NYCS First Impression Dustin Lynch ‘Ridin’ Roads EP

Dustin Lynch EP

Country music heartthrob Dustin Lynch is back with new music and has released an EP with three new tracks, including his newest single “Ridin’ Roads”.  Lynch is no stranger to being atop the country music charts, as he has six number ones to date with his latest hit being “Good Girl.” Fans have been eager for the singer-songwriter to release new music and no one will be disappointed after listening to the three featured songs: “Ridin’ Roads”, “Little Town Livin”, and “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes”. He keeps up with his down-home, feel good, edgy back road country style that everyone loves.

Lynch’s new single “Ridin’ Roads” is a slow and steady depiction of ditching a standard nightclub or bar and escaping to the countryside with that special someone. Lynch sings, “Ridin’ roads that don’t nobody go down, a little trip through the countryside, these 38’s making the world go round, I hit a curb just to make you slide,” and perfectly describes the desire and admiration you feel while lost down a secluded country road.

Forget all of your worries with the second track “Little Town Livin'” as Lynch sings about a perfect night out in a small town. He starts off the verse talking/rapping and then sings the chorus ” We’re just little town livin’, where the sun goes down, we’re gonna ride, turnin’ dirt into dust, yeah that’s a ticket, we’re just little town livin’ it up.” It is nothing but good times in Lynch’s eyes as he continues with “Twist it off, turn it up, pass it around, no other place id rather be right now,” he makes us all feel like we are “Little Town Livin'” it up in a small town with him. This slower tempo, r&b infused track shows a new side to the Grand Ole Opry member who continues to explore different techniques and sounds.

The third track “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” is a mid-tempo song about a getaway trip with a girl alongside him; a time where they dust off a bottle by the river and unwind. Lynch sings, “Gotta get you on some red dirt, get lost in your blue eyes, I want to see a little suntan, lit up in the moonlight, gonna dance you in the midnight sky, kiss you bout’ a thousand times,” and there is nothing more romantic than that.

The three tracks off of Lynch’s EP will remind you of old fashion romantic nights spending it with the one you love and making the most out of life with friends in a small town however he is continuously showcasing what a talented singer-songwriter he is by sonically branching out into new directions. Not to mention, he is also an incredible performer.

Lynch is currently on tour with Thomas Rhett for his “Very Hot Summer” tour now through October. Be sure to check out the dates here: and New Yorkers, grab your tickets when the tour rolls through town at Madison Square Garden on September 20th. 

Lynch’s new music is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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