Jason Aldean Brings The Ride All Night Tour to PNC

Jason Aldean brought the party and his Ride All Night Tour to Holmdel, New Jersey at the PNC Bank Arts Center on Saturday night. With him were special guests Kane Brown and Carly Pearce.

Carly Pearce Jason Aldean

Pearce opened up the show, energizing the crowd with hits such as “Catch Fire”, “Every Little Thing” and her newest single “Closer To You”. She ended her twenty minute set with her hit song “Hide The Wine”. Before the song, Pearce shouted out “Do I have any wine drinkers in New Jersey?!” which caused an uproar of the fans.

Kane Brown was next, opening his set with the first track on his newest album Experiment, “Baby Come Back To Me” and his first number one song “What Ifs”.  After performing “Weekend”, Brown asked the audience “Who out there loves their mama?” which generated a lot of feedback. He explained his next song, “Good As You”, was written in dedication to his mother and grandmother. If you are familiar with the singer-songwriter and his story, you know how important these women are to him.  Brown performed “Short Skirt Weather” karaoke style as the words were displayed on the big screen. He then covered Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” and Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”.

Kane Brown Jason Aldean

After his covers, the stage went dark and various military veterans were displayed on the screen. Brown explained how his next song, “Homesick” was dedicated to the US military. He performed a slowed down version and revealed it will be his next single to country radio.  The stage went dark again and old videos of Brown singing on Facebook and YouTube appeared on screen. “This is a little embarrassing to show but this is how I got my start in country music. It was you guys who made my dreams possible. Here’s my first radio single ‘Used To Love You Sober’”.

Brown ended his set with his two most recent number one songs in “Heaven” and “Lose It”. He brought his dance moves out for “Lose It” as the country star showed off his moonwalking skills to give the fans one last thing to cheer about before Jason Aldean took the stage.

Groundbreaking DJ/remixer/producer/radio host Dee Jay Silver was keeping the fans entertained in between sets. Silver recently released a single with country duo Waterloo Revival called “Getaway Driver” which he played for us after Pearce’s set. Silver is set to release his first full-length album titled Corners this summer. The album plans to blend music from all different genres. “The reason for naming the record ‘Corners’ is because this album literally takes you into all corners of my mind,” Silver explains in a recent press release.

Jason Aldean

The headliner for the night, Jason Aldean opened his set with “Take a Little Ride”, “Tattoos On This Town” and “Fly Over States”. Aldean then took a few minutes to chat with the crowd.  “I’m not one of those guys up here that does a lot of singing and dancing; that ain’t really my thing. So if that’s what you came to see, you’re at the wrong show. Our show’s a little bit more rock and roll if you guys are into that.”

He explained to the fans that he will be playing songs from his most recent album Rearview Town, songs from his first album and ones from the middle six. “So what I’m basically saying, we’re going to be here for a while tonight so you guys settle in.”

Unlike Brown, Aldean is not much of a talker; he wants to fit as many songs in his set as possible. Aldean performed 24 songs for the New Jersey crowd, taking very few breaks in between. His next set of songs highlighted his earlier music, including “Big Green Tractor”, “Crazy Town” and “Amarillo Sky”. He then jumped all the way to his most recent single “Rearview Town”.

Aldean then rolled off seven more hits from a variety of albums, barely stopping to take a breath. “Burning It Down”, “Any Ol’ Barstool”, “Getting Warmed Up”, “Johnny Cash” and “Night Train” were among those songs.

Jason Aldean PNC

Before performing “Drowns The Whiskey”, Aldean praised Miranda Lambert who is featured on the track and described how important she was to making this song go number one. “Unfortunately, Miranda isn’t with us tonight so I’m going to need y’all help with this one”, he encouraged. Aldean has a ton of party anthems, which he played for the fans on Saturday night. “Lights Come On”, “Girl Like You”, “They Don’t Know” and “My Kinda Party” were next in the set.

He got the crowd was roaring before “My Kinda Party” by taking a shot of tequila on stage. “I feel like at every party there’s that one thing that happens that takes it from like a really good party to a really kick-ass party….and even though I think this party’s pretty good right now, I’m about to drink this shot of tequila and I think it’s time we kick this bitch into overdrive.”

“Hicktown” and “Dirt Road Anthem” followed. Aldean then expressed his opinion on encores at concerts, calling them bull**** and how they just waste time.  “We’re going to give you guys everything we got and when the show’s over it’s just over. How does that sound?”

He closed the show with “She’s Country”, “You Make It Easy” and “The Only Way I Know”. Aldean chugged a beer and then walked off the stage in style, putting an end to the fun, exciting and boisterous night at the PNC Bank Arts Center. 

The Ride All Night Tour will return to the Metropolitan Area September 6th at Jones Beach Theater in Long Island.

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