Amazon Presents ‘For Love & Country’ Original Documentary

Amazon presents a new original documentary called ‘For Love & Country’ to showcase that “country music has always been black music.” Read about it here.

In support of the evolving landscape in country music, Amazon is supporting all the incredible black artists in country music through a feature-length documentary. The new documentary, ‘For Love & Country’ taps into the truth that “country music has always been black music.”

The film follows the journeys of prolific country artists such as Mickey Guyton, BRELAND, Willie Jones, Brittney Spencer, Blanco Brown, Shy Carter, and more. In a recent press release, Guyton shared, “I’ve always believed in the old saying, ‘if you can see it, you can be it.” She added later, “However, it’s no secret there has been a lack of representation of Black artists in mainstream country music for years. That’s why I hope little Black girls growing up now can see us […] and know they have a place here in country music. We all do.”

Directed by director and photographer Joshua Kissi, ‘For Love & Country’ examines country music through the personal stories of the Nashville artists, giving fans a unique look into the personhood and artistry behind these artists.

The documentary drops on April 7 on Amazon Music and Prime Video globally.


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