Maddie & Tae: ‘Through the Madness Vol. 1’ – EP Review

Maddie & Tae’s newest EP, Through the Madness Vol. 1is officially out now, January 28th, and available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

On Through the Madness Volume 1, Maddie and Tae are stronger than ever. As a duo, the pair of Madison Font (formerly Marlow) and Taylor Kerr (formerly Dye) has become known for their intrinsic and ethereal harmonies paired with vulnerability-laden songwriting. This continues on Through the Madness, showing the pair getting better and better with each subsequent release.

Featuring eight brand new tracks, each song on Through the Madness Volume 1 was co-written by the duo, hearts fully on display with each lyric. They also enlist some of Nashville’s biggest names here, including Tae’s husband, Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton, Barry Dean, Luke Laird, and Jimmy Robbins.

Following in the footsteps of 2020’s The Way It Feels, this eight-song collection continues to show their growth as both individuals and a duo. Yet, some songs date back even further than that release. Kerr explains that one of the album’s highlights, “Don’t Make Her Look Dumb” isn’t exactly new. “We wrote ‘Don’t Make Her Look Dumb’ less than a month after “Die From A Broken Heart,” which was five years ago. Everyone loved the song, but Maddie and I felt like we’d already done it.” At the suggestion of their A&R rep, they brought in Morgane Stapleton, best known for performing with her husband, Chris.

Another highlight is the pair’s collaboration with Lori McKenna, “The Other Side.” The song embraces overcoming hardships, the trio harmonizing magically. “I know your heart is heavy// And your feet feel unsteady // That highwire is ready to break // Don’t forget // That there’s strength in the weakness // And light in the pieces // Even broke down hearts know how to shine,” They sing on the uplifting ballad. “Oh, there’s wisdom in the waiting // Peace in the patience // Time always takes care of the changing time // And if you need a hand // Then reach for mine // You’re closer than you think // To the other side.”

On the album’s opener, “What It’s Like Loving You,” the pair whimsically wonder about a relationship with someone new, wondering what it’ll be like. “If it’s anything like tonight,” they muse. “I could get used to // What it’s like loving you.” Meanwhile, they flip the script on “Woman You Got,” outlining the imperfections that make loving them an adventure. “I know you know me, but if I know me,” they sing teasingly. “I’m gonna drive you crazy.”

On “Wish You the Best,” the pair do what they do best, and turn a clever phrase into an incredible lyric. Since the “Girl in a Country Song Days,” they have shined with their lyrical prowess and this country kissoff is no exception. “I wish you the best, but you’ve already had it.”

Both “Madness” and “Strangers” are heartfelt love songs, with “Madness” as an ode to enduring love, promising that “if the world goes mad // I’ll love you through the madness.” The collection ends with the piano-driven “Strangers,” reflecting on the power of the kind of love that makes life before it seem irrelevant. While the song can most easily be interpreted as a love song to a significant other, it can easily be applied to a mother of a child, with Kerr welcoming her first daughter unexpectedly on January 17, nearly three months early.

For Maddie & Tae, Through the Madness Vol. 1 is a natural progression in their musical journey. It shows them evolving and growing while still remaining true to their roots with a combination of clever lyrics, powerful meaning, and pure country harmonies.

Through the Madness Vol 1. EP Tracklist:

  1. What It’s Like Loving You (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton)
  2. Woman You Got (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Mark Holman, Laura Veltz)
  3. Don’t Make Her Look Dumb (Feat. Morgane Stapleton) (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Barry Dean, Luke Laird)
  4. Grown Man Cry (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Eric Arjes, Jordan Minton)
  5. Madness (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Jessie Jo Dillon, Zach Kale)
  6. The Other Side (Feat. Lori McKenna) (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Josh Kerr, Lori McKenna)
  7. Wish You The Best (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson)*
  8. Strangers (Maddie Font, Taylor Kerr, Adam Hambrick, Jimmy Robbins)

Maddie and Tae’s new EP, ‘Through the Madness Vol. 1’ is out now.

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