5 Things to Expect from Logan Mize’s Album ‘Welcome To Prairieville’

We chatted with country singer-songwriter Logan Mize about his new album, Welcome To Prairieville, out this Friday, October 1st. Here are five things to expect from the project.

  1. The project has been 10 years in the making.

“This album is more of a themed album… there’s probably 60+ songs that were written for this project and there’s storylines that I completely scrapped… it became bigger than the town. It was 10 years of me developing my writing style.”

  1. When writing the opening track “George Strait Songs”, Mize knew it was the perfect opening track.

“I left Nashville four years ago and moved back to central Kansas… I loved the idea of ‘there’s still a little bit of America left in America’ as an opening line. Once the song was done and I could hear it, it felt like it had to be the opening.”

  1. The first song written for the project was the title track, “Welcome to Prairieville”

“I wrote that song back in 2011. That one is 10 years old… it was like, let’s start with the town.”

  1. “It’s About Time”, the closing track, is a solo-write by Mize. 

“”It’s About Time” was written in one of the final hours, and it kind of fell out and I just knew it belonged on the project.”

  1. “I Need Mike” is the only song Mize didn’t write for the project, and there’s a reason for that.

“Blake Chaffin, who wrote almost every song with me, we both brought stacks of songs to this project. When we were sitting around going through songs, and I asked him “if you were to pick one of your solo writes which would it be?” And this was his.”


Logan Mize's new album, 'Welcome To Prairieville' comes out this Friday, October 1st.

Logan Mize’s new album, ‘Welcome To Prairieville’ comes out this Friday, October 1st.

Check back this Friday for our full album review of Logan Mize’s record Welcome to Prairieville.

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