NYCS First Impression: RaeLynn ‘Baytown’ EP

Baytown RaeLynn

Move over country boys, let me re-introduce you to a country girl! Rising artist, RaeLynn shines as bright as can be on her brand new EP entitled Baytown, inspired by her Texas hometown. Her country twang is at the forefront of each of the six tracks, but it is her sass, her confidence, her wordplay, and her stunning voice that steals the show. Check out our Up Close & Virtual interview below.

“Keep Up” sets the tone right away for what we can expect from the rest of the record. The hard-hitting, countrified tune is all about RaeLynn playing just as hard as the boys. RaeLynn sings about being “redneck,” being able to build and fix stuff with her hands, and of course, doing all the things the boys can do, but better. This age-old adage is perfectly personified in this sassy and confident jam.

The record progresses into a more mellow vibe with “Still Smokin” and “Fake Girl Town.” The former is a tune about a summer romance that turned into forever. Cleverly weaving literal examples of fire and smoke with the figurative heat and spark of a budding romance, RaeLynn paints the picture of how a relationship turned into a forever kind of thing. The sincere love song is fresh and exciting. “Yeah lemme tell you about a summer fling that turned to a fling that’s gonna last forever.”

The latter of course, “Fake Girl Town” continues to slow things down. The touching ballad sheds a much needed light on the detrimental culture that exists between girls. Unfortunately, society has encouraged women to be vicious and compete with each other rather than support and cheer each other on. The songstress is singing her heart out about wishing more girls could be there for one another but is confident that she will find the real ones among a sea of fakers. “I know they’re out here, somewhere / A two lane girl like me / I know they’re out here, somewhere / Chasing down their dream.”

Keeping the vulnerability going, the previously released, “Me About Me” is a full-fledged confession about the details of a break-up and a one-sided relationship. The heartbreakingly stunning mid-tempo song conveys a type of honesty that we only get from country music. “You would know if you asked me about me / Me about me.”

For fans who prefer the more in your face, fiery side of Raelynn, both “Judgin To Jesus” and the single, “Bra Off” fit the bill. The first is a boot-stomping jam and party song that will fit perfectly into a live show performance. “Bra Off” is a humorous and fierce expression of shedding your skin after a break-up. RaeLynn compares losing a guy to taking her bra off, admitting that she finally feels less suffocated. The female- anthem is just as hilarious, as it is brilliant.

It is safe to say that RaeLynn made her hometown proud with this record. The ‘Baytown’ native has sure evolved into a powerhouse singer-songwriter, and we love her newest project.

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Baytown is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our “New Country Music” playlist. Be sure to give a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

NYCS Picks:
1. “Still Smokin”
2. “Fake Girl Town”

Baytown– EP Tracklist:
1. Keep Up
2. Still Smokin’
3. Fake Girl Town
4. Judgin’ To Jesus
5. Me About Me
6. Bra Off




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