NYCS First Impression: Noah Schnacky Self-titled Debut EP

Big Machine Label Group’s Noah Schnacky is proving he has what it takes to make it as a country music artist. Today, the singer-songwriter finally released his debut self-titled EP featuring seven radio-ready tunes.

Although technically a newcomer, Schnacky has built a loyal following on social media, long before his record deal. Those fans are sure to support his latest project, and we are confident that his fanbase will continue to grow with the release of this well-rounded EP. The new project features previously released jams like “Feels Like Love” and his debut single, “I’ll Be The One,” as well as, brand new tunes.

“Feels Like Love” is a hopeless romantic’s dream song. The picturesque lyrics are the perfect way to explain how it feels to be falling for someone and all the romanticized details only make you like the song even more. “I’ll Be The One”, the song that truly put Schnacky on the map, is another effortlessly perfect love song. With just the right amount of swagger, the singer promises that he will be essentially the ‘dream guy’ if the girl will just give him a chance. We believe him.

You been waiting on gentleman / To be your steady rock and rock your world / To build your little white house on a little lane”

Remastered versions of “Hello Beautiful” and “Maybe We Will” may also feel familiar to long-time fans. The former is a stripped-down ballad that puts Schnacky’s vocals on a pedestal. He easily flows from lyric to lyric against a simple instrumentation, as he sings the ultimate compliment to a new perspective love interest. “Maybe We Will” feels like it could be a sequel, as the song is about a blossoming, ‘almost relationship’. If “Hello Beautiful” is the initial meeting then, “Maybe We Will” is the courtship. We love how hopeful and sure of himself the singer presents as on both these tracks.

Hello beautiful / I’ve never seen you before / Do you live ‘round here / What’s your name beautiful / The way you looked at me / Girl it took my breath away / And I had to introduce myself / IU just had to say / Hello Beautiful, beautiful”

In a similar vein, “Where’d You Go” is a pensive, yet fun track about wanting to find your soulmate. We all wonder when we will have that moment, where we meet our better half, but Schnacky finds a way to sing about the subject in a relatable, yet personal way.

On the contrary, “Comeback” deals with the demise of a relationship. Schnacky utilizes clever lyrics to explain the mixed emotions people often feel after a break-up. Friends may want you to bounce back, but ultimately, you just want the girl to “come back.” The double meaning of the hook is a smart and enticing way to create buzz around this song. According to Schnacky, “this song came straight from [his] heart during a hard time in [his] life.” We appreciate the rising artist’s honesty and authenticity.

With this first release, it is clear that Schnacky is a romantic at heart. The heartthrob sensation is one to watch, and we are confident that country fans will resonate with his latest project.


NYCS Picks:

  1. “Maybe We Will”
  2. “Hello Beautiful”
  3. “Meet The Man”

Noah Schnacky Tracklist:

  1. Meet The Man
  2. Feels Like Love
  3. Comeback
  4. Maybe We Will
  5. I’ll Be The One
  6. Hello Beautiful
  7. Where’d You Go


To keep up with Noah Schnacky follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Noah Schnacky is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.





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