Dierks Bentley Brings His “Burning Man Tour” to PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ

According to Dierks Bentley himself, “Jersey never disappoints and always brings the energy.” That is an extremely accurate statement to describe his stop of the Burning Man Tour at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. Joined by Tenille Townes, Jon Pardi, and even Hot Country Knights, Bentley’s alter-ego’s 90’s country band, the show was definitely a night to remember.

Burning Man Tour

Hot Country Knights set was up first. Once on stage, the band was met with some skepticism from the audience, that was until they figured out who the lead singer truly was. Although average concert-goers may have missed it, the singer with the animal print muscle tee, high waisted bootleg jeans and mullet was none other than Dierks Bentley himself. This set was really a sight to see, as Bentley’s band joined him by dressing up in 90’s outfits and wigs and playing music that sounded like it came straight from that decade. The 20-minute set ended too quickly, as the audience, and even members of the band erupted into laughter and applause.

Tenille Townes Burning Man Tour

Next up was the first true opener, country singer-songwriter Tenille Townes. Opening with “White Horse,” The 25-year-old Canadian native shocked the audience with her power vocals and poignant lyrics. As her set went on, it was clear that the audience was getting more and more into her music. With each song, more people stood to their feet and swayed along. After performing “Jersey on the Wall,” Townes told the audience that this was her first time playing at PNC, and it definitely lived up to the hype. She went on to cover, U2’s, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” and ended her set with her debut single, “Somebody’s Daughter.” For more about Townes and her incredible talent click here.

Jon Pardi Burning Man Tour

Jon Pardi was next to take the stage– and he for sure brought the party. Opening with “What I Can’t Put Down,” followed by a Brooks & Dunn cover of, “My Next Broken Heart,” which was featured on their album REBOOT fans knew they were in for a treat. He continued by playing a few songs off of his 2016 album, California Sunrise. Eventually, he got to “Heartache Medication,” his current single off of his new album which is due September 27th. Being that he was playing to a Jersey crowd, Pardi would’ve been remiss not to honor a song to a New Jersey icon. So that’s exactly what he did by playing Bon Jovi’s, “Wanted Dead or Alive,” which was sung word for word by the audience. Pardi ended his high energy set by playing three of his classics– “Heartache on the Dance Floor,” “Head Over Boots,” and “Dirt On My Boots.”

Dierks Bentley Burning Man Tour

After two, well, technically three amazing openers, it was finally time for Bentley to take the stage. Starting with “Burning Man,” Bentley captivated the audience with his simple stage set up and powerful presence. After performing his hit song, “Somewhere on a Beach,” Bentley paid homage to the Jersey Shore and even did a call-response with the audience to see where they were from– the choices being north, south, or central Jersey– central being met with the loudest response. Bentley followed with “Black,” and “I Hold On,” two slow and deeply meaningful songs. Those were then contrasted by the upbeat songs “5-1-5-0” and “Living,” Bentley’s current single. It was refreshing to see those two sides of Bentley, both the serious and lightheartedness of his personality was really able to shine through.

About halfway through the set, Bentley brought Jon Pardi back out onto the stage to perform, “Missin’ You Crazy,” Bentley’s favorite song by Pardi. This was followed by Tenille Townes coming back on stage to teach Bentley a little something about female country singers. She sang a tidbit of “Strawberry Wine,” belted out some of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” and eventually joined Bentley in singing his massive hit, “Different for Girls.” Next, while singing “Am I The Only One,” Bentley made his way through the amphitheater and crowd to tiny B-stage near the back of the venue.

Dierks Bentley

Once on the B-stage, Bentley pulled a fan onto the stage, swiftly shotgunned a beer, and began a quick acoustic set which consisted of “Come a Little Closer” and “Say You Do,” before returning back to the main stage to finish out the show. Although nearing the end, the crowd was still as rowdy as ever while singing along to “What was I Thinkin’” and “Sideways.” These were the last two songs before the encore, as Bentley thanked the crowd for another amazing and unforgettable show. Walking out to do the encore in a full-on pilot getup, the audience already knew what was coming, as “Drunk on a Plane” was sung in unison by the whole crowd. Bentley played “Free and Easy” to end what was an exhilarating night at PNC.

Dierks Bentley’s Burning Man Tour will be around all summer so make sure not to miss it. The tour will also be stopping at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on August 2nd, so get your tickets now!

