Morgan Evans: ‘Life Upside Down’ – EP Review

Morgan Evans releases new EP, Life Upside Down out now on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand-new project here.

In recent times, Warner Music Nashville’s Morgan Evans has found his life turned upside down. Following a very public divorce and consequent musical he-said-she-said, the Australian import is back with a new EP, reflecting this unique phase in his life.

The Life Upside Down EP is a five song collection that finds Evans in a state of flux, dealing with heartbreak, moving on, and so much more. “I called the EP Life Upside Down because this collection of music could only have come from this time, when my life felt exactly that,” He revealed. “To me, these five tracks journey through unexpected heartbreak, self-rediscovery, new beginnings and a new found gratitude for the present moment.”

There’s the much-discussed “Over for You,” both in studio and live forms, which finds the singer-songwriter wondering when a relationship ended for his former love. While the song has been the subject of much tabloid fodder, if you look past the gossip, it’s truly a heart-wrenching time capsule of love lost. “You used to tell me everything,” He sings, his voice heavy with emotion. “And that’s what hurts the most.”

Likewise “On My Own Again” has him dealing with the aftermath of divorce, looking at the logistics of moving on and flying solo, while realizing that his future suddenly looks brighter than the past. Here, he’s realizing that healing won’t be linear, but that the world is his proverbial oyster.

“If forever’s gonna end like that, I guess I’d better start // The rest of my life, like the best times, up around the bend // Oh-oh, on my own again (on my own again) // I could turn left to California, ride to New York city // Hell, I could go to Mexico right now, if I want to // And I know it might get lonely on my way out of here// But as long as the windshields bigger than the rear view mirror”

It’s not all heartbreak on Life Upside Down, however, with both “Hey Little Mama” and “All RIght Here” providing the perfect antidotes. Both are much needed doses of aural sunshine, with the former featuring a clap-along-worthy chorus and the latter full of clever lyrics. On “Mama,” we find Evans letting loose and channeling the Hank Williams’ classic “Hey Good Lookin’” paired with Keith Urban-esque guitar riffs. “This kinda heaven,” He sings over the sunny guitar riff. “Takes all the lemons, makes a little lemonade.”

Likewise, “All Right Here,” is another summer-ready Kenny-Chesney-meets-Old-Dominion toe tapper with cheeky lyrics and catchy instrumentation. Everyone in the world is going through something, but that’s what bonds us. “All night long, singing them country songs, In a world where a whole lot of things go wrong,” He sings. “They’re going all right here.”

While Morgan Evans may have been handed lemons as he found his Life Upside Down, the Warner Music Nashville singer-songwriter is certainly making musical lemonade. With a perfect mix of breakup ballads and sunny “it’s alright” anthems on his new EP, it’s obvious that the Aussie is sure to land on his very talented feet.

Life Upside Down EP Tracklist:

  1. Over for You
  2. On My Own Again
  3. Hey Little Mama
  4. All Right Here
  5. Over for You (Live in Melbourne)

Morgan Evans new EP, ‘Life Upside Down’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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