15 Songs We Wish Were Singles in 2017…

15 Singles Great Lyrics

Sometimes, the songs buried deep in an artists’ album are even better than the singles sent to radio.  Here are our Top 15 favorite cuts from albums’ released this year (so far), in the order that they were released.


Lauren Alaina’s “Three”

On her sophomore album, Alaina has plenty of songs that are raw and honest but “Three”, a real look at what you miss when you follow your dreams, is definitely a standout on the record.

Key Lyrics: “A lot of miles, a lot of tears / You’ve given me some of my best years / There’s so much I had to miss out on / Six years of missing home for three minutes on the radio”



Brett Young “Olivia Mae”

A smooth vocal and powerful lyrics, Brett Young delivers on this love song from his self-titled debut album.

Key Lyrics:Olivia Mae I hope it ain’t just me / From where I’m standing I can see / Us finding our own kind of meant to be / Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right / But I just had to try / Olivia may I?”



Little Big Town “Lost in California”

This melody is addicting and this entire album is incredible, but this song blends harmonies with soft simple imagery.

Key Lyrics: “Whisper in my ear, dreamin’ disappear, say you’ll take me / Where the world unwinds / Lost in California / Let’s chase the waves and let ’em take us under / On some deserted piece of virgin sand, yeah / Hold on to the freedom and the wonder / While we can”



Sunny Sweeney “Bottle by My Bed”

This song is meaningful and touches on a topic that is usually not talked about, Sunny Sweeney’s voice along with a beautiful cello make this song one of the best on the album.

Key Lyrics: I’d rather be in a carpool lane than this big cold limousine / I’d trade every pair of high heel shoes for a high chair in the dining room / Don’t even know you yet but I know I love you”



Steve Moakler “Siddle’s Saloon”

Based on his grandfather’s bar, this song perfectly describes a local spot to find a rowdy good time. Take a listen and let this great tune get stuck in your head.

Key Lyrics:  “It’s been a long week, and we’re glad you came by / The stories and punch lines and cold icy Lite / Well if you’re not here, we’ll be asking ’bout you / Come Saturday night at Siddle’s Saloon / Hey, hey, hey”



Charlie Worsham “Southern By the Grace of God”

We love this tune from Charlie Worsham, simply put it sheds light on living life in the south in the best possible ways.

Key Lyrics:  “I’m tellin’ y’all this delta drawl / Is stuck to me like buzz on a honeybee / Country is as country does and look here ’cause / You can’t out-country me / Hound dog howlin’ in front porch blues / Kids run ’round outside with no shoes or socks / Southern by the grace of God”



Brett Eldredge “Castaway”

Closing out his most recent self-titled album, “Castaway” highlights Eldredge’s perfect tone and the melody will pull at your heartstrings.

Key Lyrics:  “I’d be naive to ever think / You’re at your door waiting for me / So why do I always try / To run away from you / Please don’t say a castaway / Is what I was born to do / I guess I’ll always be lost without you”



Old Dominion “Still Writing Songs About You”

On an album full of potential singles and number one hits, this song which we first heard at a writers round last summer in NYC is a highlight on Happy Endings.

Key Lyrics: “You on the sunny Santa Monica freeway / You on a bed and a mini bar three-day haze / With your hair and my heart all a mess in the morning / I’ve gotten drunk on whiskey and women / Woke up in places that we’ve / never been in / Spending all night and all day trying to say something new / But I’m still writing songs about you”



Midland “More Than A Fever”

One of our favorite new acts out of Nashville, this trio is bringing back traditional country music and “More Than A Fever” is a great mid-tempo jam that’s all about love makin’.

Key Lyrics:  “Your hands all over me like they were velvet / There’s no way to temper this desire / I’m on fire tonight / More than a fever / Girl, you’ve got the red line on the rise / More than a fever / And I don’t wanna break it tonight”



Thomas Rhett “Life Changes”

The title track of Thomas Rhett’s latest album features one of many different vibes on the record, this particular song is more of R&B and spoken word than country but Rhett narrates his life story featuring his wife Lauren and the changes they have experienced with their growing family.

