NYCS First Impression: Avenue Beat Debut EP

Avenue Beat

One of Big Machine Label Group’s newest acts, Avenue Beat are storming the country scene as an empowering girl group comprised of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos, and Sam Backoff. These girls can be categorized with some of the powerful rising female artists that NYCountrySwag has spotlighted such as Twinnie, Runaway June, Lacy Cavalier, and more! If Avenue Beat’s new and fresh sound is not enough to get you hooked their style is bringing something unique and modern to country music. Available now the ladies released their debut self-titled EP filled with sass and flair.

The first track on their EP is a song called “Delight” which is one of our favorites. It is humorous and catchy while also spreading an important message to its audience. “Delight” is the perfect way to tell a prospective date that you have self-love and are a delight to be around and should they feel should feel honored date them. At first listen this one should bring a smile to your face because usually in country music melancholy ballads about breakups are prevalent, however, Avenue Beat puts a spin on that classic heartbroken feeling and makes it into a happy and humorous song. Another song on the EP has the same positive spin on a classic ballad feeling is “Ruin That For Me” which stresses a break up is not going to ruin how one feels about certain places, songs, and memories the couple once had. Avenue Beat carries this breakup song not with a slow tempo and somber beat but with a catchy chorus and anthem-like lyrics.

“Be a Bro” is a song about female empowerment and the importance of “girl code.” This girlfriend anthem about women helping each other throughout life is a great addition to Avenue Beat’s EP and what these three friends stand for. “If you hold a sister down /It will all come back around/ So be a bro, know the girl code” the contrasts of the title and the concept of the song also caught our attention as a listener. The final song of Avenue Beat’s EP the three girls give more of an acoustic stripped song on “Broke (Wrktp).” This track solidifies to fans that money is not necessary to feel worth. They add, “Don’t got a lot a cash or a lot of green/ But I don’t need no riches to be feeling like a queen.” The contrast of having no riches and still feeling like a queen followed by the chorus repeating “I’m broke but I’m living happily all my life” genuinely show these girls are happy where they are.

While Avenue Beat is a new girl group in the country music world their future is looking bright because they sing truly authentic songs. Their new sound as Avenue Beat’s website coined it, “…lands somewhere between Taylor Swift ascending and Billie Eilish at her most real” will be a powerful force in the music world.

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