5 Sam Hunt Songs We Wish We Heard on Country Radio

With a killer catalog of songs to choose from, we are sharing our favorite Sam Hunt songs that we wish we heard on country radio. Check it out below.

  1. “2016” – Southside

The opening track on Sam Hunt’s highly anticipated sophomore album is one of the most evocative tracks in his discography. In this song, he owns up to many things in his past, and it’s written almost like a letter. It’s honest and painful, but it’s the truth – something country radio can never have too much of.


  1. “Vandalizer” – Between The Pines

This sweet love song on Hunt’s acoustic project following Montevallo is so simple and clever. A lot of Hunt’s songs about love lean on the more serious side, and there’s just something so adoringly naive about the track that would have sounded amazing coming through the country airwaves.


  1. “Bottle It Up” – Between The Pines

Another track off of the acoustic mixtape is “Bottle It Up”, and it is the perfect summer, windows-down-on-a-truck-radio song. It’s universal and simple, yet tells a vivid story. It would’ve been a great radio single.


  1. “Young Once” – Southside

“Young Once” has all the fixings of a great Sam Hunt single. It’s not a tear-jerker, but it’s also still thoughtful. Country radio singles are notorious for nostalgic songs, and this fits the bill. It would have been a great follow-up after “Breaking Up Was Easy In The ‘90s”.


  1. “Single for the Summer” – Montevallo

Although almost every song on Sam Hunt’s debut record Montevallo was a hit, one of its standouts is actually a B-side. “Single For The Summer” has a pulsing country/r&b production that disguises how haunting it truly is, and we think it would have made for a particularly interesting single. Sometimes people forget just how great of a songwriter and storyteller Hunt is, and this song proves just that.


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