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Jon Pardi Releases Next Track From New LP “Me and Jack”

Jon Pardi Me And Jack

Photo Credit: Jim Wright

“Me and Jack,” released last Friday (July 19th), has Jon Pardi conveying the troubles of a different kind of drinking song. Unlike Pardi’s usual persona of feel-good, dance songs, the deterioration of an inhumane love interest is addressed, leaving the Dixon, California native apologizing for placing faith in the friendship in the first place. This rowdy, turbulent, guitar-thumping track depicts Pardi’s chagrined relation with none other than Jack Daniels, to be specific. “Heartache on the Dance Floor” singer naively portrays the start of such friendship. He sings, “When I was just eighteen, I met the man in black / He said, ‘Jon it’s nice to meet you, my name is Jack / We hung out all the time, we became good friends / We ran around, we hit the town every damn weekend”

Pardi soon learned the hard way that the bad behavior derived from excess drinking rooted in this Johnny Cash inspired aria is not celebrated and cheered, but bemoaned. As dark as this subject can be, Capitol Nashville recording artist still humorizes while honoring his commitment to the steel guitar, and traditional country homage. He notes this friendship got him dumped, fired and even a spot in jail. Pardi jokes that upon his release from jail, he will return to the liquor store to buy an off-brand bottle of whiskey.

“Me and Jack don’t get along no more / He’s high up on the shelf while I’m lyin’ on the floor / He makes me do things I’ve never done before // He makes me cuss, he makes me fight / Don’t know what I did last night / Should’ve left his ass at the liquor store / Naw, me and Jack don’t get along no more”

The ACM/CMA nominated recording artist co-wrote “Me and Jack” with Rhett Atkins, Luke Laird and Bart Butler. It’s the latest single following “Ain’t Always The Cowboy” off of Pardi’s highly anticipated album Heartbreak Medication out on September 27th. Following the release of Heartbreak Medication, Pardi will embark on a fall tour kicking off at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

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“Me and Jack” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi Duet on “Beer Can’t Fix”

Beer Can't Fix

On paper, Thomas Rhett and Jon Pardi seem to be an odd duo. Thomas Rhett is skinny jeans, Converse, and “new” country music, while Jon Pardi is a cowboy hat, Wranglers, and more traditional “old” country. Yet, on “Beer Can’t Fix,” released today (May 17), they make a perfect pair.

The track is an uptempo ode to beer, which just may be the universal love language of country music. According to the song, written by Rhett, Julian Bunetta, Zach Skelton, and Ryan Tedder, there’s absolutely nothing that “a beer can’t fix.” The song is perfect for Rhett’s live show, and it’s easy to imagine throngs of fans with their beers lifted in the air, passionately singing along. Plus, the “Ain’t nothin’ that a beer can’t fix” T-shirts practically design themselves here.

Pardi and Rhett trade verses on “Beer Can’t Fix,” declaring a cold one the simplest solution to all of life’s problems. Whether you’re stressed from work, rain on a vacation, or a lost love, beer is always there to save the day. On the chorus, they celebrate beer, singing, “Ain’t nothing that a beer can’t fix/ Ain’t no pain it can’t wash away / From the moment that it hits your lips / Makes those clouds look a little less gray / Oh, you could be lonely / Or heartbroken / Or hungover from the night before / Turn that frown into a smile real quick /There ain’t nothing that a beer can’t fix.”

“Beer Can’t Fix,” was released today in advance of Rhett’s Center Point Road, due out May 31. It marks the fifth track to be released from the album, following “Remember You Young,” “That Old Truck,” “Look What God Gave Her,” and “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time,” featuring Little Big Town.

Rhett will hit New York City’s Madison Square Garden as a part of his Very Hot Summer Tour 2019 on Friday, September 20, with supporting acts Dustin Lynch, Russell Dickerson, and Rhett Akins. Tickets are available here.

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“Beer Can’t Fix” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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Dierks Bentley Announces ‘Burning Man Tour’ Extended Dates

Burning Man Tour Dierks Bentley

Early this morning Dierks Bentley announced he will be extending his ‘Burning Man Tour’ throughout the summer with major tour stops across the country included a New York show at Northwell Health at Jones Beach on August 3rd.  Bentley is bringing Jon Pardi and one of our 2019 Artists to Watch, Tenille Townes, and Hot Country Knights for the continued dates.

“The Burning Man Tour is off to a killer start…I’ve loved standing side stage to watch Pardi and Tennille and to feel the energy bottled up in these arenas before we go on,” said Bentley in a recent press release. “We are making the most of every minute out there – on stage and off – and I’m excited to announce we are going to roll it through the summer.”

