Mitchell Tenpenny: ‘Midtown Diaries’ – EP Review

Mitchell Tenpenny’s new EP, Midtown Diaries is out now, September 10th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

It has been almost a year, since Mitchell Tenpenny released an original project. Back in October, the singer-songwriter debuted a special holiday project, Neon Christmas. Today, the rising artist is sharing more music with his fans. Tenpenny’s newest EP, Midtown Diaries is officially available.

The new record features eight brand new songs, all co-written by the singer. The EP kicks off with “To Us It Did.” In 2019, the singer teased this song with Seaforth at his sold-out New York City show. It was an instant crowd favorite. The nostalgic tune uncovers all the memories from our youth that we often think about and miss at times. He harps on the simple times, where having fun was your only objective.

Another fan-favorite song, “Bucket List” is also included on the project. On the single, Tenpenny reflects on his life and vows to cross everything off his bucket list. The third previously released song is “Truth About You.” The track, one of our favorites, is all about a messy break-up. Tenpenny shares the perspective of the person, who is being gossiped about.

“One of them went down and one is made up, but in the end, we both lose // Why can’t we meet in the middle, call it even, call it a truce // Yeah if you quit telling lies about me, I won’t tell the truth about you”

The other five songs are all brand new tracks. “Good Thing,” track number two is another reflective song. Tenpenny gives credit to the special woman in his life for keeping him on the straight and narrow. Similarly, on “I Can’t You Love Any More,” professes his love to that special person.

“I know a lot about a lot but I do know one thing // I can’t love you any more // I can’t love you any more // I can’t love you any more // Than I do right now // I can’t love you anymore // I can’t love you anymore // I can’t love you anymore // Than I do right now”

On “Girl’s Love,” Tenpenny leans into a more groovy melody. The purposeful phrasing of the lyrics feels both infectious and inviting. Tenpenny keeps up with those smooth vocals on “Don’t Let Me Let You.” The song feels most similar to the singer’s previous releases. New and old fans of Tenpenny alike will fall in love with this jam.

Lastly, Tenpenny includes “She Hates Me Too” on the project. Although the slowest song on the project, the song is one of the most poignant and rhythmic. The track is an olive branch to another man, who has been through a shared experience. Tenpenny shows empathy for a guy that they share an ex with. An interesting concept, the singer is always sharing fresh and new ideas in his songwriting.

We have been huge fans of Tenpenny, since before his record deal and before his first number one with “Drunk Me.” He continues to up the ante with each and every release. We are excited for fans to fall in love with this brand new EP as much as we have!

Midtown Diaries Tracklist

  1. To Us It Did (Mitchell Tenpenny/Michael Hardy/Jordan Schmidt)
  2. Good Thing (Mitchell Tenpenny/Thomas Archer/Kyle Fishman)
  3. I Can’t Love You Any More (Mitchell Tenpenny/Michael Hardy/Jordan Schmidt)
  4. Bucket List (Mitchell Tenpenny/Chris DeStefano/Laura Veltz)
  5. Truth About You (Mitchell Tenpenny/Matt Alderman/Thomas Archer)
  6. A Girl’s Love (Mitchell Tenpenny/Jordan Schmidt/Brad Tursi)
  7. Don’t Let Me Let You (Mitchell Tenpenny/Daniel Ross/Michael Whitworth)
  8. She Hates Me Too (Mitchell Tenpenny/Kyle Fishman/Justin Wilson)

Mitchell Tenpenny’s brand new EP ‘Midtown Diaries’ is out now.

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