Kindness Isn’t Canceled Spotlight: Artists Help Employees of Broadway Bars

It has been a tough few weeks for Nashville, for the country, and for the world. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, people are trying to rebuild their homes, many Americans are losing their jobs, and we are all forced to stay in as we fight through this pandemic. Despite all this turmoil, beauty and kindness have remained.

We decided to flip the script and shine our spotlight, while we can, on some of the kindness that we have witnessed from others because Kindness Isn’t Canceled. To grab your exclusive shirt, click here.

Since Nashville’s Broadway, a famous strip of bars and restaurants that is visited by millions each year, is now closed, superstars Dierks Bentley and the men of Florida Georgia Line decided to use their resources to make a difference.

Both artists have their own bars in Nashville, Dierks’ Whiskey Row, and Hubbard and Kelley’s FGL House. Unfortunately, since many of the employees, including bartenders, waitresses, waiters, and management staff are being laid off or are temporarily out of work, due to the pandemic, people may be struggling to make ends meet.

Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row

Photo: Justin Aharoni @jaharoni for NYCS

To do what he can to help out his employees, Bentley gifted $1000 to each of his 90 employees, empathizing with those employees who work for tips. In full, the singer spent $90K to help out his staff. The men of FGL followed Bentley’s lead, vowing to gift $1000 to each of their 117 employees of FGL House. They shared their reasons for their contribution via Instagram.

Although this may just seem like a small feat, it reminds us all to help out where we can. It reminds us all to virtually check in on our friends, families, and even our co-workers. Stories like this remind us that kindness goes a long way!

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Top 10 NYCountry Swag Moments of 2017 – #3: NYCountry Swag Takes Nashville…

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Back in October, the New York Country Swag team took a trip to Nashville and filled it with meetings, concerts, special events and the best places to eat. Check out the full recap of our trip here and below are some of our favorite photos from the week. (click the photo to read more about each stop on our trip)







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FGL House

Where to Eat/Drink in Nashville: FGL House, Perfect for “Party People”

FGL House NYCountry Swag

There are plenty of bars along the downtown Nashville strip, a ton of places with live music and good drinks or food, however, if you are looking for a unique experience head to FGL House.  The four-story venue lives and breathes Florida Georgia Line.  The duo opened the restaurant/bar earlier this year and fans from all over the world are walking through the doors to experience this one of a kind venue.

FGL House

The walls are lined with memorabilia, certified records and even iconic outfits the duo has worn in the past.  The rustic woodwork, incredible art and overall vibe of the atmosphere allow patrons to feel like they are hanging out at FGL’s home. Every level has a unique feel, there are even chandeliers made up entirely of wooden guitars.

FGL House NYCountry Swag

The appropriately titled “Cruise” rooftop level offers an amazing view of downtown Nashville and is a great place to hear live music. If you are here for the food, the kitchen delivers some incredible appetizers and entrees’, created by the band’s very own tour chef.  During our lunch at the venue, we were treated to the Bavarian Jumbo Pretzel with a special mustard aioli and queso blanco and the delicious Dirty Kettle Chips topped with smoked pulled pork, crispy bacon, chives, smoked cheddar queso and drenched in bbq sauce.

FGL House NYCountry Swag

With so many options to choose from including Southern Fish Tacos to Shrimp and Grits, ultimately the New York Country Swag team decided on the Nashville Hot Chicken salad, dressed with a delicious cilantro ranch and the “No Joke Mac N’ Cheese” which has thick bacon, beer pulled chicken, smoked white and yellow cheddars, and cavatappi pasta.

FGL House NYCountry Swag

FGL House NYCountry Swag

If you are only visiting to enjoy some drinks, you must try out the FGL House signature cocktails. Check out our New York Country Swag Make-a-Long below to learn about three cocktails off their menu including “Tip It Back”, “Get Your Shine On” and “Party People”.  For more cocktails and their full menu check out

New York Country Swag was happy to dine at FGL House as a part of our New York Country Swag Takes Nashville trip earlier this month. We will definitely be back!