Fans can purchase tickets now for select cities as part of Live Nation’s Country Megaticket at and other tickets go on sale this Friday, February 15th. Head to for more information.


Upcoming 2019 BURNING MAN TOUR Dates:
2/14/19  Ontario, CA
2/15/19  Fresno, CA
2/16/19  Reno, NV
2/21/19  Lexington, KY
2/22/19  Nashville, TN
2/23/19  Columbia, MO
2/28/19  Sioux Fall, SD
3/01/19  Wichita, KS
3/02/19  Omaha, NE
3/07/19  Moline, IL
3/08/19  Duluth, MN
3/09/19  Grand Forks, ND
3/28/19  Toledo, OH
3/29/19  Columbus, OH
3/30/19  Grand Rapids, MI
5/30/19  Cincinnati, OH
5/31/19  Indianapolis, IN
6/01/19  St. Louis, MO
6/13/19  Brandon, MS
6/14/19  Alpharetta, GA
6/15/19  Orange Beach, AL
6/29/19  Clarkston, MI
6/30/19  Syracuse, NY
7/18/19  Jacksonville, FL
7/25/19  Cleveland, OH
7/11/19  Raleigh, NC
7/12/19  Virginia Beach, VA
7/13/19  Bristow, VA
7/19/19  West Palm Beach, FL
7/20/19  Tampa, FL
7/26/19  Holmdel, NJ
7/27/19  Burgettstown, PA
8/01/19  Darien Center, NY
8/02/19  Wantagh, NY
8/03/19  Scranton, PA
8/08/19  Charlotte, NC
8/09/19  Tuscaloosa, AL
8/10/19  Dallas, TX
8/15/19  Hartford, CT
8/16/19  Boston, MA
8/17/19  Philadelphia, PA
8/22/19  Kansas City, MO
8/23/19  Chicago, IL
9/06/19  Irvine, CA*
9/07/19  Mountain View, CA*
9/08/19  Sacramento, CA**

*with Jon Pardi, Caylee Hammack, and the Hot Country Knights
**with Caylee Hammack and the Hot Country Knights

Top Country Songs Inspired By Clothing

Thomas Rhett T Shirt

Photo Credit: Para Griffin/Getty Image North America

When it comes to some of the coolest clothes in country music, you can look no further than NYCountry Swag. I mean, have you seen our new baseball caps?! Since NYCS has our own brand of country music inspired merchandise, we started thinking about the correlation between country music and clothes and came up with a list of our favorite songs about articles of clothing.

From “Red High Heels” to “Pink Sunglasses” and from “T-Shirt” to “The Jacket,” here are some of our favorite country songs about clothing.

1. Thomas Rhett: T-Shirt

On “T-Shirt,” Thomas Rhett celebrates young love, reckless nights, and the morning after one of those wild nights. “Next thing I know you were wearing my T-Shirt right there,” Rhett sings. “Your hair messed up like a Guns-N-Roses video.” “T-Shirt” hit number one on the Country Airplay charts and appeared on Rhett’s 2015 album Tangled Up. The fun piece of country-pop perfection was written by superstar writers, Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird, and Shane McAnally.

2. Ashley McBryde: The Jacket

2018 was a huge breakout year for Ashley McBryde on the heels of her album Girl Going Nowhere featuring songs like “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” and “American Scandal.” However, arguably the most personal track on the album is “The Jacket,” co-written by McBryde, Olivia Rudeen, and Neal Coty. On the autobiographical track, McBryde sings about her father and an old denim jacket that “has seen better days,” but has experienced more than most people, including “2,000 bonfires, a hitchhike to Boulder,” and that has “seen Willie Nelson in four or five states.” Sadly, the star of this song was stolen from McBryde in October 2017 when someone broke into her truck in East Nashville while she was away playing a show.

3. Dylan Scott: Ball Cap

On “Ball Cap,” Dylan Scott celebrates the way his girl looks in one of his beloved baseball caps. While the girl “don’t know a thing about the Braves” and “could care less about the game,” Scott admits that he “wore it all the time, but it’s never been worn like that.” The twangy, up-tempo track appeared on Scott’s debut self-titled album and was co-written by Scott, Cassidy Lynn Alexander, and Forest Whitehead.

4. Miranda Lambert: Pink Sunglasses

Written by Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby, and Rodney Clawson, Miranda Lambert’s “Pink Sunglasses” is a moment of levity on 2016’s double album, The Weight of These Wings. Lambert’s sunglasses may have only been $9.99, but prove that an impulse purchase may sometimes be the best thing that happens to someone. “In my pink sunglasses, always makes the world a little better,” Lambert sings. “You can try ’em any time you need a change of weather.”

