Throwback Thursday: Faith Hill Songs You May Have Forgotten


Faith Hill is a Grammy award winner and country music artist with multiple hits on country charts, a wonderful mother and wife, in other words, a role model and inspiration for others. She’s also is the only country artist and one of only three artists ever to perform both “The Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” at the Super Bowl. 

She’s the voice behind such hits as “Breathe”, “There You’ll Be”, “It Matters To Me”, “The Way You Love Me” and “This Kiss” but do you recall these lesser-known songs filled with all kind of emotions and passion?   


  1. Just About Now – Live in the moment, past is the past, you can’t change it and the future is unknown so the point is to be in the moment. Easier said than done but that’s a recipe for a happy life. “It’s just a moment to moment/ Surviving somehow/ This is not about then/ This is just about now”


  1. I’ve Got This Friend – Is there anything more heart-melting than a couple who is trying to help their dearest friends to find love? “Maybe in each other/ They might find the lover/ They’ve been missing until now/ They’d trust the judgment of/ Two friends like us who care so much/ Can we get them together, somehow?”


  1. Better Days – A voice of hope for a better tomorrow. We all wait for better days especially now. One thing in current turbulent moments is sure, better days are coming, maybe sooner than you expect it. “Better days are coming around/ I know you feel like/ The whole world’s gone and let you down, but/ Better days; they’re coming for you/ I know they will/ ‘Cause I’ll be right here making sure they do”


  1. Me – Everyone’s life goal should be finding someone who you can be yourself around. Let’s be honest each and everyone has flaws, therefore you should find the one who loves you despite all your shortcomings. “Me/ That’s all I have to give/ What you get is what you see, yeah/ No second-guessing, no pretending/ With you, all  I ever have to be is me/ All I ever need to be, oh yeah/ All I ever have to be is me”  


  1. That’s How Love Moves – Love is everything, the most precious thing in the world. That’s why everyone craves for it.  “It’s such a mystery/ How you found something in me/ That I never knew was there/ But you uncovered it so easily/ You turn me like the season/ And I began to change/ You wrapped your arms around me/ Now I’ll never be the same”


  1. A Man’s Home Is His Castle – Don’t be fooled by the title it is not another love ballad. It’s a story of abuse in a relationship. It addresses things that are unsaid and hidden. “He said: A man’s home is his castle/ It always has been/ And so it remains./ But he holds the keys in a fist of rage/ His home is his castle/ And mine is a cage”


  1. If You Ask – In every relationship someone has to be the rock and anchor that helps you to survive stormy days. “When you ask for my forgiveness/ When you call my name, I will come/ When you ask for my love, I will give you some/ In the morning I will get you up/ And I will smile just when you want me to/ ‘Cause I’m, I’m all you have”


  1. We’ve Got Nothing But Love To Prove – It’s not another love song but it’s a thought-provoking masterpiece. It makes you ask yourself what’s wrong with this world? Why can’t people just be kind to each other? What you can do you make the world around you a better place? The answer is simple: hold the door, say please and thank you, don’t steal, don’t cheat and don’t lie. Be humble and kind, it really makes a difference. “It’s like everything and nothing leads to wisdom/ It’s like no one really means what they say/ While we fight for peace and die for our freedom/ I guess we’ll leave it to our children to find a better way”


  1. Wish For You – There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a mother’s unconditional love. Sang with love by a mother.  “A field of flowers dancing in the spring/ A little creek, a tree, and old rope swing/ Cotton candy clouds against the blue/ That’s the kind of day I wish for you/ First love with all its storm/ Raging like fire within/ Tossing your heart to chance/ You swear the dance will never end”


  1. Paris – A beautiful story with slow and soft tunes and velvet voice of Faith Hill. “I’d give this world to you/ Every rock and every stone/ Every masterpiece in Rome/ And if you asked me to/ I’d steal the Mona Lisa/ Tear it up in little pieces/ And lay them at your feet/ For all the world to see/ but tonight I can’t give you Paris” 


All of Faith Hill’s songs are incredible. She’s definitely one of the kind. She’s so relatable, grounded and kind. No wonder why Tim McGraw doesn’t want to spend more than three days without her. 

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90s Country Songs That You Forgot Were Your Jam

Everybody loves a good 90s hit and the decade sure has many great ones to offer. Between Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee”, Shania Twain’s “Any Man Of Mine”, Brooks and Dunn’s “Brand New Man”, and many, many more, there are endless opportunities to add to your playlist. With all that the ’90s country scene has to offer, there can be a few gems that get lost. That is why we have compiled a list of ’90s hits you forgot were your total jam.


