NYCS First Impression Brett Kissel ‘Now Or Never’

Brett Kissel Now or Never

Just three days into the new year and country fans already have some new music to be excited about! Rising artist and Swag Session alum, Brett Kissel recently released his newest album Now or Never, which is comprised of eight unique cuts that showcase the singer’s talent in the best light.

The record begins with his latest single “Drink About Me.” Kissel explained a little bit about his inspiration for the track, as well as, sang the song for us, during our live interview back in October of this year. The song is the ideal introduction into the singer-songwriter’s artistry, and the play on words is the perfect lyrical touch to the heartbreaking breakup tune.

In the next track, Kissel relies on a rhythmic instrumental and a groovy beat to deliver “A Few Good Stories.” With a vibe similar to Thomas Rhett’s, Kissel shines on the upbeat track. The radio friendly jam has a simple message about having fun and living life to the fullest.

“I’m gonna soak up the sun / Keep the wind in my sails / Try to get to heaven while raising little hell / When it’s all said and done, I’ll know I lived it well / If I ain’t got nothing but a few good stories to tell”

In a similar vein, “Young Enough” reminds us to “love the life we live and live the life we love,” while we are young and can do whatever we want. Additionally, “She Drives Me Crazy” continues to mix catchy lyrics with an enticing backing track. Yet again, Kissel blends modern country with a smooth sound and relatable lyrics that any country fan can identify with.

Although all the songs off Kissel’s new project shine in their own right, “That’s Country Music” may one of the best. Listed as track number three, the song is an ode to what we all love, country music. The singer speaks from the heart in the honest and stripped-down track. Forgoing clichés, Kissel makes sure to name everything that he feels is part of country music, all while creating something that is at the heart of the genre, story-telling at it’s finest.

“It’s a never felt a heartbreak like this / That’s country music / That’s why we do it / It hits the heart and soul and just feels right / That’s country music / It pulls through it / It’s the ups and the down, the soundtrack of our lives / That’s country music.”

Continuing to showcase his undeniable talent, “Hummingbird” is as vulnerable as it gets. Eloquently named, the track explores the emotions associated with love and loss in the most poignant way. Referring to a lost love as a ‘hummingbird,’ Kissel laments singing, “some things are not meant to be,” and better yet, that sometimes it is a blessing to let someone go free.

The second to last song on the track “I’m Not Him I’m Not Her” features Kissel in a duet with female songstress, Christina Taylor. The two singers take turns singing verses, showcasing both the male and female perspectives as they try to make sense about how trust issues can impact a current relationship. Both the vocal delivery and the lyrical message are equally as impactful, vulnerable, and powerful. This is the song we never knew we always needed in country music!

“I’m tired of trying to find someone / smiling through the tears / when it’s all said and done / love cannot be trusted is the lesson that I learned / I’m not him / I’m not her.”

Finally, Kissel ends his creative record with a beautiful song called “Coffee With Her.” We learned from our Swag Session that the song blossomed from an interview that Johnny Cash gave with a publication about his version of paradise. Kissel took Cash’s incredibly insightful answer and created an equally as exquisite song. Although simple, the romantic lyrics are a standout and leave you wanting more.

As early fans and champions of Kissel, we are so excited to see how his music is received by county fans in the United States and hope that he achieves success here, as he already has had in Canada.

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Now or Never is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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