5. Kellie Pickler: Red High Heels

In 2006, Kellie Pickler released Small Town Girl, featuring the hit single “Red High Heels,” strutting her way right into the hearts of country music fans. While she may have finished sixth on the fifth season of American Idol, Pickler parlayed that into a music career thanks to her debut single about a girl’s favorite pair of shoes. Written by Pickler, Christopher March Lindsey, Karyn Rochelle, and Aimee Mayo, “Red High Heels” is about a girl leaving a no-good guy in the sassiest way possible. “Well, you can watch me walk if you want to, want to, I’ll bet you want me back now, don’t you, don’t you?” Pickler sings, “I’m about to show you just how missin’ me feels in my red high heels.”

6. Jerrod Niemann: Blue Bandana

On 2015’s “Blue Bandana,” Jerrod Niemann pay homage to music’s favorite festivals and unique attire. Written by Ben Goldsmith, CJ Solar, and Andrew Scott Wills, “Blue Bandana” would not have sounded out of place on a Kenny Chesney record. It’s a light, summery tune about a girl sporting a blue bandana who Niemann meets at Merle Fest. While Niemann declines the chance to accompany her on her “gyspy dream” festival-hopping, he spends his time in his “beat up van,” and “driving across the land, looking for a blue bandana.”

7. Jon Pardi: Cowboy Hat

“Cowboy Hat” is the second track on Jon Pardi’s 2016 album, California Sunrise, and it’s a fun country tune celebrating the genre’s most famous accessory. Co-written by Pardi, Brett Beavers, and Bart Butler, the song is an ode to a girl who looks good in nothing but Pardi’s hat. With his traditional style and southern twang, on “Cowboy Hat,” Pardi croons for her to “come a little closer, give me some of that, Baby, you look so good, in nothing but my cowboy hat.”

To check out our entire line of hats, t-shirts, flannels, and koozies that are all inspired by our favorite genre, head to our online store to shop. 


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Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt Break Records + NYCountry Swag Tailgate…

A busload of NYCountry Swag Fans Head to Luke Bryan + Sam Hunt at MetLife Stadium

A busload of NYCountry Swag Fans Head to Luke Bryan + Sam Hunt at MetLife Stadium

The humidity and sun beating down didn’t stop Luke Bryan’s fans from packing out Metlife Stadium this past Saturday.  New York Country Swag headed to the New Jersey venue by the busload, bringing 50 fans from Rockaway Beach to tailgate and get to experience the record-breaking concert “What Makes You Country” event.  The lineup included four absolute powerhouse country artists: Morgan Wallen, Jon Pardi, Sam Hunt and finally headliner, Luke Bryan.

As the fans filed in from their tailgates, Morgan Wallen performed his huge single “Up Down” and Jon Pardi sang songs off his critically acclaimed album California Sunrise including “Heartache on the Dancefloor” and “Dirt on my Boots”.

Next up, Sam Hunt took the stage opening with his latest “Downtown’s Dead” then played all of the songs from his album Montevallo. He also took time to slow things down, grabbing a guitar and playing some old school country music acoustically. He closed his hour long set with “Body Like A Backroad”, to which every single person in the audience was singing along.



Finally, as the sun set, Luke Bryan took the stage with a pyrotechnic show as well as fireworks, opening his set with “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).  Bryan entertained for nearly two hours, at one point even rolling a giant cooler onto the stage and throwing Miller Lite beers out to the crowd.  It was the largest stadium crowd he has ever played for and his energy and vocal ability thrilled New York and New Jersey fans, singing songs from all of his albums that have gotten him to where he is today, a total superstar.

As if the spectacle wasn’t enough, he closed with “Rain is a Good Thing” before coming back for a two song encore. As the final song came to a close, like magic the skies opened up and rain droplets covered the crowds as they cheered and walked to their cars or buses on a total high.



Catch the What Makes You Country tour as it makes its way across the country.  For tickets and more info click here.



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NYCountry Swag Takes Country Radio Seminar: A Full Recap

Country Radio Seminar 2018

The 49th Country Radio Seminar (CRS) took place this past week in Nashville, Tennessee at The Omni Hotel in Downtown Nashville. CRS is an annual three-day convention where country music and the radio industry gather to exchange ideas, set trends, introduce brands, launch artists and make decisions that affect every aspect of the genre’s future.   The seminar includes new music from rising artists as well as some of the most established artists in the business.

