Who Is MacKenzie Porter? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

This week’s Swag Spotlight artist is one that we think is primed for success in the near future. Canadian country artist and Nashville transplant, MacKenzie Porter has had music in her blood since she was a young kid. Recently signed by Big Loud Records, the songstress is proving that she is the real deal.

Mackenzie Porter

Mackenzie Porter Photo Credit Bree Marie Fish

Growing up on a ranch outside of Alberta, Canada, Porter found herself gravitating to music when she was only four years old. “We lived on a ranch. There was nothing else to do other than play music,” she shared, “I was constantly surrounded by it, and I think living out in the country, you also listen to country radio all the time, and that’s kind of how I became obsessed with it, and fell in love with the genre.”

Following her father and grandmother’s lead, who both played in bands, Porter learned to play classical piano, violin, and started singing at four years old. Despite playing in many concerto competitions and orchestra shows, she still knew she wanted to play country music.  “I just wanted to do what you hear on the radio, not classical music,” she tells us, recounting exactly what she told her mom growing up.

With artists like Shania Twain, Martina McBride, The Chicks, and Deana Carter on her radio airwaves, Porter aspired to move to Nashville and fulfill her dreams. She started writing songs at around eighteen years old and began making trips back and forth to Music City, the songstress finally made the big move in 2014.

Armed with a desire to make music and a hustle that does not quit, she set her sights on making more meaningful connections in Nashville. “I just kind of started meeting people and just going out as much as I can. That’s the cool thing about Nashville, it’s such a relationship-based town, if you’re out and meeting people and making friends, it really does get you places, I think.”

Currently, Porter has become one of those women on the radio that she aspired to be like. Already a star in Canada, the songstress is steadily increasing her fanbase here in the states but remains as humble as can be, admitting that being a part of the ever-growing badass women of country music is a great honor. “The more that are on the radio, the more me, as a fan, feels excited, and the more me as an artist feels excited because women are knocking doors down right now.”

So far, Porter’s song “Seeing Other People” and her newest release, “Drinkin’ Songs” have made waves in the states. The former, although not written by the songstress, was an immediate “must record” for the singer. “As an artist, I always want to write my own songs,” she tells us, “But if there’s a song that someone else writes […] if they write something that I connect to, I just feel like a million other people are going to connect to it too.”

The latter, “Drinkin’ Songs” was inspired by what happens to that song you have with your boyfriend or girlfriend that changes meaning after a break-up. “It kinda haunts you and like the meaning of the song is totally different,” she explains, “Now instead of it being a song that makes you feel secure, it kinda makes you feel the opposite.”

Music lovers can anticipate a full-length album coming out next year by Porter with all new original music. She hopes to tour next year and continue to deliver more and more impressive music to the fans and country music fans in general. For now, though, fans can enjoy her current singles and a special new track slated to come out this month!

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