NYCS First Impression: Logan Mize ‘The Vault’ EP

Logan Mize From The Vault

Logan Mize is one of Nashville’s most prominent and upcoming artists. He joined us last year for a Swag Session, sharing some insight into what the big year was going to bring. With his Better Off Gone tour having sold out shows, new music, and a growing fan crowd, Mize has proven what can happen with his grit and determination. Over the last few weeks, Mize has shared on his Instagram sneak peeks of some of the songs on his newest EP From The Vault, giving fans an inside look at the new project.

The first track, and arguably a top hit, “Only In This Town” pays homage to the people in his hometown. Keeping him grounded and proud to be where he is from, he is reminded that he is one of them and that will never change. For this whole album, and song specifically, Mize credits his friend and tour mate, Derek Wyatt, for making him feel comfortable playing in the studio. “He was so uplifting and complimentary to all of our playing, but you can hear on the track who was bringing the most energy. He was absolutely electric as a drummer and it was contagious whether we were in the studio or on the stage,” Mize states as he remembers his friend who passed away last year.

“I Want You” opens with an acoustic guitar feel that takes you back in time. The song is about a girl that a guy is head-over-heels for. “I want you for tonight, and I want you for forever, cause I love your rebel heart, and love the crazy weather, in your eyes, how you shine, no one else will do, I want you.” Between sparkly shoes, beautiful eyes, rebel heart, and just simply everything she does, he wants her forever.

“Best Friends” came out of a time where Mize and his wife Jill were new parents and with Mize on the road a lot, there was not a lot of time spent as a family, which had him reminiscing on the old days. This song goes back to the time where it was just the two of them laughing along and flying down the road with each other. “There was a time, you and I, don’t you remember when we were best friends.” “Best Friends” gives off the nostalgia of simpler days, maybe high school or college, when there were no worries in the world and you could be caught up in the other person, a feeling everyone can relate to.

“Thinking About You” was written by GRAMMY Album Of The Year Award-winner Daniel Tashian, who would go on to co-produced Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour and songwriter Troy Verges who has well-known tracks for Tim McGraw and Little Big Town. What a perfect song to have on your EP! The track starts off with a guitar throwback feel that makes you wanna turn up the radio and bop your head. With the vibes of the rest of the album, the song fits in perfectly, adding its own unique style. The message behind the lyrics are about loving everything about someone and not being able to get them off your mind. “I’ve been thinking about you. How you walk how you talk, such a pretty mess. I see you dancing in your boots and your black dress, stone cold you’re so fine, I gotta let you know if you were mine I’d never ever let you go. When you move, when you shake it and you down, make my heart beat so loud. You’re too good to be true, yeah, I’ve been thinking about you.” This is a great song launching us right into summer and sure to be a hit on the road.

The very last track on the EP, “Good Guys” was written with Mize’s longtime friend and collaborator Blake Chaffin. It starts off with an amazing guitar riff and lyrically instantly paints a picture in your mind. The girl in the song sees right through the tough guy look yet still they go off flying into the sunset together. Looking back Mize comments, “the vocal hits me kind of raw/harsh when I listen to it now but I think we really did a good job capturing what I had in mind writing this batch of songs. This one stands out from that time period as one of my favorites.”

The EP features Mize’s abilities to write a mix of songs that are all unique, raw, authentic, and special, and it is those very things that set him apart as an independent artist. What fans may not know about the songs on this EP is that they are actually from 2013-14. During that time phase, Mize was writing a lot and brought his band into the studio to record the songs that felt the most like him. Mize stated in a press release, “I’ve recorded a lot of material since but I don’t think there’s anything out there that’s as raw and authentically me as this body of music.” We cannot wait to see him out on the road this summer!

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From The Vault is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our New Country Music playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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