Michael Ray Performs “I’m Gonna Miss You” on ‘Strahan & Sara’

Country music singer-songwriter Michael Ray joined GMA’s Strahan & Sara this afternoon to discuss how 2019 is turning out to be his best year yet and to perform the song “I’m Gonna Miss You.” When asked about his recent first ACM Nomination, Ray spoke about the importance of awards shows saying, “Growing up in Central Florida, my family had a band so the ACM’s and awards shows were like the Super Bowl, so I would keep a list of artists that are nominated and circle who won.” He graciously continued, “Just to be nominated for any award, you kind of already feel like a winner. We feel very blessed and lucky to be put in a category with a lot of other artists that are having other great years as well.”

Strahan asked about other recent big news that put Ray and Carly Pearce in the limelight, saying “You did something really big recently, you got engaged, to fellow country singer Carly Pearce,” “And the one thing you said you wanted to do – you wanted to make your proposal bigger than anything they do on The Bachelor, so I am curious how did that work out for you?” With a great sense of humor, Ray explained that he asked her parents for their blessing prior to going to Tulum, Mexico, and planned the big day along with her mother. When describing the proposal Ray gushed “I rented out a private deck at a resort they had in Tulum and had all these flowers sent in, and a private dinner, and rose petals from our door all the way down,” and he even hired a mariachi band and a photographer to capture it all. Needless to say, he definitely gave The Bachelor proposals a run for their money!

After being congratulated by Strahan and Sara, Ray took the stage and sang his latest hit “I’m Gonna Miss You.” From being named Country Radio Seminar’s New Faces of Country Music in 2018 to a 2019 ACM nomination – Ray is continuously proving that he has the voice, confidence, and incredible stage presence that is guaranteed to bring him much success in the years to come.



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