NYCS First Impression: Brent Cobb ‘No Place Left to Leave’

By Michal Pietrzak

Brent Cobb No Place Left to Leave

Brent Cobb’s No Place Left to Leave is a diverse and re-issued album. It’s not just country it’s a blend of Americana, Southern Rock and a pinch of Outlaw country. All of these pieces combined to make an album that many different music fans can enjoy. As you can read in his Spotify bio “Country songs of Ellaville, Georgia Native often celebrate and mythologize rural small-town life” and you can actually sense that sentiment when listening to the project. All songs on a record are written by himself which makes it more unique and impressive. It feels like back to the basics of a good ole meaningful country song.

No Place Left To Leave is a 10-track record that starts with Americana touch and beautiful sound of harmonica followed by some country vibes then southern rock takes the lead and acoustic, singer-songwriter sounds marks the end. A blend of all kinds of instruments makes this album great and shows how diverse country music is within its own genre. If you’ve got 37 minutes, spend them on listening No Place Left To Leave.

Cobb took to social media to explain the decision to re-release the project, stating “Eleven years and 45 cuts later I’m still there making a living writing songs. It’s the last album of mine that my grandpa ever heard. Thanks to the help of my manager Don VanCleave I was fortunate enough this past year to be able to buy this album and actually own those masters myself. It’s for all of these reasons that this album is the first release on my own label, Ol’ Buddy Records. I owe it everything. Happy re-release day, “No Place Left To Leave”. Thanks for being so good to me.”

There are 3 songs are worth listening to more than just a couple of times. Black Creek is a sort of redemption song. Letting go of troubled past and asking for forgiveness might be a hard thing but a purifying. You can feel that in Cobb’s voice if you listen carefully. Warning: Slow, soft sounds and great lyrics may lead to reflections. “

“Oh, black creek, take me to that place / Wash my sins away / Won’t you wash my sins away?”

Lavenders and Loving Gestures. The title may implicate it’s a love song but it’s a heartbreaking goodbye song and soft sounds don’t make it easier. He realizes that he can’t give his dear one the love that she deserves. Therefore he tries to let her go.

“Lavenders and loving gestures / They’re just some things right now I can’t give / If you think there’s a one you can love again / But I know there is  / I think you can”

Hold Me Closely. Finding love might be a challenge and deep true love is even harder to find. Everyone needs someone who will be a rock for them and a song is just about that. Simple yet beautiful. Love someone 100% or don’t. Be the light for significant other in dark times and be cheer in bright times. That the point of the song.

“There’s a place called my life / Don’t know if I can travel alone / Need someone to take me by my hand / Lead me safely to promise land / Hold me closely, hold me softly / Don’t let me fall on my own”

After a career full of creating meaningful music that his fans love, re-releasing No Place Left To Leave is the perfect testament to returning to the roots of what makes Brent Cobb, the successful singer-songwriter that he is.

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No Place Left To Leave is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.



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