Luke Bryan Joins American Idol Judges on Live with Kelly & Ryan

Earlier this week, country music megastar Luke Bryan and his fellow American Idol judges, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan to get ready for Season 2 of the show. The judges decided to have a little pre-Halloween fun and came out dressed as animals. Bryan was dressed as an eagle, while his fellow judges were dressed as a blow-up sloth and panda. The three also played a game of ‘Who’s Most Likely’ with host Ryan Seacrest. Bryan voted for himself as most likely to sing in the shower. You can watch the interview here.

The three judges looked very cozy together after only working together for one season. Going into the first season of American Idol, the three didn’t know each other very well or had ever really worked together. They now consider each other family.

“I didn’t really know Luke,” Perry said “I had seen him hosting the CMAs and singing ‘Huntin’, Fishin’…’” “She had seen some of my online shaking,” Bryan says with a laugh.  The show has brought the two very close that they even seek advice from one another.  “I call Lionel about my kids,” says Bryan. “I’m like, ‘Lionel, what do I do now? What do I do with this latest thing?’ Lionel has got all the knowledge.”

Bryan’s had a very busy year outside of his American Idol gig. He recently wrapped up his touring year for 2018, where he hit multiple stadiums around the country as well as other big name venues. He also scored two No. 1 hits in 2018 with “Most People Are Good” and “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset,” both from his most recent album, What Makes You Country. He also released the title song as his latest single. Make sure to check out the newest season of American Idol coming in 2019.



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