Key Lyrics:  I remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama you’re gonna have a grandkid, yep from Uganda, that’s right, we’re adopting / And she is the cutest little girl that you’ve ever seen / Well I was wrapping my head around being a dad, a bigger wrench got thrown in the plans we thought we’d had / Now Lauren’s showin’ and got one on the way / Yeah that’s two under two, hey, what can I say? / Ain’t it funny how life changes / You wake up ain’t nothing the same and life changes”



Carly Pearce “Color”

With her debut single “Every Little Thing” currently sitting in the top spot on the country charts, Carly Pearce’s debut self-titled album is filled with beautiful love songs.  One of our favorites is “Color”.

Key Lyrics:  Well, you’re the rock, you’re the steady / You need someone to push you in before you’re ready / Well, I’m the rush, I’m the crazy / But I’ll be circling the moon without you, baby / You be the lines, I’ll be the color”



Russell Dickerson “Would You Love Me”

Russell Dickerson has said that his debut album Yours, is a 12 song love letter to his wife Kailey and “Would You Love Me” is no exception. This reggae infused jam will definitely be stuck in your head.

Key Lyrics: “Cause I’ma love you til the sun burns out / Love you til my heart breaks down / Listen baby ain’t no doubt that / I’ma love you, I’ma love you, I’ma love you / I’ma love you til we’re old and grey / Love you til we’re running out of days / Hear me, baby, when I say that / I’ma love you, I’ma love you, I’ma love you”



Lee Ann Womack “Hollywood”

Off of her latest full-length LP, The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone, “Hollywood” has an ominous tone about a relationship falling apart.

Key Lyrics: “Like the silver screen,  it’s a technicolor dream / We pretend it’s real, but it’s only make-believe / Lying in our bed in the middle of Act Two, We say, “goodnight, I love you” / We never miss our cue / I ask you if you mean it, you say, “Yes”, I knew you would / Well, either I’m a fool for asking, or you belong in Hollywood”



Kelsea Ballerini “In Between”

Right in the middle of her sophomore album is this remarkable song about growing up and feeling stuck between a girl and a woman.

Key Lyrics:  Sometimes I’m my mother’s daughter, sometimes I’m her friend / Sometimes I play grown up and sometimes I play pretend / Sometimes I’m a princess dressed all curves / And sometimes I just wanna scream “I’m not a little girl!“ / Dumb enough to think I know it all / Smart enough to know I don’t / Young enough to think I’ll live forever / Old enough to know I won’t”



Lee Brice “Songs in the Kitchen”

Also released earlier this month, Lee Brice’s self-titled album features his most vulnerable and personal songs.  “Songs in the Kitchen” even mentions Lee and his brother Lewis (who is also an artist) singing in the car when they were kids.

Key Lyrics: “All my dreams came true, my songs took me far away / Now I’m singing them every night in these bright lights up on this stage / If you catch me, close my eyes every now and then, to tell you the truth / I’m probably just missing, songs in the kitchen”


For the full list of 15 songs, follow our Spotify Playlist here.

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[Watch] #TBT Russell Dickerson Covers Justin Bieber

Check out this #ThrowbackThursday to brighten your afternoon. Russell Dickerson covering Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl” uploaded to YouTube 6 years ago!

If you haven’t downloaded Yours, yet, grab your copy here and check out our First Impression here.



Russell Dickerson Album Release

Russell Dickerson’s Sold Out, Album Release Party in Nashville

Russell Dickerson has been working towards releasing a debut country album for over seven years.  Last Friday his dream came true and Yours, hit shelves and was available digitally everywhere.  To celebrate the release of his album, Dickerson played to a sold-out crowd in Nashville during his album release week.  The Exit/In in Nashville has been open for 46 years and is a staple venue in the Nashville.

