted and meshed into flirty, shameless revelations.

“Good On Me” (Rodney Clawson, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, and Chris Tompkins) follows in suit both physically in the set as well as in a content fashion whereas the message translated through the melody is lighthearted in its country-style insinuations.

One of the last productions that is sandwiched between two presented versions of “Travelin’ On”, is as organic as it gets. Colton and Zach Swon wrote, produced, and performed “Get On Down The Road” without the hands or notions of outside sources. With a heavy handful of country twang and gentle instrumental elements, the indirect closing song provides listeners with a sense of The Swon Brothers’ individuality and musicianship.

Nashlahoma is an eclectic blend of qualities that The Swon Brothers bring to the table, not only to country music but to music as a whole.

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Nashlahoma is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music‘ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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NYCS Swag Spotlight: The Swon Brothers

The Swon Brothers

Photo Credit Amy Richmond

Back in September of 2017, New York Country Swag hosted a sold-out event at Bungalow Bar in Queens featuring The Swon Brothers.  Fast forward to 2019, we are catching up with the duo and finding out a little bit about their backstory and what is next for them in the new year. Zach and Colton Swan tell us in a recent interview that they were born into a musicians life, their parents singing in a southern gospel band and traveling around on their bus to different churches.  Muskogee, Oklahoma is where they call home, but they quickly knew that Nashville was an important place for them to travel to and eventually move to to make their dreams come true.  Zach started playing drums for the family band when he was just seven years old and then when Colton came along, they started playing together and writing songs. “We wanted to be a kid version of Brooks & Dunn and we started making our parents take us to Nashville. We never really had a backup plan, it’s been our goal since we were little,” Zach tells us.

Colton recalls spending time in Nashville, sitting in the hotel room with his family, eating bologna sandwiches and then heading out to all of the different writer’s rounds, any place that would allow kids to play. “We did that for years then we actually went to Music Row and knocked on every door, asking if we could sing for these major labels,” he explains.  Zach and Colton were only twelve and nine years old at the time, already persistent in reaching their goals.  Although almost every record label turned them down, the secretary at what was Virgin Records at the time allowed them to sing for her, and the president of the label just happened to walk by and heard the boys singing. Colton recalls him saying “‘You guys keep up the hard work, you’ve always got an open door’ and we’ve always kept in touch with him. That was the first moment, validation that we might be able to do this. “

On a whim, just days after traveling back from Nashville, the duo took a chance and drove back to Memphis to try out for the singing competition show, The Voice.  Usher, Shakira and Blake Shelton all turned their chairs during their blind audition, eventually choosing Blake as their coach.  They finished third in the season, becoming the first duo to make it to the Top 12. After finishing The Voice, they made the move to Nashville.  “Being in Nashville gives you opportunities that you wouldn’t have the chance to write with anywhere else,” they say of Music City. “The biggest advantage of making the move is meeting kindred spirits. it’s great to be in a town that surrounds you with people that make you better.”

In October of last year, The Swon Brothers released “Midnight Lovers”, a song that Zach and Colton Swon wrote with Stephen Hunley and Brandon Day.  The track tells the story of forbidden love, reminiscent of a modern-day, Romeo and Juliet, love story. “We are kind of throwing rules out the window and just having fun, musically and lyrically, we are writing for ourselves which we’ve never done,” Zach says of the new music they are excited to release.

Just last week the duo announced The 17:17 Tour with a photo on Instagram of their matching “17:17” tattoos saying “…A brother is born for a time of adversity…” The 17:17 Tour is about us being brothers. Doing what we love for who we love. Y’all keep showing up and we get to know you better every time we step on stage. Thanks for a being a FamBase, not just a Fanbase. See you on the road.” Full lineup and ticket information for The Swon Brothers’ 2019 tour is available at



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NYCountry Swag’s Country Night on the Water Ft. The Swon Brothers with Caroline Glaser

Friday, September 15th, at Rockaway Beach’s Bungalow Bar and Restaurant was the perfect setting for a great night of warm weather on the deck, cold drinks and great country music.  Brothers Colton and Zach, of The Swon Brothers were the headlining act, bringing along Colton’s fiance’ and fellow The Voice alum, Caroline Glaser as their opener.

The Swon Brothers I Country Night on the Water

Concert goers gathered early at the bar to grab their drinks and play some corn hole with the NASH FM 94.7 street team. As the sun set over the water, NASH FM host and personality, Kelly Ford, stepped on stage to bring a little bit of Nashville to New York City by teaching the crowd the “holler and swaller” technique of taking a shot. She then introduced Caroline Glaser to the stage.

The Swon Brothers I Country Night on the Water

With an angelic voice, Glaser sang songs off her 2016 self-titled album including, “Dreams”, “I Hate That Part” and “Your Love”. Showing off her hauntingly beautiful vocals as well as her guitar skills, she also sang a cover of Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” which caused a venue-wide singalong.

The Swon Brothers I Country Night on the Water

By 10 pm the deck was packed with fans rockin’ their favorite New York Country Swag gear, and The Swon Brothers took the stage for their 60-minute set.  The duo sang songs from their debut self-titled album including “95” and their first radio single “Later On” as well as songs off their most recent EP Pretty Cool Scars.  The set featured incredible harmonies from the brothers as well as great interaction with the crowd.  They sang their chart-climbing latest single “Don’t Call Me” and “Dwight Trashed” which is quickly becoming a fan favorite drinking song, off their latest project. They finished their set with a fantastic rendition of The Eagles’ classic, “Take It Easy” and even stayed after to meet some very lucky fans.

The Swon Brothers I Country Night on the Water

Click below for more pictures from our great Country Night on the Water and for more information about The Swon Brothers check out their website.



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Gear Up For This Season’s Final Country Night on the Water Featuring The Swon Brothers

Headlining our final Country Night on the Water at Bungalow Bar & Restaurant next Friday, September 15th, The Swon Brothers will most definitely be playing songs off their latest EP Pretty Cool Scars.  If you haven’t listened be sure to check it out before you head to the show.

One of our favorite tracks off the six song EP is their latest single “Don’t Call Me” a mid-tempo, catchy song that is certainly relatable.  Written by Jordan Reynolds and Robyn Blakie Collins tells a tale of deciding to make a change and not give in to temptations of a past love.

“Don’t call me / Cause we’ve been here before / Don’t want me / If you don’t want something more / Don’t need me / When you’re lonely at 3 AM / Asking me to come over again / So I can hold ya, already told ya / Can’t do that anymore”

You may remember The Swon Brothers made their debut in the country genre by appearing on the fourth season of The Voice back in 2013, where they released their first single, “Later On.” Finishing in third place overall, they built a following through the singing competition and ultimately had the opportunity to open for Carrie Underwood on her Storyteller Tour last winter which gave the duo the opportunity to play at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

We look forward to hosting The Swon Brothers as well as Caroline Glaser at Bungalow Bar and hope to see y’all there!  If you haven’t already, be sure to grab your tickets to Country Night on the Water here.