Old Dominion: ‘Memory Lane’ EP Review

Old Dominion shares brand new EP, Memory Lane, out now, June 23rd on all streaming plaftorms.  Listen to the new EP now.

Earlier this year, Old Dominion surprised fans with a four-song sampler of their upcoming project Memory Lane. Today, the band is releasing the full EP for the project. Memory Lane EP features three new songs and five previously released songs, making it eight songs in total.

The record kicks if with previously released tracks. “If I Should Have Married You” and “Memory Lane.” Both songs express nostalgia in their own ways. While the former is tells the age-old story of the one that got away, the latter, embodies reminisces about the days of feeling like you were in paradise. “Memory Lane” is one of those songs that will go down as a crowd-favorite for Old Dominion.

Next up, “Some Horses” display a more melancholy version of the bandmates. Although bittersweet, the song fits perfectly within Old Dominion’s growing catalog of hits. It is a song for anyone who needs to be set free. With lyrics like “I’ll love you forever, you should have known better, some horses can never be tamed,” it is clear that this song has a deeper meaning.

The next two songs on the record, “Ain’t Got a Worry” and “Love Drunk and Happy” are summer-ready. Both tracks embody summertime at its finest. These songs are sure to be both a hit at live shows and the soundtrack to everyone’s boat days. The same vibes flow through track number seven, “How Good Is That” too!

Memory Lane changes courses a bit on the new track, “Easier Said with Rum.” One of the greatest songwriting songs on the EP, “Easier Said with Rum” is a summer-ready, break-up song. While the heartbreak is evident, the song is full of honest regret, when you did not tell the person you love that you love them.

The record culminates with the final song on the project, “Freedom Like You.” The concluding track was the perfect note to end on, as the song is pure nostalgic mixed with summertime feelings. Old Dominion has truly mastered creating music that makes us feel ready for the next adventure, nostalgic for the past, and everything in between. The Memory Lane EP is definitely worth the hype.

Memory Lane EP Track List:

  1. If I Should Have Married You
  2. Memory Lane
  3. Some Horses
  4. Ain’t Got a Worry
  5. Love Drunk and Happy
  6. Easier Said with Rum
  7. How Good Is That
  8. Freedom Like You

Old Dominion releases their brand new music sampler, ‘Memory Lane,’ out now.

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