Mitchell Tenpenny: ‘The Low Light Sessions’ – EP Review

Mitchell Tenpenny’s The Low Light Sessions EP features eight new tracks that take listeners on a journey from where he was to where he is now. Listen to the new music and check out our full review here.

For Mitchell Tenpenny, The Low Light Sessions EP, out today, April 15, marks a special release. Featuring eight new tracks, all co-written by the dynamic singer-songwriter, the collection includes songs he’s held on to for years. For listeners, the music will take you on a journey from where Tenpenny was when he wrote the opening track to where he is now.

“My fans are so good to me and react quickly each time I put out new music,” shared Tenpenny in a statement. “I’ve held onto these songs as I didn’t want them to get overshadowed in some of the other recent projects. I wanted to wait until I was in a good place with my life, and I feel I’m strong enough to share them now. I was a different person then and it feels good to look back and know I’ve come through that dark time.”

The project opens with the previously-released “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades,” a clever take on the old adage of being oh-so-close to something. Here, the Nashville native is so close to love, but not quite there. 

“I guess we were just as close as a first kiss // Closer to God when you’re down on your knees and praying // Yeah, close like a secret, you swore you would keep // But somehow you let it slip away // So close you can feel, it hurts when it’s real // ‘Cause the other don’t feel the same // Guess close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”

Songs like “Dear Jesus” and “Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me” show Tenpenny contemplative and exploring his spiritual side, fighting not to “let the devil win the war.” On “Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me,” Tenpenny admits that he’s struggled with his own demons, but that it’s his mama to thank for the way he turned out. “There’s a lot of whiskey bottles and skeletons, I broke more hearts than the strings on my guitar,” He admits. “The devil only knows, the sinner I would be, but mama raised the hell out of me.”

For Tenpenny, much of the Low Light Sessions finds the introspective singer-songwriter grappling with failed and potential relationships. On “Don’t Make Me Choose,” he admits that he’s a walking contradiction, loving both life on the road and being home with his someone special. “We both got something the other one needs,” He concedes as he explores the woman that’s the yin to his yang, the saint to his sinner. He also worries that he’ll be forced to choose between love and his career, pleading “Don’t make me choose.”

“My Next Sad Song” finds him reflecting on a woman that was sure to break his heart, while “I Can’t Get Another You” is a soulful ballad that finds him contemplating lost love. He may be able to replace a lot of things in his life, but the one that got away is irreplaceable. 

“I Know Something She Don’t Know” is one of the collection’s highlights, a mid-tempo track that builds in the best way as Tenpenny prepares to end a relationship. Here, he enjoys one more special night, knowing that it’s all ending in the morning. The track offers a different perspective on the classic breakup song, twinged with a bittersweet mood as he prepares to be the one breaking a heart. “I ain’t saying we ain’t right,” he croons. “But we ain’t right, right now.”

Despite all the heartbreak Tenpenny endured, the EP concludes with romance. “The Way You Are,” penned solely by Tenpenny is something special. With only a sparse musical accompaniment, Tenpenny’s R&B-hinted tone has never sounded better than on this romantic ballad. “Good Morning sunshine, how did you sleep?” He sings to the woman in his arms. “Was your dream as good as mine // I guess I’m still in the middle of it.”

Since the release of “Drunk Me,” Mitchell Tenpenny has been one of country music’s most consistent hit makers. However, The Low Light Sessions is truly a special release, sharing more of the singer-songwriter’s heart. While radio hits are very likely here, the EP also serves to further share Tenpenny’s story and his depth as a songwriter.

The Low Light Sessions EP Tracklist:

  1. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson) 
  2. Dear Jesus (Mitchell Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Thomas Archer) 
  3. Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me (Mitchell Tenpenny, Jaren Johnston, Zach Kale) 
  4. My Next Sad Song (Mitchell Tenpenny, Joe Fox, Brandon Paddock, Geoff Warburton) 
  5. I Know Something She Don’t Know (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson) 
  6. I Can’t Get Another You (Mitchell Tenpenny, Brent Anderson, Thomas Archer) 
  7. Don’t Make Me Choose (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson, Claire Douglas) 
  8. The Way You Are (Mitchell Tenpenny)

Mitchell Tenpenny’s new EP, ‘The Low Light Sessions’ is out now.

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Mitchell Tenpenny will be appearing alongside Chris Young at the Long Island Community Hospital Amphitheater on May 28. He’ll also be joining Luke Bryan’s Raised Up Right tour this summer and will be a part of the Tidalwave Festival in Atlantic City on August 12.

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