Prior to his set, Dickerson attended an industry party at the bar next to the venue and New York Country Swag was delighted to be invited.  He greeted his guests, family members, and team while the line of fans to get into the venue loomed around the block.  Dickerson got the room’s attention by standing on a chair to thank his wife Kailey, his family, his team and all of the members of the industry who supported him and got him to this moment.  “I do want to say a thank you for, even coming out tonight to celebrate with us, we’ve been going at this for coming up on seven years and now I finally get to release an album to the world full of songs that we wrote together about the people we love,” he says emotionally to the gathering.  As a surprise, Norbert Nix from Triple Tigers, Dickerson’s record label,  stood next to him to and held up a plaque saying “Russell, your single “Yours” is certified gold!” A record is American RIAA-certified Gold when a single or album that has sold 500,000 units. Proudly, he held up the plaque over his head, pure excitement on his face as the room filled with cheers.

Russell Dickerson Album


The incredible night only continued when everyone made their way next door to the venue to watch Hannah Grey Ellis, who co-wrote “Would You Love Me” with Dickerson, which is featured on Yours,. The sold-out venue was lined with fans as “Twentysomething” opened the set.  Singing all 11 tracks off the new record including “Billions”, “Low Key” and a fan favorite, “MGNO” the set was high energy and filled with great songs.  Dickerson is a true performer, he gives it all during his live shows and his fans and everyone around him can’t help but feed off of his energy.

Check out our First Impression of Yours, and be sure to catch Dickerson at one of his upcoming shows, full list of dates here. 

For more on our ‘New York Country Swag Takes Nashville’ Experience click here.

NYCS First Impression: Russell Dickerson Impresses with Debut Album

Russell Dickerson Album Release

High energy live set, great songs to dance along to and sheer determination to make it in this business, Russell Dickerson has officially arrived y’all.  His debut album, appropriately titled Yours after his incredible love song, is filled with 12 tracks with a little something for every fan.  Fans who have seen Dickerson open for Thomas Rhett’s Home Team Tour or most recently Florida Georiga Line’s Smooth Tour know the sheer power he can bring to a live show as he jumps around the stage and engages with his fans.  He brings that same energy into this new album, featuring up-tempo songs, slow grooves and even a wedding version of “Yours”.

“I’m beyond stoked to have my first full-length album out and available for pre-order!”  he says in a recent press release. “The support from my fans is what has brought me this far. The Yours EP has changed my life, and I cannot wait to see what the Yours album will bring!”  Fans of Dickerson will be pleased to know, five favorites off his Yours EP made the cut for the full-length album including, “Yours” (the original and an acoustic wedding version), “MGNO”, “Blue Tacoma” and “Every Little Thing”. As a co-writer on each of the 12 songs, this album embodies the music that he wants to create, fun music that his fans will love to listen to and that will inspire repeat spins.

Besides “Yours” which started out as a simple love song for his wife Kailey, the album has no shortage of romantic vibes including the up-tempo “Every Little Thing” and the reggae-inspired, “Would You Love Me” as well as “You Look Like A Love Song” which shines with a gospel choir singing background vocals.  Dickerson gets sensual with “All Falls Down” and “Low Key” but does it in a way that feels genuine and will make you want to grab a bottle of wine, turn down the lights and slow dance.

For those missing the lazy, hazy days of summer, “Float” will bring you right back and hold you over until you are able to enjoy those warm days at the beach again.  The nostalgia-filled, “twentysomething” and “Billions” are primed for arena sing-alongs.

The LP highlights Dickerson’s incredible ability to be versatile, and although it is cohesive each song has its own influence and vibe.  Grab Yours on iTunes and check out our recap from our Country Night on the Water with Dickerson last year.



