Stephanie Quayle Releases New Single “If I Was A Cowboy”

Newly inducted member of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Stephanie Quayle released her much anticipated single “If I Was A Cowboy” today.  The track penned by well-known songwriters Nicolle Gaylon, Ross Copperman, and Shane McAnally.

Quayle’s “If I Was A Cowboy,” tells a story of how she is dealing with a break-up compared to how a cowboy would handle it.  Her genuine southern roots and elegant vocals reel us into the compelling heartbreak comparison with opening lyrics, “If I was a cowboy / I’d be on my second beer / not staring at my cell phone stuck in the bathroom mirror…And if I was a cowboy / I’d just throw some blue jeans on / I’d be somewhere on the dance floor / I’d already be moved on.”  As much as one would wish to be strong and resemble a cowboy’s perspective towards the break-up, Quayle admits that it is not easy.

Utter confusion and betrayal are embodied in the second verse when she sings “Cowboys say they’ll never marry / so you go and set them free / Mr. ‘I ain’t getting married’ just didn’t wanna marry me.”  Quayle’s incredible storytelling paints a picture of pure desolation with lyrics “I’m just a girl closing her tab/can’t hide her hurt under her hat” all while Cowboy’s, “they don’t wait for their heart to unbreak/they just ride away.”

After listening to this song in its entirety and understanding the difficulty of coping with a breakup, it becomes empowering for women out there and to look at the end of a relationship with the perspective of a cowboy and to be strong and move on.  It is no surprise that Quayle was recently named one of Rolling Stone Country’s Top Artists You Need To Know, and is making her mark as one of Nashville’s newest talented female singer-songwriters.  Check out her latest single “If I Was A Cowboy” below and be sure to go to for upcoming shows and information!


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