Swon Brothers: ‘Nashlahoma’ – Album Review

The Voice’s most successful duo, The Swon Brothers, have released their sophomore album Nashlahoma which features eight previously released tracks including “Travelin’ On”, a collaboration with Vince Gill. Read more about the project below.

The Swon Brothers Nashlahoma

The Swon Brothers latest album, ‘Nashlahoma’ is available now

The Swon Brothers, a country duo from Oklahoma who are best known for their single “Later On”, which reached over 11 million streams on Spotify, have released a second studio album Nashlahoma to break the gap following their 2014 self-titled debut album. Despite consistent single and EP drops, these musicians are, in a sense, reintroducing themselves with this new collection of music that they produced entirely themselves.

Evan Hutchings, who has played various roles with artists such as Keith Urban, Justin Moore and Jimmie Allen, offered a hand in the production of previous releases “This Town” and “Travelin’ On” that are now featured on Nashlahoma. The former captures a scenario in which a town has changed since you’d last visited with a hint of regret and nostalgia for a past relationship that seemingly was the reason for leaving the town altogether. The latter, a collaboration with Vince Gill, tugs at sentimental strings and showcases The Swon Brothers’ softer vocal abilities. Similarly to “This Town”, “Travelin’ On” involves the desire to rewind and relive all moments shared whether they’re good or bad.

“So let’s hit rewind, and replay the times we’ve had together / Laugh ’til we cry, raise ’em up high to the best night ever / Life’s just a song you sing ’til you’re gone / Until then keep travelin’ on, travelin’ on”

Alternately, “Get It On”, which falls on the tracklist at #7 yet is the first unreleased song in the lineup, is an entertaining and lively narrative that utilizes a playful approach through lyrics. Written by Nicholas Baum, Robyn Collins, Quint Collins, Seth Costner, Colton Swon, and Zach Swon, the phrases referred to are twisted and meshed into flirty, shameless revelations.

“Good On Me” (Rodney Clawson, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, and Chris Tompkins) follows in suit both physically in the set as well as in a content fashion whereas the message translated through the melody is lighthearted in its country-style insinuations.

One of the last productions that is sandwiched between two presented versions of “Travelin’ On”, is as organic as it gets. Colton and Zach Swon wrote, produced, and performed “Get On Down The Road” without the hands or notions of outside sources. With a heavy handful of country twang and gentle instrumental elements, the indirect closing song provides listeners with a sense of The Swon Brothers’ individuality and musicianship.

Nashlahoma is an eclectic blend of qualities that The Swon Brothers bring to the table, not only to country music but to music as a whole.

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