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New York! 5 Rising Country Stars You Should Be Listening To

There is no doubt about it, country music is making a rise in the New York City and its surrounding metro areas but with only the most well-known artists heading to our big venues, it might be hard to find your next favorite up and coming country act. New York Country Swag is here to help with a list of some new music we think you should have on your radar. Whether you love pop-country acts or something a little more traditional, check out these five rising stars…


5 Rising Country Artists I Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson

1. Russell Dickerson – If you have been a fan of New York Country Swag and our events you know that Russell Dickerson will obviously be our number one pick.  Dickerson released his debut single “Yours” into the world back in 2015 and has been on tour with some of country’s biggest acts since then.  After closing out his opening set with Thomas Rhett’s Home Team Tour, he then transitioned to open for Florida Georgia Line’s Smooth Tour which is hitting the west coast over the next two weeks. His energetic live performance along with catchy lyrics and unique genre-bending melodies has led to huge success, all before his debut album hits shelves.  Yours available for pre-order here, features 12 tracks including his latest smash single “Billions”.

For Fans Of: Thomas Rhett, Dierks Bentley

Our Favorite Songs: “Yours”, “Blue Tacoma”

Stay Connected: @Russelled




5 Rising Country Artists I Steve Moakler

Ashley McBryde

2. Ashley McBryde – Ashley McBryde charms with a haunting voice and brings life to honest stories.  The Arkansas native moved to Nashville 10 years ago and has played her fair share of dive bars and biker hangouts perfecting her craft. Country music fans are starting to see what a kick-ass singer and songwriter she is, having the incredible opportunity to open for Eric Church this weekend in Alabama.  McBryde sings her heart out on her latest single “Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega”, the story of perseverance and chance meetings.  Sirius XM The Highway has also been playing the singles off her forthcoming debut LP and has recently announced she will be a part of the 2nd Highway Finds Tour which will make its NYC stop at Gramercy Theatre on October 21st.

For Fans Of: Chris Stapleton, Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert

Our Favorite Songs: “Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega”, “Girl Goin’ Nowhere”

Stay Connected: @AshleyMcBryde




5 Rising Country Artists I Steve Moakler

Steve Moakler

3. Steve Moakler – A refreshing change from most artists who grew up in the south, Pennslyvania native Steve Moakler takes pride in his northeast roots, highlighting the people who helped shape him as an artist in his latest album Steel Town.  The album presents a cohesive look into Moakler’s life and the lead single “Suitcase” gives off a “Die a Happy Man” vibe, just compelling listeners about a simple love story. Fun fact, Moakler co-wrote Dierks Bentley’s smash hit “Riser”.

For Fans Of: Brett Eldredge, Blake Shelton

Our Favorite Songs: “Suitcase”, “Wheels”

Stay Connected: @SteveMoakler





5 Rising Country Artists I Steve Moakler

Carly Pearce

4. Carly Pearce – With debut single, “Every Little Thing”, currently sitting in the 8th spot on the country charts, Carly Pearce is headed for stardom.  In a genre where female artists aren’t always given their fair shot, Pearce has a secret weapon, her tenacity and determination to make it in this business.  One listen to the heartbreak ballad and you can understand why fans are quickly opening their eyes to the young songstress.  Just like our top artist to listen to Russell Dickerson, Pearce’s debut album hits shelves everywhere on October 13th.

For Fans Of: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson,  Jennifer Nettles

Our Favorite Songs: “Every Little Thing”, “If My Name Was Whiskey”

Stay Connected: @CarlyPearce





5 Rising Country Artists I Steve Moakler

Morgan Evans

5. Morgan Evans – Moving to the Nashville to pursue his music career further, a native of New Castle, Australia, Morgan Evans just released his first U.S single “Kiss Somebody”.  The track is light, the perfect combination of pop-country and Evans’ smooth voice serenades his listeners.  After seeing Keith Urban perform back in 2004, he knew that was the path he wanted to follow. Back in Australia, Evans’ band consisted of his brother and his best friend. When heading to the states, he found it was hard to find that chemistry, so he taught himself how to use a loop pedal and acquired the ability to tour alone. Along with his Australian accent, and his ability to create a backup band all on his own, he is a standout in the country genre.

For Fans Of: Keith Urban,  Brad Paisley

Our Favorite Songs: “Kiss Somebody”, “Everything Changes”

Stay Connected: @MorganEvansMusic






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