NYCS First Impression: Rob Baird ‘After All’

Rob Baird

It’s been few years since Rob Baird’s last album, Wrong Side of the River was released. On Jan 11th the fourth studio album by the Memphis, TN native, After All, hit the shelves describing a fast and hard relationship in where Baird co-wrote ten tracks, making it deeply personal.

Baird writes an unfiltered and unapologetic 10 album track about that relationship leaving nothing unsaid. The project reflects on all the stages of grief from the loss of a partner and ultimately closes out with retrospect and peace.

This album for Baird, now based in Austin, took a year and a half to perfect – and it was worth all the wait. There’s the desperate pleading in “Give me Back my Love” (We all got love that never made sense/we all got love we never could keep) an unforgettable sound in the sexy yet angry track “Ain’t Going Back To You” (Even when I can’t give up every piece of us/I’d rather turn to dust) and some hostility in “Greedy Eyes” (Their never satisfied/always wanting more). The smoothness of Baird’s vocals and the use of both acoustic and electric guitars help set the tone for this album.

Baird does have his share of songs content with the end of the relationship and the hope for the future. The title track “After All” describes the ultimate end the singer knew was coming yet his final song on the album “Best That I Was” perfectly sums up the story told throughout these 10 songs. Baird’s perfect rasp allow any listener to live the emotion in the singer-songwriter’s words ‘Now I can trust/All that was us/ was the best that I was’.


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