NYCS First Impression: Jon Langston ‘Now You Know’ EP

Rising country singer-songwriter, Jon Langston released his new Extended Play, Now You Know on Friday featuring songs such as “Now You Know”, “Dance Tonight”, “When It Comes To Loving You”, “Cigarettes And Me” plus two brand new songs in “Dial One Up” and “Sunday Morning Heart”.  The Georgia-native co-wrote all six tracks.

The title track, “Now You Know” was just released on June 14th and is the song Langston used to open his sets on Luke Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour. Like Langston, it is very heavily influenced by rock n’ roll. In the song, he mentions all the things he does that make him a true southern boy, like fishing, hunting, drinking, etc.

I just go with the flow, with a whiskey and Coke / If you ever wondered how I roll / Well, now you know

The next two songs, “Dance Tonight” and “When It Comes To Loving You” are both slower, love songs. They were originally released as singles in February of 2019 and February of 2018, respectively. “Dance Tonight” is simply about sharing a dance with the person you love. In “When It Comes To Loving You”, Langston says nothing, not even a cold beer on a Friday night or watching college football with his grandpa, compares to a night with this girl.

“When it comes to loving you / All my walls fall down / Your touch in the dark lights a fire in my heart / That can’t be put out”

“Dial One Up” contains a blend of all different genres including country, pop, and rock. In this song, Langston sends a message to all the lonely girls out there that if they’re looking for a good time, dial his number. In the bridge, he mentions that if he has a good time tonight that he’ll be the one to call her tomorrow.

“I got you covered if you need a little crazy / We can watch the sunrise in the bed of this truck / If you want another late night, baby / I’ll be the one to dial one up”

The girl featured in “Sunday Morning Heart” leaves Langston in awe as he is amazed at how such a nice, sweet girl can tear up a Saturday night with the best of them. To him, the most impressive part is not how she can close down the bar but how she can put on a smile and be ready for church the next morning; her “Sunday morning heart” is his favorite thing about her.

“She’s got a Saturday night wild streak, and a sweet southern charm / and a Sunday morning heart”

“Cigarettes And Me” was originally released on his 2015, self-titled EP. This track was written for his father as Langston praises how he never gave up on him. Although the lyrics are the same, there were changes made to the song as some extra sounds were added, the electric guitar became more prevalent and he threw in a couple of transitional words like “oh yeah” and “come on”.

“All those junkyard parts that never fit / My daddy never quit / Cigarettes, Chevy trucks, and me”

The Sunset Repeat Tour wraps up today in Detroit as Langston also continues his headlining tour that ends November 30th. He will then hit the road with Morgan Wallen on his Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour starting January 2nd. For tickets, head to his website.

NYCountry Swag Must Listens: “Dial One Up” and “Sunday Morning Heart”

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