Priscilla Block Releases Debut Self-Titled EP – Full Review

Priscilla Block makes her official debut to the country music world with the release of her self-titled EP available now, April 30th, everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Priscilla Block's self-titled debut EP is available now, April 30th

Priscilla Block’s self-titled debut EP is available now, April 30th

We love a good success story! Swag Spotlight alum Priscilla Block went from TikTok sensation to a major-label artist, and now is celebrating the release of her self-titled debut EP, out today. In just six tracks, Block introduces fans to every side of her dynamic personality and undeniable talent.

The record kicks off with the singer’s most recent release “Wish You Were The Whiskey.” Backed by a pop-rock production, Block sings about comparing her ex to the whiskey she’s drinking. Her twangy vocals mixed with the story-telling aspect of the lyrics bring the country element to this heart-aching jam.

“Now I’m drunk, like fireball lighting me up // Put it to my lips and I feel that rush // Letting 80-proof do what it does // and I’m high, it’s rocking me through the night // Keeping me warm, holding me so tight // Finally feeling fine and then it hits me // I wish you were the whiskey”

The song that put Block on the map, “Just About Over You” is the next track. One of the best on the project, the song shows the songstress’ vulnerable side, as she laments about how it feels to run into an ex before being completely over them. It was written a week after she ran into her ex out at a bar. Its about a relationship that I was in. Just trying to get over somebody and sometimes it feels like forever to finally be down with someone,” she shared with us during our exclusive interview back in September. “Bad Part Of Good” is another song on the record that embodies these sentiments perfectly.

“Heels In Hand” is one of those songs that has female empowerment written all about it, without being too preachy; despite the sad concept. The song acknowledges the mistakes we sometimes make as women while normalizing the idea that we can go from happy to sad all in one night, especially when dealing with a toxic relationship. Her relatability is at an all-time high on this track.

One of our favorite songs off the project, “Sad Girls Do Sad Things” shows off Block’s vocal range and her songwriting capacity. The ballad is an introspective breakup song about all the waves of emotion we go through at the end of the relationship. Her heartbreak is palpable in this song, but it’s one of the things we appreciate the most. Block’s willingness to “go there” in her music is refreshing and will take her far.

“I light one up just because I’m chasing any kind of buzz // When you hurt, this bad // You’ll do anything to get back to that high you had // Even though you knows it’s over // And what’s passed is passed // Am I low or am I lonely // All I know is this ain’t who I want to be // I guess sad girls do sad things”

The record ends with “I Bet You Wanna Know,” an all too relatable song for anyone who has experienced a relationship before. The singer brings out her sassy side, sharing about that guy that always knows when you are moving on and then tries to slide right back in. The catchy hook will be in your head in no time too.

This record cements our decision to include Block on our NYCountry Swag 2021 Artists to Watch list. Her self-titled EP did exactly what an EP is meant to do! It excites us and fans of country music everywhere for what her full-length project will look like. Congrats to Block on a killer debut and make sure you buy your tickets to her debut show at the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow, May 1st! Can’t make the show? Stream it live below.

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Priscilla Block is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.