NYCS First Impression: Stephanie Quayle ‘If I Was A Cowboy’ EP

Stephanie Quayle

Last Friday, one of our favorite female artists, Stephanie Quayle released her newest EP entitled If I Was a Cowboy. Quayle is both a Swag Spotlight alum, as well as, a past performer at our 2nd annual Babes, Booze & Brunch event last March. She is as talented as they come, and her new EP is a perfect snippet into her musical style, showcasing heartfelt delivery.

The new project begins with the spunky title track. Written by extraordinary songwriters, Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, and Nicolle Gaylon, “If I Was a Cowboy” is a nostalgic anthem for female empowerment and strength. The lyrics create pronounced imagery, as Quayle sings candidly about the differences between how men and women deal with heartache.

“Cowboys don’t cry / Cowboys can lie to themselves and to everyone else when it’s over / Cowboys ain’t fragile, they’re back in the saddle / Don’t wait for their heart to unbreak / They just ride away”

The songstress slows things down a bit in the equally impactful and cleverly titled, “Evel Knievel.” Co-written by the Montana native with Karen Kosowski and Tori Tullier, the track inspires listeners to take that risk and to chase your dreams. It is inspired by a fearless stuntman from her home state. In the poignant chorus, Quayle shares “ain’t no one born with nerves of steel,” adding “sometimes we gotta take our hands off the wheel to fly like an eagle, like Evel Knieval.” In other words, take that leap of faith. It’s always worth it.

Quayle switches gears yet again, singing about her curiosity about a man, whose drinking alone at the bar in another track she co-penned. In her current single, “Whatcha Drinkin’ Bout,” she sings along to an enticing mid-tempo instrumental. The track cuts right to the chase lyrically but still packs a punch. “Whatcha Drinkin’ Bout’ should definitely be a staple at her live shows.

Continuing to rely on her strong and sassy vibe, Quayle shows off her personality in “Second Rodeo.” She preaches, yet again, to keep going, despite adversity. This time, relying on her past experiences to tell listeners that everyone is both working towards something and fighting their own demons. Quayle reminds us to “get back on the horse” and that “ain’t nobody got their shit together” just yet, and that’s okay.

Finally, the EP concludes with arguably the most poignant song of the project simply called “Untitled.” The ballad feels like Quayle’s lyrical autobiography. In the first verse, she cleverly reminds us of the lyrics to songs that we know all too well in order to explain that her story has just begun. We are ultimately all on our own journey to find ourselves and to live in our own authenticity. It is the perfect way to wrap up the well-rounded project.

“I’m still making it up as I go along / But for now I’m calling this song untitled / It’s untitled”

Overall the record encompasses all the aspects of Quayle’s unique talent. She exudes courage of conviction, strength, and vulnerability, through her five-song EP. We are eager to see what her full-length record will encompass in the future.

If I Was a Cowboy is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

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