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Girls Just Pod to Have Fun

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Up and coming female country duo, Jill and Kate, comprised of Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier are a force to be reckoned with. The talented duo are powerhouse singers and songwriters, as well as, co-hosts and creators of a successful podcast called ‘Girls Just Pod to Have Fun.’

At the beginning of the night, Kate explained to the audience more about their inspiration for starting a podcast, “There’s so many times in life where things don’t go the way you planned or you thought you’d be somewhere by now. Or for any myriad of reasons you end up and you’re feeling super depleted. And that’s what we were feeling […] For the last year and a half, we’ve been on this adventure/walkabout, where we started this podcast.”

After hitting it off great with Jill and Kate earlier that day, the women asked New York Country Swag’s own Stephanie Wagner and Christina Bosch to be guests on this episode of ‘Girls Just Pod to Have Fun.’ In the witty and insightful episode, Stephanie and Christina dish about how NY Country Swag started, what motivates them, their struggles, and why they love what they do, with, of course, some talk about the television shows ‘Friends’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’ thrown in there.

When Jill and Kate asked the NY Country Swag ladies about what’s been harder than they thought about starting a business, Stephanie shared some insight into her experience running a business, including peoples’ perception. “But it’s things that you don’t even realize are a struggle. […] We always say- we’ll like have a really cool, awesome opportunity, and people are like “you’re so lucky”. What is luck?! But you have no idea what went on to get that. It’s crazy, we were actually talking about it on the way here because we just set up one of our live sessions with an artist that we’re really really excited about that we can’t say yet […]. I was freaking out but then I was like this is what it all about, this is why I’m doing it. You really need to be passionate about what you do, otherwise, it’s never going to work.

Jill and Kate are clearly passionate about connecting with people throughout all sorts of creative outlets, including their podcast and their music. The night was truly a night to remember for the intimate crowd at Rockwood, as well as for us at New York Country Swag. Jill and Kate are truly unique talents and creatives both as a duo and as individuals. We look forward to continuing to champion their music careers.

Listen to our episode on the podcast here and make sure to keep Jill and Kate on your radar! You can download their newly released single “Better,” available everywhere you buy or stream music and listen to their podcast “Girls Just Pod to Have Fun’ via the podcast application.

Plus, don’t miss our live Swag Session with the girls in the video below.

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