What to do in Nashville…Yoga with Baby Goats Dressed in Halloween Costumes?

Goat Yoga Nashville I Baby Goats

Nashville’s hottest trend is Goat Yoga. Yes, you heard that right, a yoga class that has baby goats running around posing for pictures on your back during downward dog. This new phenomenon taking Nashville by storm was started by a family in Brentwood TN.

“Goat Yoga Nashville was inspired by a family member who has a high-stress job as a fireman and happens to loves Goats & Yoga.” the bio on their website says.  “So we decided what a better way to honor him and help others de-stress than to start our very own Goat Yoga class in the Nashville area. Thus Goat Yoga Nashville was born.”

Goat Yoga Nashville I Baby Goats

New York Country Swag knew that this innovative trend had to be worked into our 3 days in Nashville so we ventured 30 minutes outside of the city to attend an early morning class. The simple patch of land designated for the class is gated in and for the month of October, all of the goats are dressed in little Halloween costumes.  As Michael Jackon’s “Thriller” is played over the speakers, the baby goats come running down the dirt road to enter the make-shift studio and immediately interact with the attendees.

If you aren’t a yogi and have never been to a class before, fear not, the class is very basic and the instructor was extremely helpful in teaching you the primary poses.  While it is certainly not the most relaxing class we have been too, it was definitely the most fun.

The goats are friendly and sweet, eating leaves off of branches that they provide and posing for photos.  Melody, the owner, and her adorable family walk around coaching the goats to pose on your back and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

If you are planning a trip to Nashville definitely make sure to include a class in your itinerary, the experience is one of a kind. Click here for more information.

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