Here are some highlights of our week down in Nashville including photos of our favorite artists.  Head to our Instagram to see more exclusive content and videos.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

During the opening ceremonies, attendees gathered in one of the Omni’s ballrooms to honor their sponsors for the week as well as to award Dierks Bentley with the 2018 Artist Humanitarian Award. Humbled by this award, Bentley took the stage to thank the committee who chose him and explain that he is happy to use his platform for a greater good. He received recognition for his charity work with his Miles & Music for Kids concert and the accompanying motorcycle ride. Over the last 10 years, the organization raised over 4 million dollars.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Next up, our team headed to Broken Bow Records’ showcase which included the signing of a brand new act, Everette The Band as well as performances from each of their talented stars including Walker McGuire, Lindsey Ell, Dustin Lynch, Granger Smith and Jimmie Allen.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Closing out the night of incredible music, Jason Aldean took the stage to perform “Tattoos On This Town”, “Any Ol’ Barstool” and his brand new single “You Make It Easy” for the attendees.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Aldean and Allen then headed to the Amazon Music & CRS Monday Night Showcase where they performed and Garth Brooks joined Aldean on stage for an epic duet of “Friends in Low Places”.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Heading down to Broadway, we stopped by Dierks Bentley’s brand new Bar, Whiskey Row, for a performance from Hot Country Knights, Bentley’s parody 90’s cover band. Fellow Universal Music Group labelmates Jordan Davis, Kassi Ashton, Maddie and Tae, Jon Pardi, Travis Denning, took the stage to sing classic 90’s hits including “Boot-Scootin’ Boogie”, “Any Man of Mine”, “Sold” and “Lesson in Leavin'”.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Tuesday, Day 2 of the seminar was filled with 26 artists, performing their new music for the radio and media attendees.  Every year the UMG Luncheon which takes place at the historic Ryman Auditorium is a highlight of the week and this year was certainly no different.  After grabbing our boxed lunch, we headed inside to sit 4th row ready for some incredible music.  Performers at the luncheon included newcomers, Jordan Davis, Kassi Ashton, Travis Denning, and Brandon Lay.  Each of the rising artists that have just been signed to Universal Music Group were so grateful for the opportunity to play the on the historic stage for the most prestigious names in radio.  Other acts to perform were Kip Moore, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Maddie & Tae, Jon Pardi and Luke Bryan.  Highlights included Vince Gill singing a new song he wrote about sexual misconduct and the powerful movement happening in the world and keeping with the theme, Keith Urban singing his latest single “Female” with Nicolle Gaylon who co-wrote the song.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Next up we stopped by the NASH FM Nashville campus to visit our friends Ty, Kelly & Chuck and Elaina and Shawn from Nash Nights Live. Then we headed back to the Omni to catch the Sony Showcase.  This guitar pull or acoustic round featured some of Sony’s biggest acts as well as newly signed artists.  The first round included Chris Young, Walker Hayes, LANco, Luke Combs and Cam. Each took turns singing their radio singles and Cam even performed a haunting version of a song she wrote with pop singer Sam Smith called “Palace”.  The second round featured Brad Paisley, Kane Brown, Mitchell Tenpenny, and Maren Morris. Morris sang her very first radio number one, “I Could Use a Love Song” as well as “Rich” which impacts country radio today.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

We then headed to the Warner Suite to catch one of our favorite rising artists, Cale Dodds perform his latest singles “People Watching” and “Take You Back”.

Our final day of the seminar concluded with two shows at the theatre in the Omni hotel.  The first was Big Machine’s Luncheon which featured a remarkable performance by the newest artists to join their label Trent Harmon and Tyler Rich. Thomas Rhett also performed his latest single “Marry Me” and Brett Young played his no. 1 hits.  Making their official comeback as a duo, Sugarland sang their smash “Baby Girl”, “Stuck On You” and their new single “Still the Same”.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Country Radio Seminar 2018

The culmination of three great days ended with New Faces, a critically acclaimed event which features the brightest rising country acts of the previous year.  This year was no different, taking the stage with their full bands to each play three of their most popular hits was Carly Pearce, Michael Ray, Midland, Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs.

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Country Radio Seminar 2018

Country Radio Seminar

Overall, Country Radio Seminar was an incredible three days for New York Country Swag, being a small part of bringing new country music to listeners and followers in New York City and beyond.  We are already looking forward to next years seminar!

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