“That Ain’t My Truck” – Rhett Atkins

“That Ain’t My Truck” is a song that everybody knows and hits those heartbreak feels. The ACM Songwriter of the Year may not be making any more of his own music but he has been pinning chart-toppers including Jason Aldean’s “When She Says Baby,” Thomas Rhett’s “It Goes Like This,” Dustin Lynch’s “Small Town Boy,” Luke Bryan’s “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” and more. All of these hit songs still have a sense of Atkin’s original emotional appeal to them just like in the ’90s.


“Amazed” – Lonestar

Released just weeks before the ’90s were over, Lonestar’s biggest hit proved there can be a large crossover between genres. One of the few country songs to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during that time puts it on the list.


“She’s In Love With the Boy” – Trisha Yearwood

Music videos help bring a song to life although Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With the Boy” music video knocks it out of the park. With big hair, big mustaches, innocent themes, and irresistible melodies, this song is a huge success.


“Blue Clear Sky” – George Strait

While “Check Yes or No” and “Give It Away” are added most of the time, The King of Country’s “Blue Clear Sky” is still a clear hit. In fact, it was the number one song for a month straight!


“Pickup Man” – Joe Diffie

Many artists these days credit Joe Diffie for being an influence on their style of music so it is only fitting we include one of his popular songs. The double entendre of the song title plays out as he is always winning over the women. He barely even tries, as his new ride always gets attention in traffic jams and drive-in movies on Friday nights.


“Daddy’s Money” – Ricochet

This song is perfect to play when you see the right someone at the bar, at a party, or on the lake. “She’s got her daddy’s money, her mama’s good looks / More laughs than a stack of comic books,” Ricochet sings. While Ricochet had very little success, this song will live on for many more years to come.


“I Like It, I Love It” – Tim McGraw

McGraw’s third hit single is filled with cheesy silly lyrics and a catchy melody although it perfectly describes what someone in the singer’s shoes would do. The second it comes on the radio, you can’t help but start singing to it. As a matter of fact, you probably started singing along before you even knew the words. Between the fiddle and barroom piano and McGraw’s Southern drawl, you are hooked upon first listen.


“This Kiss” – Faith Hill

“This Kiss” is a perfect encapsulation of all the joy and romantic giddiness of a newfound love. Maybe Hill was taking notes from McGraw on tour? Either way, few songs can achieve such high levels of catchiness like this song and it continues to be one of Hill’s greatest hits.


“Independence Day” – Martina McBride

“Independence Day” won a CMA Song of the Year title in 1995, and it certainly pushed McBride to the front of the pack. Her vocal talent made this ’90s singer’s first statement song a hit. Despite its success, many radio stations were uncertain whether they would play the controversial anthem. Its story of a woman’s struggle against abuse is powerful, showcasing a realistic view of how it can torment its victims. Although it only reached #12 on Billboard’s singles chart, the song reached a wide audience and received much critical acclaim.


“Fast as You” – Dwight Yoakam

“Fast as You” is one of Yoakam’s last country hits, and it’s a standout on this list. The Kentucky native’s drawl and outlaw style were mixed with a pop influence created a swaggering tune that you could recognize upon only the first few beats.


“Watermelon Crawl” – Tracy Byrd

“Watermelon Crawl” was a classic ’90s line dance favorite in any honky-tonk across the country. The song is full of great imagery that the listener can follow as it describes the adventures of a man who pulls off the road in a small town in Georgia. Everything this festival has to offer screams country; live music, seed spitting, an eating contest, and red wine made from watermelons. It’s pure, simple country music.


“Every Light In The House Is On” – Trace Adkins

Last but certainly not least, Trace Adkins’ somber ballad. The ’90s hit tells the story of a man missing an ex-lover and it is just as emotional as it is beautiful. Adkins tapped into this song and truly told of heartache in a new and unique way that was not being exposed in the songwriting world just yet.



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NYCS First Impression: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill ‘The Rest of Our Life’

Faith Hill Tim McGraw

It has been a long time coming but it is finally here, a full album of duets between country royalty Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Their marriage, 21 years and three beautiful daughters is a testament to love and that is expressed in The Rest of Our Life.  

Each song on the project allows the power couple to shine separately as well as together embracing heartbreak, respect and a lifelong love story. The record is dripping with romance which is only heightened by the duos epic harmonies especially on the title track,  “The Bed We Made”, and “Cowboy Lullaby”.

The first single “Speak to a Girl” which happens to be extremely relevant in current times is about respecting women the way that women and girls should expect to be treated.  The record showcases different phases in a relationship, especially highlighting a more mature, marriage which is a missing niche in country radio today.  Each of the songs lends well to the duos live Soul2Soul show where Hill takes the lead and is supported by her husband and vice versa.

McGraw and Hill extended their Soul2Soul tour throughout 2018 and they return to NYC on June 14th.  For tickets and more info check out and grab The Rest of Our Life on iTunes.



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