NYCS Swag Spotlight Update: Jon Langston

Jon Langston

Earlier this year we interviewed Jon Langston to find out more about his backstory and how he made his way to Nashville. Check out our original Swag Spotlight by clicking here. More recently, we caught up with the “Now You Know” singer to chat about how things have changed for him in 2019 and his incredible run on Luke Bryan’s ‘Sunset Repeat Tour’.

The Georgia native who fell in love with Alan Jackson and country music when he was young, was immersed in the football way of life from a young age, playing in college and hoping to continue to play long after that. Unfortunately, when he was forced to hang up his football pads because of injuries, Langston decided to pick up a guitar to help him process through that time in his life. “Writing songs and music helped me get through that tough time, and it was like a therapy to me, little did I know it was going to become a career and a passion that I love,” he tells us.

Starting in May, Langston had the great opportunity of opening for Cole Swindell and Luke Bryan on the ‘Sunset Repeat’ Tour across the country in 30+ venues. “It’s amazing to go out every single night on this tour and see the amazing country fans out there, I am singing a few of my songs and I am seeing people singing and dancing to my songs,” he tells us. “Being in front of that big of a crowd, that’s new to me and it’s fun to learn how to, engage with a crowd that may not know all of your songs and have fun with it.”  He also explains how important it was to be able to sit side stage each night and not only watch the way Luke Bryan engages with his crowd but also works with his band and the crew. Bryan becoming a great mentor for the rising country artist. “I’m very lucky, very blessed and very thankful to be apart of this, I never thought I would be here, I remember being front row and watching Luke Bryan and now I am on the stage with him”.

We caught the tour twice when it came to Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater back in July. Check out our full recap of the weekend here.

His latest release, “Now You Know” was penned along with Brock Berryhill and Brad Clawson and it was the first time the three of them were together in a writing room. “We wanted just a fun, lifestyle song that just kind of painted the picture, of kind of the fun of who we are, small town guys who just like to have a cold beer on a Friday night, just to paint that picture in a rockin’ song.” He explains that the song itself was written quickly because all they had to do was list the things they liked to do. “I would look around during that song and everyone is united and raising their glasses, kind of saying, we are all here, we are all the same and it’s such a cool moment during that song”. The track which is guitar-heavy, Langston laughs plays much better to a big crowd in an arena and is geared towards those live moments rather than an intimate set in a bar somewhere.

As the Sunset Repeat tour finishes up, the last date being October 12th in Raleigh, NC, Langston has zero plans of slowing down or taking any breaks. His own headlining pub fall tour, The Bird Dog Tour which kicked off with a sold out show in Nashville will continue throughout November. Full list of tour dates available at

Fans can also look forward to a brand new EP titled, Now You Know from the singer-songwriter on October 25th.

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