If You Like John Mayer, Then You’ll Love…

John Mayer is one of the few musical artists that most people seem to love. And there’s a reason. He is one of the smartest songwriters, he has an effortless voice and is perhaps, the most influential guitar player of this generation’s wave of musicians. It’s hard to put his music into a genre; he combines the best parts of pop, rock, jam-band, singer-songwriter, and folk-country to create his signature sound. He tells his stories through introspective lyrics and hooky melodies, which is exactly what makes country music special. This season is the perfect time to discover new music, so if you are a fan of John Mayer but aren’t too familiar with country, NYCS has some recommendations for you!


Devin Dawson

The self-proclaimed “dark horse” of country music has one of the most unique sounds in Nashville. He’s a little bit brooding but a whole lot of heart, similar to Mayer. Both have the same slick, easy-going voice that makes every song listenable and individuality as people to make their songwriting stand out. Despite both having moodier aesthetics, they both bring so much excitement to their sound. Dawson is the perfect mix of old school country and current indie, and new fans should check out “Secondhand Hurt” and debut single “All On Me”, both off his album Dark Horse.

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Josh Kerr

Music City’s best-kept secret is the array of talented songwriters and producers. They are the people behind many of your favorite songs, and there’s a chance you didn’t even know it. Josh Kerr is one of them, garnering hits from stars like Camila Cabello, Kelsea Ballerini, and Keith Urban. He released his debut project late last year, and his soft-spoken voice and intense lyrics and cinematic production are perfect for fans of John Mayer. Highlights from his album How Do You Remember Me are “If I’m Being Honest” and “Love Me Now”.

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Lindsay Ell

Last but certainly not least on this list is the woman who covered John Mayer’s Continuum front to back. Lindsay Ell is one of the industry’s brightest new artists. She can write, she can sing, and, like Mayer, is one of the best guitar players of this generation. Every song of hers is great already because of their shared passion for a mix of vulnerable writing and fun hook, but her guitar and added production skills take every song to the next level. Songs you need to listen to by Ell are “White Noise” and current single, “I Don’t Love You”.

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Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder Grooves at His First NYC Show at Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

Ryan Kinder, Warner Music Nashville recording artist played his first official full band show in New York City Tuesday night.  Kinder took the stage at Mercury Lounge in lower Manhattan to perform his music for a full room of fans.

His 60-minute set included a rockin’ song called “Alabama”, a heavenly cover of Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” and of course his latest single “Still Believe in Crazy Love” which Kinder then led the crowd in a full-blown sing-a-long of the last chorus.  For fans who have been following his career, he played his debut single from 2014, “Kiss Me When I’m Down” which quotes New York in the lyrics. (“And now I’m flying high / Just crossed over the New York lights / Where are you tonight? / Am I too late to make this right? / Will you hold me, touch me / Say that you forgive me / Save me when I hit the ground / Will you kiss me when I’m down?”)

Ryan Kinder Mercury Lounge

His smooth vocals along with his undeniable guitar playing make Kinder a definite one to watch for the new year.  His sound is unique, taking the best parts of country music songwriting and sonically mashing that with John Mayer, rootsy vibes.  Kinder was also joined on stage by two incredible background vocalists, Kristen Rogers and Stephcynie who enhanced each song with sass and powerful harmonies.

When we sat down with Kinder in September, he told us that his debut full-length album is definitely in the works.  “We don’t have a date. I’m taking my time on it because I want to get it right,” he explained. Looking forward to the new year and new music, be sure to follow Kinder on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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